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Hey there!

I started HCRV fully on April 1/14. I went for 21 days perfectly but then I started running out of ripe fruit! I didn't keep up with my inventory…:(

But anyways, I've been doing Rawtil4 ever since. Once I get a smooth flow of bananas (and other fruit) which should be in a week or so I will probably go back to pure raw since I feel much better! 

Okay, so moving on to the topic of sweat...

Since about April 7 I stopped using shampoo (now I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar), toothpaste (I dry brush), and deodorant along with other chemicals and lotions etc. Freelee had said on one of her videos that once you eat HCRV you don't stink anymore! For me this doesn't seem to be the case. I notice that when I sweat it has a strong smell but as soon as it dries I don't smell anymore! It's super frustrating! Maybe tmi but when I'm rolling in bed ;) with my love, I feel like I stink a lot! :( It's very distracting. I also work at a restaurant as a cook so it gets hot and I feel like my coworkers can smell me! 

I really don't want to go back to using deodorant because I prefer to avoid chemicals at all costs! My stinky sweat is causing me grief though...

Do you guys experience this? Or what do you do to avoid it? Will the odour go away with time? Please help!

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I see you mention baking soda. Try experimenting with baking soda as deodorant as it works as smell removal or something at least that's what im doing :D. And i have heard something about crystal deodorant you can look that up as well.

The smell of your sweat will change over time. I rarely use deodorant, it's depending on what I wear and when I intend to shower the next time.  I don't like the word "detox" but once our body gets used to the high carb diet, you will hardly ever smell nasty. If I train really hard and don't shower that evening, the next day I will be able to smell something by putting my nose right into my armpit. But only very lightly. Then I just wash myself with warm water and a rough sponge - no soap.

This doesn't hepl you NOW...If you want to avoid anti-transpirants, maybe try to apply some organic parfume and carry wipes to clean your armpits at a bathroom when you feel like you need to...^^

I feel like the most sweat I lose on my head! ot underneath my arms...That looks quite funny when I strech after a worm up and it's raining down from my hair.

This is what I use - works as well as any commercial deodorant I've tried. I use equal quantities of baking soda, coconut oil and arrowroot though. Mix them all together in a bain-marie & pour into a little screw-top jar. And make sure not to get any water in it.

I wouldn't give up toothpaste btw, seen a bunch of threads on here in the past couple of years about the negative consequences of dry-brushing.

agree 100% nathan    brushing with toothpaste is critical for keeping our teeth healthy 

and dont eat onions or garlic ewww or refined food. I have tomato paste on my rice sometimes and too much of that makes my poo smell.

Happens to everybody. When I stopped using deodorant and noticed I still had a lingering smell to my under arms I would slice a lime or lemon in half and dab it on. Works great and super easy.

You can buy a deodorant crystal that you just wet a tiny bit and rub on. It's mineral salts. You can also get toothpaste from the health food store that is free from flouride and other nasties! :)

the cleaner you eat, the less you'll smell

but if you must use something, the hard crystal sticks you just wet with water are good without any added weirdness.

I agree with Kim Alissa. For instance care & relief, try using Tom's toothpaste and deodorant products. They use natural ingredients and don't have fluoride or anything bad for you in it. You can find their products at most health stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.

Humans have the ability to sense pheremones.  Humans are meant to have some odor.  Your odor may not be as bad as you think. Does your significant other complain?  Read this article:  Humans pheremones

Studies show babies recognize their mothers through their sense of smell before any other way. 

I haven't asked him yet… :p I seriously LOVE how we have awesome senses of smell and most of us don't even realize it :)

Thanks everyone else for your replies! I've been using plain corn starch and the smell seems to have calmed down :) WHEW! Maybe that's the key!



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