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i sleep on a horrid, old mattress and box spring. i have some unresolved back problems i'm working on and i know, and have been knowing, i need a new mattress, i just haven't got around to it yet. so last night was the... straw that broke my back. this morning i nearly cashed out on a  luxe-pedic wellington for 1,000 bucks, but in reality i don't think i should splurge on that, especially if i plan on moving out of the country within a few years.

I'm probably going to buy a 100 dollar form mat, and start sleeping on the floor. do any of you have experience with this? sleeping on the floor, on mats, and back problems? not wishing you do but hoping you did :) have a happy tomorrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Consensus is that sleeping on a firm surface, such a the floor or a sleeping mat is the best. My experience is mixed, it starts off well but I have a hard time actually falling asleep or at least into deeper stages of sleep, sometimes I get cold or uncomfortable and turn over. I think the body needs time to adapt for it to be successful. Other have had great success.

Personally I would advice against shelling out a ton of bucks for these things as they are not natural and probably won't solve your problems.

good point! i really appreciate that type of clear headed advice


I've slept on the carpeted floor for a few years now.  Inside a little tent, actually, as desert scorpions and shpiders don't good bedfellows make :)

I fold over a king sheet likea taco and nestle inside it with an unzipped sleeping bag spread over the top. Even with the window open as I prefer, I'm usually toasty warm. 

If you're on a hard floor surface, a thick yoga mat, a camping mat like a thermarest, or a japanese-style tatami mat might suffice.  

This might sound crazy, but I highly recommend sleeping in a jumbo Mayan hammock. I've been sleeping in one for six years now and I never wake up with one ache or pain (only when I'm forced to sleep in a regular bed). It's the most comfortable sleep imaginable. Eliminates tossing and turning; you simply surrender to the support. Takes a little getting used to, of course. I sleep in a flannel sleeping bag and use a buckwheat crescent pillow, just tucked under my cheek. I live in a one room studio so I hang the hammock on the wall during the day and I don't have a huge, bulky bed to contend with. People assume it's bad for the back but actually, it's quite the contrary. I've been a yogini and masseuse for over 20 years so I understand the body pretty well.

not crazy! idealistic :) i love it


sleeping in a hammock is so comfortable!


i think i'm  going with this. makes the most sense to me if i'll be moving. thanks for the tip!

Hammock +1. Best way to sleep period. In the forest, at the beach, or at your house. Get a hammock!

Yep, I have a hammock tent too (Hennesy Hammocks). At Doug's retreat in Coast Rica, I slept in it for 7 weeks and was the only one not covered in mosquito bites! When you sleep suspended, your safe from all the creepy crawlies as well.

You could get an traditional japanese futon with 1 or 2 cotton layers or thicker if you can't sleep on a thin on and don't want a traditional one.

You can find also other fillings than cotton (dont like the way cotton is grown and harvest) or organic cotton.

Maybe than if you have more money you could get some traditional Tatamis too, so that you dont have to put your futon on the hard floor. And for traditional futons ppl in japan use kind of Bedspread that looks like Kimono material.

Google Futon Wiki and you find information about it.

Over the last year and half I have been trying out different sleeping surfaces and love sleeping on the ground. I now sleep on two $20 foam mattress toppers.  I have found that when I sleep on a  soft surface, I wake up with aches and have inefficient sleep. When I sleep on a firm surface, I wake up ache-free, and I feel much more rested in a shorter amount of time. I prefer to feel part of the ground I'm sleeping on; I need to feel that force of gravity pushing on my back a little, but not too much.

thanks i appreciate that



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