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In the past couple of days have experienced a horrible physical feeling that I don't even think I've ever had before so I don't really know what it is or why it's occurred  I'm hoping your insight can help me...

A couple of days ago after eating about 700grams (the weight includes the stones) of medjool dates I experienced a very uncomfortable feeling in my chest and underneath my chest (but not in my stomach), it was like a weird burning sensation, perhaps indigestion? My head also began to hurt, as did my back. Within 10-15mins the pain stopped and I felt ok.

Yesterday I ate 360grams of medjool dates and again I experienced exactly the same feeling for about ten minuted after eating them. It was almost unbearable, it really hurt and again, so did my back and head. I decided that I must just react this way to big quantities of dates, so I decided to just avoid them...problem solved! But it wasn't.

This morning I had 3 sliced up frozen bananas and felt fine after. Then 15mins after eating them I started eating grapes, after about 150grams I again experienced that awful feeling. It was right underneath my chest and it hurt so much, as did my back. I was almost crying with pain.

What could this be? Should I just consume less at each sitting?

I'd really appreciate your help!

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Larissa, do you think it could be a food-combining issue?  Are these meals that have bothered  you been eaten after eating something else?  Are you drinking enough water?   Can  you give us a daily menu so maybe we can help you figure this out?

Hi! I don't think it is to do with food combining as I always try to mono meal and if I can't then I follow the combining rules. I am almost sure that I have an issue with medjool dates. I ate them on an empty stomach. I aim to drink over 2l, I try to drink before meals and wait some time before drinking after meals.

However I am not sure what the issue was this morning. Perhaps I was eating the grapes too quickly...is that possible?

Oh and I am also taking cloves and wormwood in capsule form as I am doing a parasite cleanse. I started over a week ago.

I don't know - I've had plenty of stomach upsets in my life but not once when mono-mealing hcrv.  I think it may be the capsules, or the parasite issue.  

I always try to drink water before eating dates - are they dry or wet?  More water the dryer I would say.  I eat a lot of dates but they are wettish.  I also like to eat some celery or greens after dates.  

Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Larissa,

Did you end up finding an explanation and/or solution for your pain?
I have been on HCCV for 8 months now and I am also constantly struggling with the exact symptoms you've described. Worst for me is large quantities of watermelon, dates or grapes.

I ve been deficient in chromium. After supplementing it for 1 week with 200mcg chromium pic. I ve had no melon tummy anymore.

Chromium Plays a big role in Sugar Metabolism.

If u dont wanna use Supplement u can get it from barley juice but one Need Huge amounts of that.
I dont know which Other food Provides Secure amounts of chromium in a big amount.



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