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Okay, I've been pretty confused lately. I know it is said that women should be getting a minimum of 2500 calories a day for sedentary, but not every person is the same. Tall, short, average height and different body types and weights. I'm 4'11'', weigh 139 lbs (stuck at this weight for about a month with a lot of body fat) and 24 years old. On cronometer, my BMR is 1391, and 4 days out of the week, I am on my feet for 7 hours, standing, walking, lifting anywhere between 5-40 lbs and use 8lb hand weights at home for about 15-30 minutes along with 30-100 squats every day (trying to work my way up to 100). Should I still be getting 2500 cals or a little less? Or should I base it on how I feel from eating a little less? If I subtract the minimum cals from BMR, it leaves me with a 1109 cals. I don't feel as though I burn that much with what I do, but who knows. I also go to sleep at around 1am and wake up at 7-7:30am and eat/drink 4+ liters of water per day and I'm Raw Til Whenever. Would love to go raw so my body can heal and use up the excess body fat, but financially can't do it until I make more.

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If anyone can give advice, would appreciate it greatly!

"Calories and Body Type

Some individuals may ask about special blood types and or if there are special requirements for people of different heights. The short answer is we all need roughly the same amount of calories and nutrients. Even short people with dwarfism have the same physiology and anatomy as any other human being, with similar caloric and nutritional needs. People with dwarfism usually have the same length of digestive tract as their taller counterparts, therefore may need the same soluble fiber filling bulk and water. (19) (20)

Looking at nature, all the animals of the same species eat roughly the same types of food and the same amounts of food. There is no special diet for the lion who could not eat gazelle because of his special blood type. The same should apply for humans. We should all be eating the similar kinds of food and a similar amount of food, calories, and nutrients. As mentioned previously, that translates into about 2500 calories for females and 3000 calories for males." 

Thanks ednshell :) still hard though eating 2500 cals of fruit and veg. Pretty much eating lots of rice and potatoes each day along with bananas just to even get to 2000 cals! I don't even eat when I'm hungry since I don't have time at work to eat a whole lot. At home, I eat constantly before work and make a 1000-1200 banana smoothie. Thanks goodness I can eat a lot of potatoes now, even though my stomach feels so full lol.

you are most welcome! :)  maybe you could try banana island for a couple of weeks?  It is a good way to learn to get in those calories, to heal digestion so things digest more quickly and a good way to expand the stomach, get it used to taking in more volume.  and it's a time saver, no prep time, just buy your bananas every 3 days and freeze the ones that are getting too ripe, easy.  plus you can add some sugar to smoothies and nanna ice-cream to get in even more calories.

I am paying rent to my mom which is like $600 a month as well as trying to save up to move out, not buying any "wants", as well as my meat eating family eating up the fruit I buy for myself to live off of..and I work from 3:30pm-12am, so sleep and getting as much food as possible in the mornings in such a sort amount of time isn't an option :( Then I'm told I'm selfish for eating so much food, struggling to get to 2500+ and not sharing, yet they won't buy their own fruits to eat with their paychecks. Plus, didn't say I was sedentary, trying to work my way up to more than that. So hard though since my stomach feels like a filled balloon eating so much and hurting a tad. Just ate 2 pears and 300g of grapes an hour after drinking a 1000 cal+ smoothie and struggling to finish the grapes.

How are they eating raw with barely any money? Dumpster diving? I can't even do that since there is a crackdown on locking garbage bins and video cameras at locations. 

skip the pears and other low cal stuff.  the key is to stick to high cal stuff until your stomach stretches out a bit more, a week to a month should do it.  for example, 3 mangoes, 5 times a day gets you to 3000 calories.

Mangoes are $1.38 each now at my Walmart (were on sale for 78c, but sale is gone)...and they're small mangoes, not even the full 200 cal/amount of grams that is on cronometer. Its half that. I'd have to eat 6, 5 times a day just to even get that much. I've been sticking to rice, bananas, grapes and potatoes. I'd be spending $40 something a day! 

ya stick to those, they are all high calorie.

Oh and romaine, have to get greens in there. o.o; a bit worried that isn't much food to get the maximum nutrition from, but meh. Almond milk and a tsp of flaxseed daily should do the trick right? 

you need a lock box!  or put your banana boxes under your bed and stash your rice and potatoes there too!

^^;; heh...heh...heh....my sister's and my books have taken residence under my bed (low bunk bed). Luckily my family doesn't touch my rice or potatoes, just my fruit besides bananas since they don't like spotty bananas. The lock box comment is what I mentioned to my brother, he told mom and bam, that's when the selfish yada yada happened awhile back. 

selfish?  you are taking good care of yourself to be a successful healthy productive person, isn't that what every mother dreams?  and tell your brother to stop being a tattle tale, lol! ;)



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