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So, i feel like so many people on here would not shave.. am i correct? Ladies: do you shave at all? And men: how would you feel if your "significant other" didn't shave? 

For me it is such a controversy because I have been shaving for so long that if my legs even feel prickly it freaks me out.. How does everyone else feel about this? 

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Halawa Waxing (Egyptian/Arabic sugar treatment).  However, this treatment will not be Vegan if honey is used instead of sugar.



yea, ^^ what is that?

Trimmed gates = better oral sex.  Full stop.

sounds logical!


Since the advent of the religion, in Islam, both women and men have been expected to remove their pubic and armpit hair (at least every 40 days) so, over here in the East, shaving cannot be said to be 100% a result of advertising and pornography. Most Muslim women I know also shave their legs too, though I am not sure when and how that in particular became a common thing. Me? I take it a step farther and shave my arms too. I've experimented and tried going against the grain because frankly, I want to do things in the best way regardless of what our culture teaches. Well, I found it to be disgusting lol so after that little experiment I keep things silky smooth. Experiment and do what makes you happy.

And after some googling I've learned that the Ottomans preferred to be completely hairless.

Only when I feel like it!

I used to religiously because I thought body hair was gross and unattractive but when I realized that I only thought it was gross because of what society and other peoples' opinions are I decided to stop letting that dictate WHAT I DO WITH HAIR THAT GROWS ON MY OWN BODY.

Feels nice :) Not worrying.

gah ! I wish I could grow a proper beard ! :D other shaving - armpits and other trimming. I like to take care of my body. :gets_the_coat:

I am all for shaving! Although I think a nice beard on a guy is attractive :) 

We use an electric shaver.

I shave my beard and head, im not bald i just like it that way.

I don't shave because im grey either because all my grey is in my beard.

I dont shave anywhere else either, because being meat/fat and salt free means i dont smell so much.



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