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So, I watched Freelee's video "What do you think?" She mentions that people who know the truth but continue to eat animal products should die and that people should be forced to go vegan. Now, I understand her point of view and see that she is just frustrated. I disagree with the murder of other human beings because we are after all animals, and I don't think picking and choosing which animal species gets to live is right. Saying people should die because they eat animal products is not helping to spread the vegan message. It actually turns potentials away. We don't want that. We want to get as many people as we can to become vegan. We have to be more positive. In her previous videos, she does a great job talking about the health benefits and all the positive things that people get from it with the addition of showing all the harm it causes us and to the planet/animals. This method worked for me, and I know it will work for others. Once people are eased into it, then, I would enlighten them about the torture of animals more strictly among other things to lock them into the vegan lifestyle. I would not talk about murdering other people because that is a huge turn off. I do agree that people should be forced to go vegan. It should be the law, but the government and business corporations are so greedy that they won't let that happen. All us vegans can do is convert as many people as possible in the hopes that there will be enough of us to invade and dismember these organizations. I love Freelee; I think she is awesome. I just think that she should be careful about how she phrases things. Hopefully, she and everyone else can understand my point of view and don't think that I am a "unicorn hugger" or whatever she calls it.

I'm doing what I can to help spread the message, and I do this by educating the people around me. At college, I had several projects that I was able to corporate veganism into, and I was able to get people to question their lifestyle. I was even able to get some students and teachers to try it for a week. I was able to get one person to fully transition and a few to cut back on animal products or go vegetarian. It's a small step, but it's better than nothing.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Freelee's video? If so, what did you think about it?

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Well put Ryno.  Vegans are still destroying animals big time.  Habitat destruction is destroying animals and plants (they're important too!!!) big time, many to extinction.  And if you are part of modern society you are a big part of the destruction of habitat.  The house you live in, the roads you drive on, the goods you buy in stores, the stores themselves, the mines, factories, ships, trucks, banks, businesses, all modern things are destroying habitat and all the animals and plants that lived on it.  And destroying habitat is worse than killing because the animals and plants can not repopulate.  Eating bananas destroys habitat (and hence plants and animals) big time (gasp!)  The orchard they were grown in has destroyed the native plants and animals. Plus they need to keep the wild animals from coming back and eating the fruit which means killing them. The trucks, ships, roads, warehouses, stores, parking lots, that bring bananas to consumers have destroyed much habitat (and the animals and plants therein)   And the ships that carry them run over and kill whales big time (as all ships do).  Being vegan probably only reduces one's nature destroying footprint by about 30% so the modern vegan is all that much better than a meat eater.  But 30% is a big step in the right direction.

Nature  lovers of the future will be very sad with the vegan of today.  Today's vegan is focusing their efforts on the welfare of pets and domestic animals while nature is being destroyed big time and millions of species of plants and animals are threatened with extinction (or are already extinct).  A 100 years from now there will still be plenty of dogs and cats but the millions of extinct animals and plants will never return.  Preventing extinction in  nature is a trillion trillion - infinitely more important than a few dogs and cats or even the treatment of livestock or even the consumption of meat.  

If you love nature, animals and plants and wilderness,  being vegan isn't the most important thing one can do. The most important thing to do is to be an environmentalist saving habitat to save whole species of plants and animals from extinction.  There are plenty of meat eating environmentalists that are doing far more for the animals and plants than a typical vegan. 


I like your point of view because it's true. It's not just meat and dairy we need to focus on. It's literally everything.

By the way, you all might like to know that if you are a taxpayer then you are contributing to the animal as food industry directly through government subsidies.  I imagine 99.9% of you are paying tax, even when you simply buy a product, so it is for sure something to think about.  For example, in Canada, tax subsidies go directly to fur farms and livestock and pork farms to name a few.  Check it out.  

I'll let you know when I have my "Handbook for the Runaway Tax Slave" completed. Peace out!

Actually I do agree with Freelee.

I think that every single person who wants to eat meat should hunt and kill the animal and prepare it themselves for every meal. Yes, even kids. No modern weappons tho. Stones and knives maybe. I am sure a lot of ppl would stop to eat meat instantly and couldn't even get a piece of meat at the end of the day. Would bring a lot of obese bacon lovers to do some xrcise tho. lol sorry for my dark humor.

That was one of the reasons for me turning vegan btw. I could never kill an animal that's just cruel. ATM I'm getting super angry about the hypocrites who say they love animals and eat bacon -.- soo stoooopid.

Also I think that a person who makes vegan choices is superior to a "I-don't-care-person" but if that person doesn't care anyways then it shouldn't eighter about my opinion so... Yes I think that I'm a better person because I'm not killing animals for food that logically makes me a less cruel person sorry but some just can't handle the truth and think I may be arrogant but I don't care. If you want to be a good person you don't just overthink what you're doing to the planet u look around even further. U start picking up insects from the streets (well I always used to do this as a child but suddently I found myself doing it again) and prevent harm this way. Becoming vegan changes ppl so much. That's why I love hanging around here ppl r so real and so beautiful because we are what we eat.



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