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So, i feel like so many people on here would not shave.. am i correct? Ladies: do you shave at all? And men: how would you feel if your "significant other" didn't shave? 

For me it is such a controversy because I have been shaving for so long that if my legs even feel prickly it freaks me out.. How does everyone else feel about this? 

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it is amazing to see the effects that advertisement has on our culture.. even if i walk into a store barefoot people look at me as if i am homeless! It amazes me that if you do one thing against what people expect of you, you are the outsider, the cast off.. everyone wants to be the same and to fit in... I have never understood that.. I think not shaving for me would be just getting past the prickly feel of not shaving for a few days because i have been doing it everyday for so many years that now it is a strange feeling. Thank you for this reply and for this article! A real eye opener! 

Thank you, Peter.

Thanks Peter, I appreciate what you wrote :-D.

I personally don't like to shave "down there" because it makes me feel like a child, not a woman.  Also, the hair is there for a reason, to protect our lovely reproductive parts.  Anyone who has a problem with it can kiss my hairy ass. ;)

I shave my armpits, and legs though.  Sometimes i get lazy and don't shave my legs for a while.

I am attracted to men and women, and i don't mind what either gender does with their body hair.  Though i find shaven reproductive parts much less attractive.

I have been shaving everything for so long, it is almost foreign for me not to! as soon as my hair grows i become uncomfortable and dirty. I suppose some people prefer hair down there and others do not! haha 

Meredith I totally agree with you on everything. Except that I am not attracted to women... But for the rest, I think the same. Also, it is difficult for women not to cut themselves if they shave their pubic hair. So it means easy infections and probably more risk to get sexually transmitted diseases, I guess.

women who don't shave ROCK!   shaving is torture for men .  keep it soft and long

Shaving is torture in general!! I feel ive wasted so much valuable time for shaving! haha 

Personally, I don't like the feel of hair on myself especially since I live a very active lifestyle and it just feels weird to me. I think it's fine if some people choose not to shave due to personal beliefs and convictions. My opinion for a guy is completely different though, I don't really find a problem without men shaving. But if I was a man, I would think it would be a bit of a turn-off to have a hairy woman in front of him.

I totally understand where you are coming from. Then again when guys shave their legs and arms it is a turn off to me! haha 

I agree with Meredith.  I'm not a child, so I don't want hairless genitals.  I generally keep my pubes trimmed quite short, but that's mainly for my man's benefit.  The longer his beard gets, the less I bother ;)  I shave my legs, but not super regularly, same for pits.  Aesthetically, I actually prefer hairy versus shaved armpits - men and women.

Those who think there's no link between the porn we see and our sexual tastes are kidding themselves.

You are lucky that you are not dating Little Mango because he does not like ANY hair.  With him, your genitals would look like Bruce Willis' head.  :-)))



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