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Show Me What Awesome Things To Make W/ My New Spiralizer!

I just got it in the mail today from Amazon! What do you Spiralize??

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Thai-style zucchini pasta (80/10/10 version)

• 1 large zucchini, unpeeled, ends chopped off
• 1 large carrot, unpeeled, ends chopped off
• 1 red pepper, seeds and core removed
• 1 mango, peeled

Wash the zucchini, carrot and pepper, and peel the mango. Use a julienne peeler (or a zucchini spiralizer, if you own such a thing) to grate up the veggies as best as you can. I found it worked best on the zucchini and the carrot, and I used a regular box grater to to do the pepper and the mango. Mix everything together in a large bowl.


• Dates
• 1 tsp of lime juice
• chopped garlic (half a clove or so)
• chopped ginger (small bit, or a pinch of dried)
• A splash of water (1-2 tsp) to thin it out a bit, if necessary


Blend everything, then toss your dressing in with your veggies and serve. Garnish with fresh cilantro and a few crushed peanuts (unless u don't want any overt fat)


source: http://www.foodnotfuss.com/thai-style-raw-zucchini-pasta/ (the recipe is initially HFRV)

I'm making this (minus the nuts) tonight! YUM!

Thanks Mrs. Ladybug!

You're very welcome! Enjoy! =)
holy god this looks AMAZING...THANK YOU!
Wow yum...I am trying this soon :)

garlic is NOT accepted here to be promoted ( neither are peanuts). just a heads up!


it looks beautiful though.

yum! i think i will use nectarines instead of mango, I don't have them right now. AWESOME!


I spiralized an apple tonight and was like "Hey kids, look, I'm awesome!" And my kids were all "meh". And I did an onion for a salad.

They're a fun gadget - I mostly do zukes with it - for like a zuke noodle -



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