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He doesn't appear to be aging well...



Another forum that I frequent had this to say...

...it seems like a lot of people complain of getting low body temperature on the diet, and even Douglas Graham (who, yes, does look very bad lately) has thinning, straggly hair in addition to losing the outer third of his eyebrows. These are classic signs of thyroid problems.


I don't really know how to respond, what do you guys have to say about this?

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No matter what our diet and lifestyle, we mere mortals will all get old, our bodies and organs will fail us, and we will die one day.    

Going lfrv will improve the quality of our life, well being, and outlook, and may even extend our lives by a few years, but it is not the fountain of forever youth. 

I am doing lfrv because I feel better on this diet, some of my pre degenerative conditions have cleared up, for the ethical treatment of animals and sentient beings, and for the promotion of the optimum usage of earth's resources.  However, I am still living with the reality that no matter what I eat and or do, I will continue to age everyday, and one day, I will be no more.

Peace, PK

PK, but aren't raw foods supposed to make you live like foreverr?? ;-) I must be a dreamer...


Plum, you're right, that IS an awesome shirt. We need to have a T-shirt section here. I want to express my dietary preferences on my clothing! =P

I think he looks fine. I think people are just use to seeing people in their 50s with lots of plastic surgery and botox.  Genetics plays a big part in how someone looks.  I know someone who is my age and eats crap, smokes and drinks but she looks better than me. She has had botox, surgery and implants does not mean she is healther than me.

THAT'S what I'm talking about. =)

Also, I think it's too easy to look at a photo and make all sorts of assumptions. In some ways a photo does not lie, I'll give it that, but it also does not convey someone's vitality. Some people you are around, who are in their 40's seem one foot in the grave in the way they act and move, others in their 60,s, 70s, 80s, just seem like a force of nature when you're around them!


Personally, I'm fine with looking old if I'm living like a force of nature! In motorcycle talk we'd call that riding a "sleeper" a lot more bike in the engine than people assume coming up next to you. It's fun! :) 

Honestly I think 90% of how you look when you're older is genetics.....

My dad & mom look amazing for being in their mid 60s, they look like they're both 45/definitely younger than doug, but they eat terrible diets. especially my dad. He eats donuts and pastries all the time, lots of meat and white bread.


Lou Corona is another raw vegan, same age as Doug and looks very good- my guess is genetics - I would not want to eat like him (high fat, lots of nuts). Some people just get lucky.

Lou doesnt have kids.

Lou has had his teeth done.

Lou dyes his hair.

Has Lou had botox like some other raw guru's have?


And THATS FINE, but you could only compare one against a family member vs someone with TOTALLY different genetics/lifestyle etc. Otherwise its like comparing pears with bananas.


Thats what happens, people compare emselves or others to those that have had 'work done'/performance enhancing drugs etc and feel inferior etc.


Here is a shot from Doug March 2011. 

Lou looks like everyone else that hits the solarium, has spent big $ on teeth etc. Good on him.



I love it, when you go raw or vegan or just refuse to eat big macs, society thinks your meant to become imortal or something! lol!


If you cut you hand of with an axe and you eat 811 THEN IT SHOULD GROW BACK RIGHT?! ;)



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