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Should you get rid of it all? For example, I have an expensive leather couch I bought three years ago as well as some designer leather purses I don't use but what do I do with them ? Don't think throwing them out or giving them away really helps anything, but I feel guilty sitting on my couch and its not in my budget to buy a new one just yet. Any thoughts on th
is or past experiences ?

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I still have leather boots and wool coats, but I will wear them until they fall apart. And then I will buy some vegan stuff. For now, I can't afford to buy some new things anyway.

Me either! I guess its more environmentally sound that way anyway .

greetings aubrey! and welcome to 30bad!


the important thing is not to support the industries.

you can do this in 2 ways:

  1. don't buy from them
  2. don't promote their products


the first is pretty straight-forward for the most part.

the second can be a bit trickier. for instance, if you have an old pair of leather shoes and you advocate against leather, it don't look too good if you do so while wearing them. :D


my guide into ar (susan hargreaves humane educators reaching out) had an old general motors vehicle (i think someone might have given it to her - can't recall though) and she couldn't afford to buy another. general motors at that time (early 90s), was the last company to still use animals in crash tests. so she had a bumper sticker made up which said:


"this is the last general motor car i will buy until they stop using animals in crash tests".


in effect, she did anti-promo using what was available to her.


so, you can utilize difficult situations to your and your causes' advantage ... sometimes ... and to some extent.


in friendship,



I used to have a leather couch and threw a bed sheet over it - used pins underneath and behind it to keep from sliding off. If you donate purses/shoes in the future, you could pen the earthlings.com website (or whatever you want) on a small part of it.

Last year a friend gave me a leather-covered sketch book and it stinks :/ I don't want to use it but she wrote a nice message in it so I can't give it away either... Might just have it laying around until the leather stops smelling. For the rest, I think we should cherish what we have and use it until it's broken. You don't really advertise leather or wool because it might just be fake leather and cotton, right? 

Why don't you try to sell the couch and get a different one? You could also sell the purses if you wanted. I gave away my leather stuff because I just didn't like having it around. If the presence of these things bothers you, don't keep them.

I guess selling them might actually be useful... Preventing someone from benefiting the industry by buying used and I could get a new one... I always just give stuff away never sell so its funny it didn't cross my mind. Ha yeah putting an earthlings sticker in purse would be kinda evil but maybe effective

I agree with most already written. I also have products that are non-vegan and I just use them until I need something new. Sometimes I just give it away or try to sell it. WIth food products it almost took me a year to eliminate them all, I am currently still eliminating all raw but non 811rv produce ;)

I am letting things run their course.  Of course I will not buy more leather products because of ethics. 

But at the same time, I am trying to balance the problems of our consumption based society.  If I get rid of the products I have, I may have to replace them at other environmental costs that may hurt other animals and plants indirectly.

Peace, PK



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