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For those of you who take B12, do you take the shots or the sublinguals or the supplements?


I noticed that the sublinguals all have artificial sweetners added to them (unless I missed some pure B12 brands someone could direct me to!?), while the supplements have odd additions like seaweeds or beets?! However, I am sure the shots also have something added to them that might not be all that great. xP Any suggestions? I was told I need to supplement after blood tests were done.


It was also said that the supplements are ineffective if the problem is an issue of absorption, as I'm sure it is. So, would sublinguals or shots work better for this?

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I heard methylcobalamine was the best and most absorbable form? Although it may also not be vegan.

I have to admit, I have no idea what most of those ingredients are, yikes. Are there any in particular that I should watch out for? I was told something added to B12 made you "high" temporarily, if you were prone to react to it, for instance. 

Hydroxycobalamin is just as good as methylcobalamin. I view them as being equally effective.


Cyanocobalamin is the one that you want to watch out for. Don't touch that one.


Take care


Adam x

It is supposedly not very well absorbed by the body, in general. I would switch over to either hydroxycobalamin or cyanocobalamin, just to be safe!

moraine, i think you meant to say methylcobalamin.
Yes, wow, sorry. -_- That's exactly what I meant to say....heh, can you tell I'm distracted lately? -_-

Oh, that seems fairly reasonable. :)


How much less efficient are the sublingual B12 supplements? I don't want to waste my time messing with sublinguals, if in the end they give me no visible benefits. Plus, I break out like crazy from the sorbitol in those sublinguals that I found.


I suppose at least if I get my B12 shots done in a clinic, they can react if my body doesn't like them much. 

Sublinguals are usually just taken at lower doses and so take slightly longer to correct a diagnosed severe deficiency. But still not that long. For maintenance they are perfect. 


The thing you have to remember is that sublinguals are absorbed under the tongue and go straight into the bloodstream. Like I said, there are supplements without the sorbitol.


You can get some unpleasant symptoms with B12 shots. My mum opted for B12 shots last summer and had to go to hospital in the middle of the night as she had adverse reactions to them. Always a possibility when you shoot something into your veins and bypass your bodys natural barriers. At least with sublingals not all of the supplements with go straight into the bloodstream some will be swallowed and absorbed further down. 


Take care


Adam x

I do shots. Its the most effective in my 'research'.


Ive only met one pro cyclist that uses sublinguals, the rest use injections every few days/weeks.


B12 is cultured in a lab from bacteria. We have bacteria living inside us. Some b12 has preservatives in em. Thats fine for me. Heck I probably passive smoke at least a pak a day of cigarettes/pollution in my travels so upping my b12 to counter that is like stepping over a fence to get some fruit when your hungry. Big deal.

Heh, thanks DR.


Do you do your own shots, or get them done professionally? I didn't realize upping B12 countered anything, so that's good to know. I guess I'm just worried I might react badly to the shots, especially if they have some weird additives I don't know about, yikes.

I take these.

Hey Moiraine


I personally think that there is more crap in the shots than in the sublinguals most of the time.


Most people simply do not need B12 shots. Unless you have severe B12 deficiency anaemia, you are not a B12 candidate in my opinion.


Ultra-endurance athltetes might use B12 shots a lot, and hardcore body builders might, but that is because of something completely different: Excessive usage and loss of B12 during activity and poor diet that contains too much protein. 


Judging what is a good idea based on what other athletes do (many of whom also use drugs, either to enhance performance or just the regular social drugs like caffeine and alcohol, which deplete B12) is stupid, because most people arent athletes and most people on this forum arent abusing their bodies with too much protein, refined carbs, alcohol and other crap either.


The thing is, regular use of IV nutrients, if the body is storing these nutrients in the liver, will lead to problems of the blood associated with excess B12 deficiency. Why do you think doctors will only use B12 injections when you have a diagnosed deficiency, and will test your blood again after treatment to make sure your levels are back to normal so they know when to stop treatment?


No-one should be injecting anything into their body if they want to be healthy unless they are dangerously unhealthy as proven by bloodwork. Minor deficiencies, and general maintenance doses can and should ALWAYS be addressed with sublingual supplements in my opinion.


I personally recommend Vitasorb b12, by Biocare, which is a liquid sublingual that has been micellised. These 3 things combined (liquid, sublingual, micellised) mean that absorption is significantly enhanced compared to other forms of supplements.Plus it is super cheap. One months supply costs less than £5 in the uk. there is no sweetener, only a preservative (unavoidable in any supplement unfortunately, including IV forms). The ingredients are: purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate and Hydroxycobalamin.


Take care


Adam x

These look good but are expensive to have shipped. Do you know of any good B12 supplements available in the US?



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