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Should We Compromise When it Comes to Finding Love??


So you are a LFRV and ye feel kinda lonely -- you are abit of an outsider, a weirdo in the eyes of the cooked food creatures in your neighborhood, town, or city. You are different, you do not fit the norm, so what to do? Ye've been eyeballing this cute blond for months now or that hunk from salsa class every week during the 45 min. that you share dance moves. But he/she is "one of them". You know that when you start dating him/her that the romantic dinners will become a frequent activity and inevitably the diet will become a conversation topic. But you will have to be brave and face the criticism that is upon you. I must say that I have experienced surprising reactions over time (not only relationship related). Now, the diversity of people is countless of course and every person you encounter on your "Raw Love path" will react differently on the revelation that, . . ."you eat bananas for a living".


I had some weird, nasty, judging, friendly and understanding reactions to my diet. Just the other day at Wholefoods I was asked what I am planning to do with that 40lbs box of bananas -- "eating them" is my standard and logical response and sometimes to ease the blow or shock that I read on those cashier's faces I say "I am studying to become a monkey" Yeah I know it is a silly addition to the original response but it does make people smile wonder, and I kinda like that.


So anyway, the quest for love and preferably a like minded relationship is for many people very important but if it proves to become difficult to find somebody, should we compromise? I always tell people because I get asked a lot what would I do when a potential partner is a meat eater. I personally draw the line at where she would have to be at least a Vegetarian because for me to start explaining the whole compassion thing and the environmental devastation linked to consuming meat to a date is just not for me anymore – hey I am sorry I have been around abit longer then most.


So I am co-hosting this, Raw Singles Retreat in Costa Rica next year; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80LGIGGXo3U  and I will be surrounded with raw food-ers seeking love, seeking a like-minded banana eater. What should the average persons attitude be towards the other person? Granted, the “contestants” in this case will already be health conscious and aware of the potential qualities (diet wise) of the group, but still, my question is where do you stand on this? Does it really matter what diet your partner follows? And what if the diet of your partner changes over the years, for the worse? What then?


These are all intriguing questions and I would like to know what do you think?



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Ha :) That's funny.. See, I'm a raw-fooder or whatever you want to name it.. But I make no difference between me or another-fooder ( cooked, half-cooked, raw..heh).. Ehm, when it comes to love, I don't think you'll have to worry for a bit about these details.. I mean, sure, it might be a bit weird at first, cos there will always be some differences between one another.. But Real Love, is absolutely blind.. Makes no differences between whatever it is you eat, wear, do.. You just love another being cos sth magical happens, a deep connection that is way beyond our understanding.. You're already excluding a billion creatures cos they eat differently? What if your soulmate is not a raw-fooder at this moment? You would be setting up all the raw single retreats in the world & never finding true love cos your blinding yourself with details?.. Cheer up dude, love comes naturally, when you're ready :) Good luck.
Real love is blind? What does this even mean? How do you define love then? So you make nothing of compatibility or shared activities? What if this person is a serial killer, does that not matter to you? Surely you must have a line, or some kind of preference in some area?
Dont be silly Ryno,
Of course leonie has standards. I personally I personally date a meat -eater, and hes just ignorant of the raw food diet. Im not busy prosletizing and calling it "love", trying to force him to be correct in all the ways I want. For some this can be a breaking point, but for the most part I think love sees a human being in front of you and not a diet. Surely you wouldnt want someone exactly like you down to the T? If he chooses to become 811 thats great and great for his diet but thats his choice.
Ya, think I'll stay silly. Thanks for the command though.
I think everyone has a different standard depends where they started out at. I think if you meet a vegetarian or vegan it would be no problem because they could go towards raw. I think the closer the diet is to your own the easier. Over time especially if you have kids big differences cause so many problems and it would have been so much easier if you started out similar. But a lot of things that you thought were no big deal when you are a\ teenager and early 20s end up being a really big deal.

I knew someone who left her realationship when her partner started eating meat after being vegetarian when they met. I think it is possible to find a raw vegan but if someone was to met a vegan than maybe a small comprimise would make sense.
Hey Wilco.

