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If you want bigger muscles, tighter buns or a flatter stomach..early nights are for you!

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I live next to a path that runs along the river and there is this big green light that shines out from one of the flats over that path. Now many river trees grow along this path (mostly eucalyptus) and they are extremely healthy, green and vital but the ones that are exposed to this green light are pale and have dead spots on them all over the place. They  need their sleep too. Everything does. Thanks for posting this Harley, it is something I have needed to be reminded of, over and over again. 

this night was my best since a long time:D

So, has anyone else suffered from insomnia? Does this eventually self-regulate with this way of eating? I have had problems sleeping since I was 4 years old ... that's 34 years of sleep deprivation. It is a little better than it is usually but I normally get 5-6 hours at best. I will be upping the physical activity. Maybe that will help?

6 months before i threw out my tv, best thing next to fruit and sports. TV=like drugs- distraction and misguidance.

I'm on the Everyman 3 sleep cycle and only sleep 4.5 hours a day.  I just started LFRV a few days ago, but so far so good.  I really don't think we need 12 hours of sleep (unless your doing a lot of physical activity like long distance running/biking/swimming) 

Is there a particular book on sleep that you have found that you would recommend to people? Not that we really need proof that sleep is key to whatever you want your body to do (other than the experience of just doing it yourself), but it is nice to be educated on the details. Thankx! 



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