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i was reading something saying that there some underground places with tunnels near indian reservations in colorado, new mexico, and i forget the other two states.  something about htem landing here in the 50's that we communicated with them and allowed them to land here because their species was in danger and we allowed them to land as long as they didn't intefer with outside world so they built underground cities/tunnels for them to live under indian reservations.  just wondering if anyone believes in aliens or if anyone has seen them or what.

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You should watch the show Ancient Aliens.. I believe! :p

IDK about all the government cover up conspiracy theories... but I find it hard to believe that we are the most advanced, let alone, only intelligent life in the universe.

I'm with you there! 

There has to be other life out there. There are to planets which would have similar temps as our own. That's not mentioning the historical references/conspiracies that aliens have helped several cultures in the past. As long as aliens do not have diseases such as Europeans wiping out Native Americans and were not here for slaves or science experiments, I would be more than willing to welcome them to our planet.

Yes, I believe that extraterrestrials have "visited" us and that they keep "visiting".

From a mathematical point of view, it would be foolish to not believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. And I hear this all the time, "Even if they did exist they still wouldn't be able to travel the vast distances necessary." That statement assumes that ALL extraterrestrials are at our level of development. What about the ones that are a few hundred years more advanced? A few thousand years more advanced? A few million years more advanced? 

Historically, stories and depictions of UFOs and 'space brothers' or 'gods' talking face to face with humans are found throughout the world.

Psychologically, it would be quite arrogant to assume that we are the only life in the universe; that we are a 'special' exception.

I HIGHLY recommend taking a look at AnonymousFO's channel on youtube. Their compilation of videos is nothing short of outstanding. Also if you haven't done so already, I recommend that you check out David Icke. Perhaps not everything he says is accurate but once you've been at this for awhile it sure sounds better than most stuff out there. Give his ideas time though, let them ferment in your mind for a few years while you do more research. Good day.

I hear they hide in plain site in our farmers markets...

absolutely real ;)

Are they real? Probably. Have they ever actually came to earth or have we seen them? Almost 0% on that one. The universe is vast and has many galaxies some in which there probably is intelligent life. There's no evidence that they have visited earth however. 

Totally agree! The probability of aliens visiting earth is near 0%.

There's big talk about something in the 50's. I'm not deep in the alien scene at all but this is something I feel like I"ve heard before



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