I applaud the effort.

Actually, I just wanted to respond to some of the prior posts. Please don't take this as criticism, but rather the ramblings of a geeky former English major that reads too many books.

I frequently hear people use the term, "love is blind," as if they mean that love will allow you to transcend differences and problems that would otherwise be a major problem. It's like people are suggesting that love is magic that makes problems disappear. Another way of phrasing this sentiment would something like "Love transcends," or some such.

That's actually not what love is blind means.

Shakespeare coined the term, and it was one of his favorite lines. It I've seen him use it in at least three of his plays.

He used it in the sense of "Love blinds you to things that you you wouldn't do in a rational state of mind,"

For example, The Merchant Of Venice:

JESSICA: Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains.
I am glad 'tis night, you do not look on me,
For I am much ashamed of my exchange:
But love is blind and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that themselves commit;
For if they could, Cupid himself would blush
To see me thus transformed to a boy.

The characters that use this phrase are almost always referring to the follies of love that they or others later realize are very very stupid.

Maybe six or eight years ago there was a good study out of the University College in London that showed that people in love literally have the parts of the brain that control critical thinking disabled during the initial love period.

Not claiming exclusion from the problem. I've allowed love to blind me to obvious problems a few times.
Unconditional love is what we are made of and therefore we will all do best when we love ALL beings (even those damned meat eaters :P ) unconditionally.
However, loving anyone unconditionally does not mean a romantic relationship is necessary. I think it has been proven over and over that in the long run, the beliefs/values and interests of partners in romantic relationships need to align well.

Personally, I could not date a meat eater - kissing meat particles stuck in their teeth?!! I would really get frustrated with a vegetarian that doesn't get that milk/eggs are unhealthy and unethical. A cooked vegan would annoy me because there would constantly be cooked food under my nose. - Leaves much choice yeah?!
Good points! :)
I decided that it was foolish of me to limit myself to only considering 811lfrv's. Of course this is the ideal, but if this is what I expect to get then I'm living in an ideal world, that is, unless I want to spend my life chasing down every 811 girl I find on the internet. Well, I've got more important things to do and it's an insult to a girl to judge her based on her dietary habits. I mean, come on, what are the chances that an individual, by random chance, has heard Doug Graham's message? It's like asking someone if they are best friends with the president. 99.99% of the time the answer will be NO. I can't hold someone responsible for not hearing about 80/10/10, and that's one thing I've learned while in college. There are a lot of wonderful girls here at Indiana University and I'm going to pursue any girl that strikes my fancy and if she's into what I'm doing and I'm into her then things might just work out all peachy. I think I've got a fairly decent conversion track record, so I shouldn't have a whole lot to worry about :)

I've gotten the question, "What are you going to do with all those bananas?" so many times, here's how I usually handle it:

"What would YOU do with all these bananas?" Often times this will strike a fairly interesting conversion as you shift the focus off of you and onto the other person.

OR they say (if you're buying a boatload of really ripe bananas)

"Are you going to make banana bread?" Here's your chance to get away easy. Just say "YES". I little white lie makes life easier now and then.
I dont think people should compromise. I think if they put their mind to it- they can get more than what they are asking for!
Totally agree. Its the law of attraction. If you put those positive vibes out there into the universe more positive vibes are going to come pouring back in.
No one should ever have to compromise anything in life. Start compromising and you start to lose yourself.
good things come to those who wait
if you are constantly looking for love it wont come to you (or atleast the good match). just go with the flow

i compare relationships to weather. Most days are nice, but the other half are cold, rainy, gloomy. But the key is when its been raining for a week & your bummed about that & all of a sudden a rainbow paints the sky
[sure you will find many good mates (nice days)
& your fair share of horrible dates (cold/rain days)
& although you wont find the perfect guy/girl (rainbow) as often
there will be a couple out there painting your sky with love
wont it be worth the wait?]

idk haha i just go with the flow C:



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