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Looking back at my last blog post, i was struggling so badly.  A few months after that i went to the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012.  I met the most amazing people and made life-long friends.  I had some of the best experiences and listened to the best lectures.  My fruity friend Dot and I were keen on going to Dr Graham's "Fasting" Lecture.  We had both been struggling, and for me personally i couldnt stand the chronic pain i had been dealing with for the past 5/6 years.  As soon as the lecture was over, Dot and I both thought and said at the same time "We have to go. This is the answer."  

    Using the Law of Attraction, i brought what i wanted/needed into my life.  I was able to go fast with Dr Graham in Costa Rica, January 2013.  I fasted on water only for 25 days, and it completely changed my life.  I was in the most beautiful setting, around the most knowledgable, compassionate, and helpful people, and doing the best thing for my body.  I had struggled so badly for a good year and 4 months, binging every single day.  I learned exactly what i needed to, one-on-one with Dr Graham.  I had so many fears, but the only thing to fear is fear itself.  Dot and I both experienced this fast together, as roomies, i love her to death and wouldnt have wanted to experience it with anyone else <3 . 

     After this amazing experience, i have been smooth sailing.  I have been 100% 80-10-10.  I am so ecstatic. No more constant guilt/feeling ashamed every single day from what i had eaten.  No more hiding from the world.  No more chronic migraines.  No more symptoms of even having Endometriosis.  100% 80-10-10 since Jan 1 2013.  The feeling is amazing.  I know so many people on this thread tried to help me but i had dug myself in such a deep hole and i couldnt climb my way out with all of the ropes you were all throwing me.  Sitting here happily eating a big bowl of "Strawberry Rice Pudding" , smiling and chewing.  I needed to be completely out of my life here at home, which is exactly what was able to happen in Costa Rica.  The whole experience was priceless and i am beyond grateful for it.  

    I want to thank those again who reached out with kind words and help, it meant a lot to me.  

"Life is sweet, and it only gets sweeter" :D <3

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i think it really could help <3 

thanks adam :D

yay fruits & veggies :D

'Strawberry Rice Pudding' sounds yummy - recipe please!!!



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