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Every year I'm required to have a physical for my job (by their designated doctor) and mine is coming up.  They will ask me about diet, lifestyle, mental well being, etc.  It also includes a pap smear and other general health assessments.  I know they're going to ask when I last had my period and it's been a year and a half (since I quit birth control) and now I might not get it ever it seems, a lot of lfrv people seem to think we don't need to get our period.  Also I think that if I tell them about the way I'm eating they'll think I have an eating disorder and probably report it to my boss (they are allowed to tell them if they think I'm a harm to myself or others, I work a government job) so...I'm wondering if I should just tell them that my last period was a month ago and that I eat a "regular/healthy" diet.  What do you think?

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You do not necessarily have to lie about your diet.  If I am in an uncomfortable situation or not sure what the response will be, I just say I am eating a lot of fruits and veggies.  There are usually no further questions. 

As far as your monthlies, that is not your employers business IMO.  In fact most of what you mentioned here is not your employer or Big Brother's business. In the USA, medical information is supposed to be confidential by law, so I am not sure why this is happening. 

Some employers think they are doing their employees a favor by offering these exams for free.  See if there are parts of the exam that are not mandatory and or do not have to be reported back to your employer. 

I think if the monthly question came up, and is mandatory, I might lie about it.  I am not sure, and hopefully I will never have to be in your position.  This is tough. 


For other people who are reading through this and are in doubt about their TOMs, it is possible to be fertile and ovulate and not have the bloody time.  Blood and discharge may be a sign that something is wrong with the body, or the body is toxic.  There is one theory that states that SAD women might live longer than SAD men because they get the monthly detox. 

Here is an interesting external article on the topic:


Yes, ovulation can be checked using a basal thermometer which can be purchased at drug stores and or amazon.com

Tracking fertility is not just for people trying to conceive, but can put one's mind at ease in regards to ovulation and healthy hormonal function.

Read more here: 


And if one has a few days, this is an interesting read on the human condition and how our hormones are messed up:


Peace, PK

I haven't had my period in over 2 years, my gyno did test and it all came back perfect! She said it could be cause of the low body fat percentage, but other than that i'm perfectly healthy with my girl parts ;)

another yay!



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