30 Bananas a Day!

So I was so excited to start this diet, and now i've seem to exhausted all means of reasonable fruit, now I don't know what to do!

I was hooked on dates. I've never had them in my life before, and I LOVE bananas, I really do. I was doing stuff like drinking watermelon juice first thing in the morning, then eating bananas 2 hours later, having some sort of lunch few hours after that (sometimes fruit (dates or oranges), sometimes leftovers from dinner the night before), then I'd go home and have something cooked and delicious at home (often times it was sushi I will admit!).

Now I can't even smell a date without feeling nauseous. The sight of a banana, while not a turn off, makes me skeptical if I'm actually hungry, and if I am hungry, it seems the last thing I want is a hyper sweet fruit like a banana.... especially 5-15 of them. Even watermelon, my favorite breakfast drink is beginning to seem unappetizing and forced. I'm at a loss. I've tried daterade, i've tried banana milk, i've tried just eating the fruit, I've tried mixing them, last few times it was like I had to choke it down, it was miserable. I live in Western Massachusetts and fruit here is still sparse and expensive. Organic berries are ~$5  for 1/2-1pt, and stuff like peaches aren't even in stores yet. I'm afraid once they are I'll burn out on those too and still not want to go back to dates or bananas. I'm doing fine on the cooked portions at night, but this is getting really hard to stay raw at all. I've turned to some organic applesauce just to keep my breakfast down to 3 ingredients (organic apples, water, vitamin c), but still not raw.

Help! Anyone else deal with this, anyone else know how to overcome this, or any other options to go toward? I've been really bad lately, not eating right, and feeling the energy loss because of it. I'm lethargic and always tired. I can't get up in the morning and I hate it. Any help is appreciated.

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What are you specifically having for dinner? 

Perhaps get off the raw style and just go raw til 4. 

I just have bananas and dates for breakfast now with some other fruits in a smoothie. 

Salad or leftover dinner for lunch. 

And for dinner RICE, CORN, POTATOS, as the stable for the meal. 

I'm not on the raw only lifestyle. I'm perfectly fine figuring out dinner. Sushi, potatoes, pasta, rice, soups, you name it I'm eating it. I'm struggling with breakfast/lunch. I'm sick of bananas, I'm sick of dates, I'm getting sick of watermelon.... and I've never been able to sit down and eat a salad as a meal.

Looking for help on how to overcome this, or some alternatives.

There are a few things you can do, vigorous exercise tends to start up an appetite, make sure you are fully hydrated, peeing 10+ times daily, and lastly it may be the cooked food throwing you for a loop.  The raw til 4 plan includes one day of 100% raw, so make sure you are doing that.   The 'Raw Till 4' diet 7 day food and exercise planner

And you may need to just take a break from cooked, if at all possible. When starting out on raw, Dr. Doug typically has folks do banana island for ten days, it teaches you to eat for fuel rather than going by what you have an appetite for, it gives the taste buds a chance to renew and gain a more natural, enhanced taste capacity, it gives the digestive system a rest and bananas are easy to tell when ripe and they are a calorie dense food.  So you might want to try banana island or even banana and lettuce island for a week or two to rejuvenate and get that digestive system moving and more adjusted to the fruit side of things.

And just maybe this will get you in the mood! ;)

First off, that song is hilarious. I love it.

I'm afraid to make myself to do that only because even when I was eating bananas just fine, I found it difficult to eat them in larger portions/later meals. (For example, if I had planned 3 banana for morning snack, and 10 bananas for lunch, I wouldn't want to get past banana # 5 before not being able to eat any more bananas (but I still felt hungry). The other thing is I can't do all raw because its just not economical. I have a husband who can't eat raw fruits or veggies at all (pretty severe oral allergy syndrome), and I'll admit, I don't have the willpower to not eat the cooked food for dinner when it's in the house. Its just not conducive to a positive environment.

I'm not sure if this is really something people here understand. My taste buds literally are telling me "no, stop, no more" and the gag reflex is triggering. The smell of dates is enough for my gag reflex to trigger. Thinking of going bananas only for a week is frightening. Maybe I can make it work though, you got me thinking. Thanks for your advice.

:)  People here understand, it's a common thing for sure.  Try the one day of raw and vigorous exercise and make sure you are hydrated, it will pass.

Awesome! Probably doesn't help I got pretty bad tendonitis and the feeling of being sick of bananas came around the same time I had to stop working out so much to give my foot a rest. Thanks :D

foot need a rest, no problem! :)

This is awesome!

 I just bought a water rower today from this website

 Sort of made me sick to drop a grand on something I hate most (exercise) but I'll get over it if it leads to faster weight loss results.

Nice. I'm a runner mostly so I'm not too concerned about exercise (esp when I don't hurt myself lol!!) Good luck on your journey!

 There are days when I munch on Goji berries in the morning, eat a veggie burger or two in the evening, before finishing the night with a box of pasta noodles.

 If you need a break then take a break, just know that you are coming back to bananas whether you like it or not because it is the cheapest, most readily available, highest source of calories that you can buy.

 If I hate bananas to the point of wanting to regurgitate and manage to eat 20 a day then you can do it too! ;)

Well when you put it like that... :P

Thanks, yeah I've definitely been taking a banana break. Maybe I'll try a banana ice cream to get the ol'tastebuds excited about bananas again. Yeah and they are cheap. I can get perfectly ripe bananas at my grocery store discounted to 39 cents a pound.



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