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Everyone, check this out.  What can be figured from this?  It's a very interesting insider article worthy of consideration:  

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She says she has lived on raw chocolate for the past 4 years and she is into drinking urine so who knows what she fed her child. If all those raw food people were feeding their kids raw salty stimulating 50% fat dehydrated junk then that may be why they were having problems.

The article does reveal that she knows dishonest raw food leaders.
The point being 'children raised in the raw vegan(including LRFV) community in general', without urine and raw chocolate being consumed, or in many cases not being key factors. Addressing the main point of the article is what is at issue, which is based on what she's seen, not dishonest raw fooders(understanding the children are truly raw vegan), chocolate, or urine. As for her child, she's making the point of avoiding the unique problems that have occurred with apparently all other truly raw vegan unsupplemented 'early development' children she has known of, which apparently are numerous, since she seems to be rather involved, in person or in clearly communicating contact, with the, generally speaking, raw vegan community of the modern world in multiple countries. I'm hoping we can contribute our awareness and understanding on this very important issue. The question could also be put: How have children raised LFRV, since gestation, been doing health wise? What's the health history without supplementation?
I haven't read the discussion sorry just commenting on your last question....

Personally I don't know of any 100% LFRV children except Faychesca, does anyone else have raw babies here who are at least 5 years old?

Do we know ANY kids that don't supplement? I don't.
As for raw babies, there's also Jinjee Talifero's kids. I remember her saying in their DVD, "Breakthrough," that Jome and Adagio (probably Yarrow now too) have been raw vegan from gestation.
Actually nearly all her kids (apart from the youngest at the time) have eaten cooked food
oh yeh whoops I forgot about Cappi! (Annes son) He is amazing.
I know 2 . My good bro Ryan ehrhart . His testimonial is in 811 
Totally agree
My daughter jahmila had tooth decay but she was not raw or vegan. I think it's more to do with dental hygiene
Was there any reason they introduced whole milk and meat into your diet? Perhaps for weight/height? It sounds like you were doing well on raw vegan with some cooked veg.
Okay, I haven't read this whole article, but I love how she talks about fruitarians, j/k.

Anyway, I don't think there is any way for us to determine that due to Shazzie's experience kids can't be raw... I don't know that being raw is supposed to make someone 100% healthy all the time, in everyone's mind, and I think it would be very difficult for most people to have a 100% raw child, that doesn't mean it is not worth aspiring to, and doing as much as possible. Personally, my daughter is still breastfeeding age, but it was not until she started eating cooked foods that she ever got her first sniffles or tooth issues... this is happening to all kids, SAD kids, vegetarian and vegan kids, it looks worse because there are fewer raw kids, but you can't expect any parent to control their kids to the point where the kids are 100% in agreement and understanding of following any certain diet. If you start that way, it is of course a lot easier, but if you are around people who are not raw, it is going to be tough.

The teeth issue is breastfeeding issue that happens often in breastfed children, but I do suppose it could be related to flouride too. We drink spring water but after my daughter was two she has had a bit of tap water. I think that's really great Kelly, that you were able to keep your son raw up until age 3, but I health is something
that can be perceived differently by all. From all the teeth issues I've known like that, it has never bothered the child, it doesn't seem to really be an issue. Since my daughter has developed a grain addiction, I am not trying to make her raw right now, but mostly raw abd transitioning... I would like to get back to having her raw because her health, mental and physical were so much better. One of the main issues I see is brain fog and lack of coordination when she is not eating raw.

Dear Socrates,
I first read this article by Shazzie a while back.
It is not in accord with my own personal experiences. Each raw vegan child I have known has been a beautiful, bright, and gorgeous person.

What also struck me about this article is that it seems to promote comparing children raised from conception on a raw vegan diet (breastmilk included) with children raised on SAD diets.
I believe that growth is largely hormone related, and so children on SAD diets which include chemical additives, high amounts of animal products, and growth hormones are bound to have different growth rates to children raised on organic fruits and veggies.
I would be surprised if children raised naturally were comparable in their growth patterns to children on SAD diets.
That is not to say that raw vegan children should be backward in mental development, just that their growth patterns will be different.

A couple of generations ago, people stopped growing when they were 25, and the average age for menstruation was around 16. Now people stop growing, on average, at age 18 and the average age for the start of menstruation is around 12.
For most mammals, the age of full growth and the age of the onset of puberty can be used to measure life-span; i.e. the longer it takes for the animal to reach puberty and full-growth, the longer is the lifespan.
So quicker growth may mean that we are shortening our life-span.

In my experience of raising two raw vegan unsupplemented children, both my children have had great health with none of the usual childhood illnesses such as mumps or chicken pox.
Neither child is immunised.

Both children have been bright mentally, but both grow very differently from Western SAD kids. One more enlightened health worker in the U.K. told me that my elder son had a height and growth rate similar to an Asian vegetarian child.

The last time I was in England, I went to a raw vegan/cooked vegan festival in London. I saw some amazing raw vegan children, they shone out like healthy little beacons ♥
It was so inspiring to see them.

But I feel that diet is not all that is needed for children to thrive. Children, especially raw unsupplemented children, need sunshine for Vitamin D. When we lived in England, I used to take my elder boy away each year for a couple of months in the winter to sunnier places for the fruit and sunshine.
Also physical exercise is important.
And love and care is vital whatever diet you are on. Babies can die simply from not being cuddled enough.

And fruit quality is so important, if the nutrients are not in the soil the produce is grown in, then they will not be in your child's fruit and veg.

I also think that a child on a raw vegan diet that contains much processed and stimulating foods will have different health experiences to a child on a raw vegan unprocessed diet.

I have found that children can have a need for more fat in their diet than adults. My children both love Avocados and Durians.

Also, I feel that long-term breastfesding is very important for optimal health for all children, raw vegans included.

I have found that my children have both have loads of energy on a raw vegan diet, but at the same time they are not hyper; for example, I can take Cappi with me when I go to meetings and he will quite happily sit still for a few hours while the adults are chattering on.

I think we need to have a more balanced picture of children on unprocessed raw vegan diets. Often it is the raw vegan children who fail to thrive that are more newsworthy than the success stories.
And often too, it is the healthy raw vegan kids who are thriving that we do not hear about simply because when you publicly talk about raw children, you are to some extent putting yourself out there, and there have been cases of governments taking children away from their parents because of their diet.

We need to constantly be aware of how our children are faring on the diet we give them, and if they are not doing so well then re-assessment may be needed. But in my own experience, a raw vegan diet has helped to give me an amazing time with my children ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX



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