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So, I watched Freelee's video "What do you think?" She mentions that people who know the truth but continue to eat animal products should die and that people should be forced to go vegan. Now, I understand her point of view and see that she is just frustrated. I disagree with the murder of other human beings because we are after all animals, and I don't think picking and choosing which animal species gets to live is right. Saying people should die because they eat animal products is not helping to spread the vegan message. It actually turns potentials away. We don't want that. We want to get as many people as we can to become vegan. We have to be more positive. In her previous videos, she does a great job talking about the health benefits and all the positive things that people get from it with the addition of showing all the harm it causes us and to the planet/animals. This method worked for me, and I know it will work for others. Once people are eased into it, then, I would enlighten them about the torture of animals more strictly among other things to lock them into the vegan lifestyle. I would not talk about murdering other people because that is a huge turn off. I do agree that people should be forced to go vegan. It should be the law, but the government and business corporations are so greedy that they won't let that happen. All us vegans can do is convert as many people as possible in the hopes that there will be enough of us to invade and dismember these organizations. I love Freelee; I think she is awesome. I just think that she should be careful about how she phrases things. Hopefully, she and everyone else can understand my point of view and don't think that I am a "unicorn hugger" or whatever she calls it.

I'm doing what I can to help spread the message, and I do this by educating the people around me. At college, I had several projects that I was able to corporate veganism into, and I was able to get people to question their lifestyle. I was even able to get some students and teachers to try it for a week. I was able to get one person to fully transition and a few to cut back on animal products or go vegetarian. It's a small step, but it's better than nothing.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Freelee's video? If so, what did you think about it?

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I think I'm in agreement with Freelee. The way I see it is this. Imagine if millions...no, BILLIONS of humans were being imprisoned, abused and slaughtered the same way that animals do. Basically, the holocaust multiplied by infinity. Imagine your loved ones were victims. Then imagine a group of people standing around outside the slaughterhouse, totally aware of what was happening and what the people inside were being put through.

Imagine they just stand there. shrug their shoulders and say "yeah....so? It's just life. Get over it.". Do you think those people would deserve to carry on living? I personally don't feel like they would. Call me a sicko but I'd want them to be put through exactly what those inside the slaughter house are being put through. Because it's the only way they'd understand. Gary Yourofsky talks about how he has noticed how the oppressed seem to be far more open to veganism - they understand what it's like to be the victim of slavery, discrimination and abuse.

I despise people who CHOOSE to be ignorant. Who KNOW the facts and yet still choose to carry on serving their own selfish needs. Everyone is ignorant about something, but people who have good in their heart WANT to learn and desire ultimate truth.

I see your point, and a part of me agrees. But, the other half of me is thinking, if we kill people for doing those things, that would make us murderers just like them even if it may seem "right" to do so. Another part of me thinks these people should be tortured and kept alive, to show them that what they are doing is wrong, but again, that would make us just like them. I am so conflicted about this.

Absolutely - I don't think anyone should actually murder them! I just don't think they deserve to have the gift of life. It's just an opinion that shouldn't be acted upon. There shouldn't be any killing at all, ever!

I know and completely agree. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I'm hoping more people make comments about this.

The ones that are actually committing the murders for a pay check or for their own dinner should be killed. and no that's not murder. the murderer is the agressor.

Sure mindless grocery store meat eaters are bad people, just like politicians are bad people but:

But in both cases, with human slavery and animal slavery the solution lays only in the state of mind of the people.

I'm not going to justify eating animal points, but my point is that no one has clean sheets in this world.  We are all born into a compromised state and unless we are out in the wild eating fruits and vegetables we are causing harm on some level.  

Think of the mining processes involved in procuring the metals necessary for the computers we are using to communicate.  Are you aware of the toxicity involved and the harm to the environment?  Do you know where discarded electronics end up?  Are you going to stop using your computer if you explore this subject?  What about cars, do you ever sit in a car?  We know the harm caused by the oil industry, to the earth, to people and to animals.  And money.  Using money perpetuates a global system of exploitation and severe inequality.  But how are you going to live without money?  It isn't easy,....because we are born into a compromised state.  What about electricity?  Is your electricity generated by a hydro-electric damn that displaced animals?  Is it nuclear?  We could go on and on like this.  The point is, we are all causing harm.  Great harm.  Better to look on your own actions before judging.  Or are you going to pull the trigger?

The conversation goes deep, and if one wants to be truly free from causing harm on this Earth, one must walk away from a great deal of behaviours.  Not easy to do at all.

You are absolutely right. Causing harm to the planet is inevitable.

Great points Ryno!

Well first off they are already getting their punish because they are unhealthy and they will get a ton of diseases but sometimes its not societies fault for being ignorant. Yes some people do chose to ignore the facts but living years in a world where killing and eating dead bodies on a daily basis can kind of put a blindfold on peoples eyes and desensitizes people. Somehow we need to stop saying "hey 1000000 millions were slaughtered this year" or  "you're hamburger contains a dead innocent animal" and get people to actually see with their own eyes what slaughter houses are really like. this will form a good connection. Slaughter houses are like curtains and we need to expose them to bring awarness to the world.

But back to your question; no. I dont think all poeple who use/eat animals products should die because that is saying all people who have harmed animals and the earth should die to me. I am a vegan and i drive a car, i use electricity, i use alot of unnatural things and sometimes i cannot help it. And doing all these things somehow circles around to harming animals and the environment meaning we are all guilty. BUt just no. Freelee is being too extreme and its just too hard to break social normal norms. We just have to try our best I guess.

Agreed. We just have to lessen our carbon footprint on the planet as much as we can.

they already do die sooner for eating animals.. Shouldnt should people. and reducing carbon footprints as much as u can is a whole lot different than what I think you think is in your capabilities. 

When I say reduce your carbon footprint, I am also combining that with our ecological footprint as well. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I'm just saying, those thing go hand in hand with veganism. For example, there are more hogs than people in North Carolina, which causes harmful effects such as pollution from waste lagoons, which is the collection of animal waste, parts of unused animals, blood, etc. plus, all of that waste emits dangerous gases. So I'm saying that I think decreasing our carbon footprint and ecological footprint alines with veganism because one affects the other.. Does that make sense?



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