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I know there are a few good threads on teeth issues already. But I have to contribute my story as I am in a moment of weakness. People are commenting on the sudden change and blame it on the diet. These people don't like me following 80/10/10 and think it's, "A strange kind of eating disorder"

The situation: About two weeks into dedicated lfrv, the enamel on my teeth gained great translucency. I learned this was due to mineralization, so I was pleased. Maybe a month later, I notice a small white spot on one of my front teeth. With each passing day the white spots spread throughout my teeth. It's decay, I presume. My gums have been a little receded from what I think was aggressive brushing in my past (I am 23, btw) so I have that going on. My teeth have never had spots on them in the past.

Dental habits: Maybe three weeks in I gave up fluoridated toothpaste and started to use Dr. Bronners soap. I brush lightly twice a day, floss one to two times a day, and use a tounge scraper every day. I'm open to going back to fluoridated toothpaste, but I'm not sure...

Diet: My diet has been mostly bananas, dates, watermelon and romaine. Other frequent fruits include mangoes, papaya, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Since the white spots on my teeth started taking over I have given up dates (I have quite a few monomeals of datorade) and increased the papaya. My greens have averaged probably slightly under a pound a day. But of course, I have upped that. Water has averaged 3 liters a day. Several times I have found myself without ripe fruit and ate boiled potatoes. Twice I was lured by vegan pizza. I don't think this is that significant, though. On a good day I get 3000 calories, which is what I need. Lots of times I have unwillingly under eaten during work because of bad meal management, and also the awkwardness of getting used to this lifestyle and routine. Remember, it's only been two months. My teeth have changed drastically. I sit for an hour in the sun every day for lunch and commute home in the sun for 30 minutes. So 90 minutes minimum of sunshine per day.


Lifestyle: Like I said my life has been stressful because of my job. My schedule is very tight in order to get enough rest and obtain enough food. I have very little free time. My sleep has varied, but averages maybe 7 or 8 hours a night. I have a hard time getting more sleep on the weekdays, because of errands I need to run immediately when I get home, etc. Exercise has been bike riding at least 60 minutes every day in the hot humidity of Texas, due to my commute.

My solution: So, I've increased my greens and the papaya, and dropped dates and also nuts and any dried fruit. I'll try to get more sleep. I may switch back to fluoride. I'll ignore the bullies and keep looking like a fool quickly destroying his teeth in the meantime. Any advice? Much appreciated.


So like I said, the white "spots" were actually spreading every day. I wasn't clear in that these spots looked more like lines and cracks. Today I noticed the whiteness had completely taken over my bottom row of teeth, however they looked like healthy white teeth, not fragmented white-spotted decaying ones. My upper teeth had the whiteness spreading throughout, but less than 50% of my old "yellowish" color was showing through--the color I thought my teeth naturally were. After looking very intently in the mirror for a while, I scraped a yellow spot of one of my teeth with my nail, and noticed it scraped away, revealing more white tooth. I delicately scraped it all away with my fingernail. WOAH...my teeth have never been so white. I always thought my teeth clean, and I would have never guessed they were coated with an ever so thin layer of plaque. Did this diet free up the hidden plaque from my teeth to reveal their true beauty? I'm amazed.

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I forgot to mention it, but I do rinse after every meal with water. Ill add baking soda. I'll look into a waterpik, I've heard a lot about them. Thanks.

Great links, thank you.

I (and my dentist) noticed my teeth getting yellowed this Spring, so I made the choice to go back to fluoridated toothpaste. Still a little early to tell if it will keep the yellowness at bay, but I will say my teeth feel much cleaner throughout the day.

in regards to the yellowing, i've been oil pulling for the last month and a half and have noticed my teeth getting whiter as i've continued

(oil pullion = drawing out toxins by holding cocconut oil in mouth and swishing round for 20min)

I've heard about this. It's pretty intruiging. Although I hear it temporarily weakens your enamel--I feel like I'd damage myself somehow.

