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This is definately an off topic conversation.


Just wanting to be more o-natural and thought I'd see what all of the 811ers use for deodorant?

I'm wanting something more natural.

Also, When I shave, I ALWAYS get little pimples under my arms that look and feel gross...anyone have any advice???




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This is quite strange because I said I would never ever stop wearing deodarant. However, I simply stopped wearing it, and I don't smell at all. I shower directly after work outs and I am fairly active all day. I still shave though just because my husband wouldn't have it any other way. And it is comfortable to me.

I noted my odor increasing when I adopted a higher protein diet for weight lifting purposes last year. So I don't know if that is it.

I love this diet!!!


Yes I started eating higher protein recently and I smell so much worse!!! Gotta turn that around. Also my hair got so dry and I started getting more freckles & moles. Seems like there's a connection...

I don't shave my armpits.  I don't wear deodorant.

Yay for another hairy lady! Maybe we should have a group for unshaved women. :D haha  (i just joined and am going bonkers over how many groups i just joined!)

How long did it take you on a raw diet before you didn't need to use deodorant anymore? (before you didn't smell bad when you sweat )

Most other people don't have a very good sense of smell so you can smell a bit and be fine.  I am around people who absolutely reek all the time, and no one seems to notice.  In fact, I can smell the layers of their smell.  The perfumed products they wear, including deodorant, and then the body odor beneath it.

To answer your question more simply, I am not fully raw and I find that the most important things not to consume in order to smell fine are: 1) Meat and dairy, 2) Garlic, 3) Onions.  I think it took me a couple months initially to stop being so smelly, but I don't remember exactly.  If I eat a lot of onions, I'll smell the next day, but the following day I'll be fine.  

no need to shave ur armpits or legs or whatever there's so little hair usually anyway. we've kind diverged from other animals in that respect, why not leave the little hair that we have left?

Yeah, here's to hair!  I don't like the feeling of stubble and the time and expense of shaving.  If my husband shaves around his mouth, then I won't let him kiss me unless he is freshly shaved because otherwise, I get bad stubble burn.  Luckily, he keeps a goatee or a beard most of the time.

I find that the best 'shave cream' for my legs and pits is coconut oil. It leaves my skin super moist and shiny. I love having that shiny leg look :)

I don't where deodorant as I don't feel I need it. But I think Alum stone is a good natural deodorant it's like a rock you wet and rub on your underarms. It is often packaged and sold as deodorant in health food stores etc.  

Don't shave if u get bumps! The most natural way and I used to use toms, but now I use nothing. In all honestly if I get orange juice or something on my hands when peeling one I might rum my pits afterwards, or rub orange peel
I use forever aloe vera as aloe is healing and soothing x



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