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Last night, I slept 4 hours. Im working all day. I dont want to fail with this lifestyle. Can someone please share their experience on howhere to get sleep on this diet. I've been 100% HCRV for about 6 weeks. Am I still detoxing? I drink lots of water before bedtime. I go to bed at 9, fall asleep at 10, wake at 3am to pee, and stay awakestrategt because I go to work at 5. I want to make sleep a priority in my life but I need some strategys for getting the Zzzzs!

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You go to work at 5am, so in order to get enough sleep you need to go to sleep at least by 7-9pm, except that you wake up at 3am...so take that back to 5pm-7pm.  How many hours do you work?  Is it physical labor?  Do you get any exercise in during the day?  Do you have time to destress before going to bed?  Also make sure you are truly full and have no distractions while you're in bed and try to eat enough at least an hour(preferably more) before going to bed.

Thank you, Mera! I am newly committed to getting my sleep, the same as getting my sugar, and water. I will stop eating and drinking by 7, go to bed at 8, fall asleep by 9, wake up at 5, which is 8 hours of sleep.

However, Im still worried because my job is physical labor. I burn a lot of calories! I work 12 days three times a week. Usually from 6 to 6. Which means I get home at 7. It is difficult to destress and eat dinner before 9. But I think with some perseverance and veracity I can succeed at getting adequate sleep.

If you can't sleep, chances are you aren't eating enough.

For weeks and months I had a light case of insomnia i suppose. Since last saturday I am eat 4000kcal at least, on most days rather around 5000kcal. After the first day I did this, I slept 10 hours! I get at least 7-8 hours consistantly now. Don't get scared, you probably don't have to eat nearly as much - I and currently following Melissa's example.

Try to get most of the kcal in early in the day, rather than just before you go to bed or you cause new problems.

I have the same problem. Been blaming new baby and mattress etc.. well baby is sleeping through the night now but i'm still not. I'll wake up ready to run a marathon. I finally bought a new mattress a few days agoe first night was great. then i couldnt sleep again. I just dunno what to do.

I'm not wondering if in my case its all the running causing strain in my hips that keeps me awake. But if thats true wouldnt anyone who runs a lot have some problems like this? There has to be a way to overcome this.

Sometimes for me a banana before bed helps. But I'm out of ideas too other then yeah I'm another one eating like this with issues sleeping.

From listening to those who run you may want to check your shoes or stride so you are not straining your hips through positioning.

my hips are clearly strained. No idea what to do about it or why. I got a comfortable pair of shoes i always run in new shoes i went through the pains of not changing out shoes. Maybe I could pick a different model shoe but i've been in quite a few different ones and always have the same hip strain issue.

I do walk kinda funny. and I wear my shoes kinda funny. My left leg is like a bum leg i land on it funny I dunno that the shoes i wear will make a difference.

Sometimes I am too overtired too sleep, it can be a vicious cycle.  What works well for me is a long walk or yoga before bed.  I acutally cannot get to sleep now if I don't do my little yoga routine, just 10 minutes.  Maybe you can work out a little routine before sleep, something the same every night to relax.  Is there anyway you can lay down to rest (even in your car), just close your eyes for 15-20 minutes during the day?

It must be really hard on this lifestyle to work 12 hour shifts.  Good for you for being so determined.

I have a meditation cd on my ipod and if I can not sleep it helps a lot.

I had the same problem of waking up and not being able to go back to sleep. I finally determined it was because I was hungry. Even though I was eating plenty during the day, I would still wake up. My solution was to have a nite time fruit snack just before bed. Problem solved. Iknow some people say don't eat before bed, but for me this is what works. Been living HCRV for almost 3 years now.

Turn off all your computer screens, bright lights, and read some good books before going to sleep, meditate, stretch, relax etc. (: seriously. The melatonin levels in your body really take a hit when you're exposed to a lot of light at those late hours. Also going to bed without any hunger in your stomach. Eating a banana or two is not going to hurt. (':


Are you getting enough sun? I think that plays a part as well.

What really helps me is peeing in bed! Okay, almost literally- I have a half-gallon jar by my bed and when I wake in the night to pee I just pick up the jar and I don't even have to get out of bed. It's normal for me to urinate at least once, usually two or three times in the night and I can drift off easily afterwards with this method. Getting up and walking around is too much, I'll be wide awake if I do that.



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