I've also made the switch back. I really don't think this will make a difference, but the white spots "coincidentally" appeared as soon as I started using Dr Bronner, so it's worth a shot. 


Never presume anything about teeth or your body.  Please go to a dentist and have a checkup.  If you have only been doing this diet 2 weeks, then you probably had some preexisting issues.  Sometimes, people are not aware of their dental conditions both internal and external.  Sometimes dental conditions can be masked by plaque.  This diet is an anti plaque diet, and you teeth may be getting clean now, and small erosions may be showing up.  

Having said that, for future dental health and maintenance:

Floss at least once a day and brush with a soft tooth brush.  Hard brushes and or hard brushing can erode enamel.  

Eat at least 2500/3000 calories a day to avoid nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition.  

Read more: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day?

Eat 1-2 pounds of lettuce greens a day.  Reasons include:

Higher Mineral Content of Greens Compared to Some Fruits
Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1:1
Chlorophyll and Magnesium
Cobalt and Vitamin b12 Precurser
Green Consumption in Primates
Prevention and Healing with Diet
Oral Health
Edible Greens: Leafy Lettuces

Read more:  Benefits of Lettuce Greens

And, reasons to avoid cheating with cooked and starchy foods:

Vitamin C and Nutrient Deficiencies
Cooking Decreases Nutrients
Common Toxins in Starchy Foods
Importance of Calcium
Poor Calcium Phosphorus Ratios
High in Protein
High Blood Sugar and Hyperinsulinsm
Promotion of Weight Gain
Problems With Whole Grains

Read more:  Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce

Hope you find out what is wrong if anything and all, and are able to resolve these issues.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

It's been a little over two months not two weeks. White spots on teeth are known as the nascent of decay in the tooth world, that's why I presumed the white spots were decay. Thanks for the advice however.


My apologies for misreading two weeks/two months.  

Have you been to a dentist?  

White spots have different causes and a dentist can differentiate between the two.  

What many people assume is that the white spots are tooth decay and or hypocalcification, and in some cases this is correct.  

But, as one dentist told me, white spots can be a sign of calcium deposits and or remineralization of teeth.  Is it not ironic that your white spots showed up around the time you started this diet?  

I highly recommend you get a dental opinion as to what these white spots are, and if you are lucky, then you have remineralized your teeth, and you should do nothing about it at all if you want the process to continue.

Calcification, refers to the accumulation of calcium in the body, that is also visible on the teeth in the form of white spots. This is because the ameloblast cells (which help in the formation of the enamel) may add excess calcium during the development of the teeth leading to the formation of white spots or sometimes black or brown spots on your teeth.   (Ref here)


In contrast to that, here is how tooth decay starts and can possibly be stopped via diet and remineralization:

Foods that break down into simple sugars in the mouth are called fermentable carbohydrates. These include the obvious sugary foods, such as cookies, cakes, soft drinks and candy. But they also include pretzels, crackers, bananas, potato chips and breakfast cereals.

Bacteria in your mouth turn the sugars in these foods into acids. These acids begin to dissolve the mineral crystals in teeth. The more times you eat each day, the more times your teeth are exposed to an acid attack.

This attack can lead to tooth decay, also known as dental caries. First, the acid begins to dissolve calcium and phosphate crystals inside a tooth. A white spot may appear on the enamel in this weakened area. But the loss of minerals develops beneath the surface of the enamel. The surface may still be smooth.

At this stage, the tooth can be repaired with the help of fluoride, proteins and minerals (calcium and phosphate) in the saliva. The saliva also helps reduce the acid levels from bacteria that attack the tooth.  (Ref here)


And for more information on doing this diet optimally and tidbits about oral problems and care, you can read the blogposts I already recommended. 

Peace, PK

Why, thank you PK! Very helpful indeed. I'll see a dentist and keep this thread updated with my developments (don't plan on giving up 811)

You were totally right PK! It was plaque all along. I didn't know plaque could be so smooth and unsuspecting. Thanks again for your input. I feel way better now.

That's excellent news! :)



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