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I very recently went through a fairly stressful few days during which I posted many controversial ideas into various Facebook discussions. As a result I was unfriended by at least three people and blocked by at least two - judgmental people more eager to exercise their prejudice, intolerance and lack of empathy than to seek truth, exercise compassion or show respect.

During a somewhat heated discussion I used a phrase (while in a frustrated state of mind prompted by not following the rules on sleep as closely as I should) which several people perceived as being sexist. The use of that phrase directly resulted in someone I know (away from the Internet) booting me from his Friends list, and without even telling me first or discussing the issue (I found out why he booted me from a mutual friend). That, and some others complaining to me about my use of the phrase in question, led me to write a short essay on it to serve as an explanation of my action and also to discuss associated factors.

The resulting essay is on Scribd, as linked to below:


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An addendum I added:

The condition of humanity is such that insanity is commonplace, considered normal, and irrationality holds sway with utter p
uissance. One with eyes to identify this deplorable mass state can easily fall into a coping situation in which it is mocked; mocked without consideration for those sensitive to it or their unique perception; reverence is often neglected when dealing with it and fundamental elements concerning it. Urges of sarcasm, irony, facetiousness and flippancy come to the fore, at times with little conscious awareness. As such, it is often difficult to take seriously that which some others always take very seriously; empathy occasionally is overlooked in favour of the use of phrases and actions that most others would exclusively use in the context of injustice. Therefore, those considering themselves warriors against injustice, and who are quick to judge and condemn as discussed earlier, could only perceive and translate the use of said phrases negatively, and react accordingly. That they might be used in ways very different to what the literal and culturally established meanings of said phrases would otherwise hold is not recognised or even considered as a possibility – such use of said offensive terms never factors in their one track minds.
Issues of sexism, racism, ableism and others, are so often founded in ignorance, stupidity and insanity such that the derogatory, condescending and discriminatory well-established sayings of these respective things are, in the minds of those vehemently and blindedly opposed to them, impossible to construe in any other way. In their closed and non-lateral mindsthey could never possibly mean anything other than that in which they are programmed to view and hear them. It can never be a joking matter with these people, even if such joking is based in mockery and employed subconsciously as a means by which to cope with the insanity that begat them in the first place. Such people should



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