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Hey y'all.  I've been doing this lifestyle for about 15 months now and it's been great! Recently, though, I have had a huge drop in appetite, but I'm exercising more.  I'm not forcing food down, but when I have my normal-sized breakfast smoothie of about 8-10 bananas, I get major fatigue immediately after and I feel like throwing up.  I know it has something to do with sleep, so I've been upping my sleep too and trying to take it easy, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has felt this.  I mean, I'm definitely not complaining.  If I can eat less food in a day and still be 100% satisfied then I'm fine with that.  And it's encouraging because it means my system is evolving, possibly healing.  But like I said, has anyone else felt this?  It's just really disconcerting to have that feeling of being ill after eating a reasonably-sized meal that has been a snack size in the recent past.

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i've been having a drop in appetite too. I think when your body has alot of nutrients in it, or a lot of toxins cleaned out, you get less of a OH MAN IM SO HUNGRY effect.  For awhile, I was like oh I'll just eat until I'm satisfied and eat when i'm hungry.  But I dont seem to be getting hungry lately.  Then all of a sudden, youre looking through the cupboards and a lil fat zombie monster takes over your body and starts making you eat crap you dont want to eat (because other people you live with dont eat like you ) and then you're like how did this happen?  It's so much easier to undereat then it is to eat enough or eat extra so you have to find the right amount that works for you.  Sleep effects your appetite too.  If you dont sleep enough, youll be less hungry and that's not good either.  Get your zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ's on Kaitlyn T.

Thanks Dennis P.  I don't think I have an issue with looking through cupboards.  I wouldn't dream of eating any other way.  But I do need to sleep. :)

If you are exercising more, it is possible that your stomach is contracting, and thus it may not want to take in as much food in one sitting as it had previously.

In my case it makes sense... I started running again last week

The first time I had an 8 banana smoothie, I couldn't finish it because I felt so full. I think it's a combo of how fast I drank it, how I'm not used to having so much, and because of the water/fiber content. I don't think it's the same thing you're experiencing though. 

My hunger has gone down but I still have cravings, so I eat fruit when this happens and just when I know it's probably time for a meal. I think sleep is really important, everything seems to change and be off balance when I don't get adequate sleep. The main things sleep deprivation causes for me is loss of appetite, feeling ill and sometimes even not being able to keep food down, and lack of energy. So I think it might be what you're going through. 

I hope it gets better for you though. Sorry I can't offer advice.

I think it's the sleep too because it's not that my stomach can't fit the volume.  Thanks for the advice!  Any ideas on how to train myself to go to bed earlier?


hmmmmmmmmmmmm nanner theorys :) make sure u sleep more rest less stress :) u gota sleep my fruit slice

I think you're right.  Thanks!

When having problems, always go back to the 30BaD, 811 lifestyle basics and go over them with a fine tooth comb.  ;)

water, pee 10+ times daily...check

sleep, go to bed early, sleep til rested...check

calories, eat til high energy and high mood, with minimum of 2500 for ladies and 3000 for gents...check

food ripeness...check

food combos...check


activity levels...check

emotional poise...check

more here: 32 Elements of Health: How Round is Your Wheel?


I'm feeling the same way, but I'm not 100% raw yet, I still eat lots of cooked foods, but my breakfast 90% of the time is 10~12 banana smoothie, but lately I feel a stomach burn that lasts around 5/10 minutes, and begins +- 20min after my meal, and quite often I feel like throwing up (never did)

Why don't you try more watery fruit for Breakfast?  I would be sick as a dog if I ate that many bananas unless perhaps I had exercised vigorously first. 



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