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This is definately an off topic conversation.


Just wanting to be more o-natural and thought I'd see what all of the 811ers use for deodorant?

I'm wanting something more natural.

Also, When I shave, I ALWAYS get little pimples under my arms that look and feel gross...anyone have any advice???




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What I also discovered is that after a run or other exercise, if I have no access to water, my body will clean the skin within 1-3 hours


We have had a hot summer here, and I was surprised to figure this out as well.  Being active outside, and then too busy for a shower.  Maybe I did not smell good, but I did not smell bad either. 

HMM, human pheromones.  Interesting note on the human body smell.  A lot of musky colognes actually are attempts to imitate those smells, especially the male musky smell.

Peace, PK



I remember some researchers attributing problems in relationships between humans to them imitating smells of other animals and plants. In nature, just like any other animal, we would evaluate the other person by their natural smell. Unfortunately most people hide behind factory made concoctions.

Some of those people find it difficult to mate so they buy $300 a bottle pheromones, they wash their bodies with fancy soaps, put deodorants, moisturizers and perfumes on and then spray themselves with pheromones. They do not realize their bodies naturally produce pheromones. All you have to do is stop washing them off and masking them with other stuff.

And obviously you can not find the right partner using someone else's pheromones...

Ive read a study which showed that using smell female actually is able to select the best partner to produce best immunity for offspring. 'found that women preferred men with a genetic smell somewhat the same - but not identical - to their own.'




So if you mask you body odour , you compromise your chances to produce healthy offsprings.

found that women preferred men with a genetic smell somewhat the same - but not identical - to their own.

I fact it has already been proven by the study, which showed that pill alters partner preferences


@andrius:  Thanks for sharing the link to this study.

and @ Fruitman

I guess this makes the expression:

"Life is not always a bed of roses"  seem more and more like a reality. 

Females are chosen based on their rosy perfume smells which mask a toxic diet and disposition.  Males on their cologne.  And we wonder why there  are so many incompatible partnerships forming. 

When dating, people clean up and act their best, and do their best to hide their toxicity with perfumes, and their toxic skin with make up.  But then we all know that in most cases, "Beauty is only skin deep"  and "Do not judge a book by its cover."

In nature, females will go with the nearest available healthy male, but not necessarily the nearest male.  If something does not seem quite right about that guy, she will not accept  him just to have someone.

Peace, PK


Just having more thoughts in regards to modern relationships.  They have three strikes against them before they even begin.

SAD,Cooked, and Carnivorous people smell like carcass, but cannot smell their own stink.

Then their noses and other senses are numbed and or working poorly do to a bad diet so they cannot smell the stink in a potentially toxic partner.  In nature, we naturally avoid things that smell bad to us.  It is a warning to be aware of toxins, poisons, and bacteria.

On top of all of that is the masks people wear of perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, and other products. 

I wonder, if many people are just hiding behind the paint and the masks?

Peace, PK


I don't think they are aware that they are hiding.


Maybe they are not "aware" of what they are doing and or hiding, but they are hiding something never the less, and that especially females, do intentionally. 

I see these beautiful young girls with their whole lives in front of them, and yet they are so insecure about themselves and the make up industry loves them. 

They have a freckle or a zit, they intentionally cover it up because they think no guy will want to date them so flawed. 

They forget that the ugly girls with charisma get the guys as well. 

They have pale malnourished lips, they cover it in fruit colored lipstick and gloss. 

Pale skin, they go to a spa or tanning salon. 

Plastic surgery is more common than ever with many girls in high school getting nose jobs done now. 

And the guys are not innocent anymore either with a metrosexual trend on the rise. 

So people are away of their flaws, and just like the mythological story of Adam and Eve's biological fall from grace and covering themselves with the fig leaves, so do modern humans.

What they are not aware of I suppose, is the why of why they are doing these things in the first place.

(Ironically the same people paying for such treatments claim they cannot afford fruit too!)

Peace, PK


What they are not aware of I suppose, is the why of why they are doing these things in the first place.

They are not. Most people are not aware of any reasons.


But it is so obvious. If to find a partner one has to wear designer clothes or put strong make-up on or perfumes or simply pretend someone else then how can they expect from their partner to still 'love' them in the morning without their make-up, clothes and perfumes. First they pretend someone else to 'catch' a partner and then they complain that the relationship is not working. Wakey, wakey!



I don't shave or wear deodorant.  Works nicely for me.

  The LFRV lifestyle definitely contributed to my having less, then eventually no body odor, but until I reached the no odor stage, my go-to was always the Crystal Body Deodorant stick.  This one definitely worked best out of the aluminum-free-but-more-traditional deodorant sticks and salt sprays, plus it's the simplest in ingredients, since it's just the one!  I still use it now, as a just-in-case (I'm in school and would rather not have a surprise reeking coming out of me in a crowded class!).

  As for shaving, I shave "WITH the grain," and now I never get razor burns or bumps anymore!  It took me years of shaving my pits to realize this trick!  My legs are always fine, but my armpits are slightly sensitive.  :/

  Good luck with your shaving and salting!



I personally have found that I don't need deodorant. I havent showered for months and have no BO. The only time I ever feel like my sweat smells is when I eat nuts or seeds on a daily basis. Or when I have been to London and eaten at a raw gourmet restaurant :o)


We're not supposed to need deodorant. Smell is one of the first senses we use as humans and we develop it most acutely. Pleasant smells = we are attracted to repeating exposure to something/someone. Unpleasant smells = not good for increasing chances of survival/procreation.


As for the shaving, I think its fairly obvious; either stop shaving (the really obvious one) or stop using shaving cream/soap/lotion/deodorant/whatever under your armpits to get rid of the irritation.


Take care


Adam x



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