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So today I just found out that my mortgage went up 300 a month and so did the interest rate!  I am screwed.  I tried to ask loan company to modify and they refused bc I haven't missed a payment.  So I asked If I stop paying then would they?  And they said we will reconsider! WTF! I am completely upside down on the loan. Home values going up but slow... Mortgage is split with two different companies and they both refuse to help me.  I am struggling and seriously considering foreclosing and buying an RV! Half of my income goes to this payment. I could use that money to help my family, buy fruit, travel to tropical countries! Ugh So I guess what I want to know from you all is whether you own, rent?  Do we even have the right to own a chunk of this planet? Is it ours to claim as our own? Anyone RVing it? I am in a huge dilemma....

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There's no way anyone else will refinance to lower fixed rate?  

We 'own' 21 acres of forest that our house sits in.  I'm glad we are good caretakers and that there's lots of habitat for the animals here.   Because we are in the middle of freaking nowhere our mortg and taxes are low.  Probably not what you want to hear, Jo, sorry.  I agree that I don't really own the land.  I just have the paper that says I do but am very thankful to be in a nice spot.

50% of your income sounds like too much or about the amount of $$ we spend on food HAHA

Not when u owe more than its worth! :(

Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala etc. In Peru you can buy a 20kg box of good to great quality certified organic bananas from $20-$25 USD. Papayas are around $2-4 per kilo depending on season. Sweet figs about $2 a kilo, Pineapples from $1.20 for a medium sized valley pineapple or what they call "Andean" pineapples or $3-4 for one from the North where it's more tropical, also about double the size of the Andean ones. Big mangos from the north around $3 a kilo, super sweet and very nice just came into season. Watermelons can be fantastic just bought a couple of awesome ones the other day they are about $1.50-2 a kilo, so you can buy 10 kilos of sweet watermelon for around $20. Potatoes, really nice fresh ones right off the farm go for depending on the time of year and the type of potato from as little as 70cents a kilo to $1.20. Strawberries usually around $2 a kilo. Granadias which are awesome are a kind of passionfruit but not tart, they're just sweet are about $2.50 a kilo super super hydrating fruit, insanely great. If you're into starches white rice is about $1.50 a kilo and most types of beans, lentils are around $2.50 - $3 a kilo. Quinoa which of course is native here has gone up massively in price, used to be around 80c a kilo until all the gringos found out about it and it got massively marketed, now most poor people here can't afford it anymore, it's about $8 a kilo for a good organic kind, which you want to get as the other stuff is pretty dirty but you can get it for around $6 a kilo if you want to skimp... :) Bag of organic dark sugar basically just dried cane juice is about $3.  Things you can't get much of - dates, coconuts, apples pears and apricots generally I don't bother with those here. You could go Asia but South America is more tolerant of foreigners who want to be there long term IMO. There are a few organic farms that do lettuce, herbs (incredible and I mean f**king incredible mint for example) other greens etc.

Thanks for all the replies! Looks like I really need to do my research...

Property ownership is the main way in which we respect the principle of non-violence, non-initiation of force / voluntarism. Without private property there are no boundaries no respect for space or work you have done. If you don't own the land and you say "well it's everyone's" then whose is it? It's nobodies. If we look at the main areas of land that are "nobodies", that means they belong to the "government" a fictional entity filled with strange psychopathic characters who think they are in charge and have "authority" over you, we can see it's things like waterways, the air, and those are the two most polluted things. Public commons is the worst for sustainability. When people own something themselves, on average they are far more likely to take care of it, and not only maintain it but usually improve it. If you look at mining companies for example, they don't own the land they rape and pillage, those are licenses given to them by government - in this case the government wants to extract as much cash as possible through licenses so it can continue to bribe it's constituents, and the mining company has no incentive to do anything less than absolutely rape the land and take as much as they possibly can and then leave before their license runs out. There is no incentive to develop alternative technologies as a result, and on and on it goes. But the main thing is property rights are the very essence of individual liberty. Peoples fear about one person taking over everything is not possible in a free society, look up homesteading at Mises.org, for example. Those sorts of fears in the world of free market / libertarian / common law philosophy are like the "Where do you get your brodeen" or "fruit makes you fat" fears of most SAD eaters to a HCV.

As we all know socialism is wonderful In theory.... Sharing as peaceful society. Reality capitalism rules the world bc money makes it go around. Ownership helps to make people accountable for their belongings I agree bc otherwise there is no respect for our planet. We are destroying our planet bc we are careless and ungrateful.
If you love a flower, don't pick it up
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love
So if you love a flower let it be
Love is not possession
Love is about appreciation

Money is actually more or less irrelevant philosophically speaking, the primary fundamental point of voluntarism is the philosophy of the non-initiation of force being a moral and virtuous philosophy. You cannot initiate force against another or their property. If anyone wants to understand how this works there are great books available online visit mises.org or bastiat.org. This is the practical philosophy of human freedom and everyone in reality should understand it. If we had real education every child would be studying these great minds because they break it down and take away the cloud of obscurity generated by the state around freedom, namely the notion that we need the state for freedom, when the reverse is true. It's like saying we need animal products for health. These two lies are parallel and come from the same source mainly: the state!

what you believe is what you recieve u own it with me :)



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