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Hi All,

I need some help. I've developed this red patchy spot on my face 2 months ago and it hasn't gone away. Sometimes parts of it will be dry and flaky, and 2 or 3 of the spots have pussed and turned into pimples. I notice it gets better and worse here and there but I'm not seeing any type of a pattern. I use a standard facewash with salycylic acid and scrub it with a loofa one or twice a day (because i wear makeup over it during the day).

I went back on raw at the end of august and it popped up the middle of september. i have never had any other skin problems before, my face has always been fairly flawless. i was raw for 3 months earlier this year and never experienced anything like this so i don't think it's detox or anything. i mean, it's been there for 2 months! i don't believe that it's detox. thought maybe someone on here knew something about skin problems and could offer a solution or help me to understand the cause. It REALLY bothers me. It makes me feel gross and ugly :( help!

Thanks everyone.

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Maybe it's your skin reacting to make-up you wear?
I have read a bit about how the different areas of the face correspond with our internal organs. It could be related to a particular weakness with something going on inside. Arnold from Arnolds Way is always going on about it in his YouTube videos.

There are a few facemaps around online like this one if you look for face map acne or something like that. Could be woth looking into.
thanks! would you say it looks like mine corresponds more to the lungs or the large intestine on that one?
it's ecsma.
what are you eating? how long have you been eating this way?
if you are strictly folowing 811 it should have probably cleared up by now.
make-up is not going to help it. maybe you could change to a lighter more natural foundation or ditch it all together.
also, are you getting enough sun?
great questions Cindy,

Yes makeup will definitely compromise your skin, especially as you get more and more sensitive on low fat raw vegan.
I suggest you get your skin in the sun, make sure you are drinking plenty of water so you are peeing clear at least 8times a day & think about doing a mono-fruit island for a week to see if it improves..
You may have a fruit allergy but i doubt it.
Are you using any products on your skin? Like toners,cleansers etc?
i do drink plenty of water, i pee once an hour at least. i don't think i have any fruit allergies.

i said about that i use a standard face wash because i wear makeup. i understand that make up comprimises my skin, and it's a long term goal of mine to ditch it altogether.

the problems began a couple weeks after i went back to hfrv so i don't think it's because my skin is too sensitive now.

ah! the reason why "the problems began a couple weeks after i went back to hfrv"
HIGH FAT RAW VEGAN. ditch the high fat, thats whats causing this. make sure your calorie intake is 10% from fat maximum daily. high fat is extremely detrimental to human health and the main cause for a lot of skin problems and diseases like candida, acne, etc.
and i agree with what maltron said, stick with 811 for a month and you'll see a biig difference. 2 weeks was just barely enough to see results.
it's for sure eczema?

i wrote a bit about my eating patterns above. i was eating strictly 811 for two weeks earlier this month and saw no change, i had a cooked episode but i'm back on 811 now.

i tried not wearing makeup for 3 days and saw no improvement in my skin. i have been consistently using the same products so i'm not sure why i would start reacting now.

i don't get alot of sun as i live way north in freezing canada, but it;s still sunny here so i don't get any less than i usually would.
Tomatoes can sometimes make me break out like that, and also nuts and seeds. And I have found if my lotions or products contain coconut oil in them or palm oil, I break out - the nut thing again. I can always trace mine back to an "allergy" - I think the cause is my liver still clearing out. The acidicness of tomatoes and the hard to digest fats for me.
Hi Jourdan. You really do need to get your diet in order girl. It is not just about losing weight for you. I suggest you stick with us and keep at it until you master this 811 thing.
Hi jordan,

" i was raw for 3 months earlier this year and never experienced anything like this so i don't think it's detox or anything." everything our body goes through is a symptom from something else good or bad, for instance your previously flawless skin was a symptom of perhaps all of your water drinking?

So your red patch is just a symptom of something else your body is working on to get out of you! try to embrace your symptoms as your bodies infinite wisdom of removing what should not be there. By using drugs such as salycylic acid you are surpressing your bodies attempts to rid itself of a toxin. Try using 100% natural face wash http://www.100percentpure.com/

Also I would recommend a short water fast, this allows your body to go into super clean, it always helps my skin clear up super fast...I even get compliments from strangers on how good my skin looks (with no makeup on) crazy!
Something else to think about is be sure you change your pillow cases once or twice a week in addition to anything else your trying.  Hope this helps and I hope you find whats causing the problem.  Good luck.



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