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Seriously need help! Lowered levels of Alkaline phosphatase- what can I do?

Hi guys,


Hope everybody is doing well.


Well, I haven't exactly been on the LFRV wagon the past coupla weeks. Had a lot of stressful stuff going on and it sorta slipped away. However, this morning I received a letter from my doctor telling me I have reduced levels of the enzyme Alkaline phosphatase. I now have to go through tests for osteoporosis (this is on top of the tests I'm having run for Marfan's Syndrome).


I'm absolutely crushed by this. I take care of myself as best as I can, and I've always been particularly careful about calcium, exercise, etc because of how debilitating osteoporosis is. I need to know what I can do to raise my Alkaline phosphatase levels and diminish my risk of osteoporosis.


I think I now realise how important it is to get raw and stay raw. So devastated about this though, over the past two years I've just had health problem after health problem...it's really getting me down now.


Thanks guys.


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You know what you need to do.. eat your fruits and veggies!:)

Get back on the wagon, nobody else can do it for you..

It's not all about food either..

It's not enough to change your diet.. you need to change your whole lifestyle..

Eliminate the 'stressful stuff' instead of using it as an excuse to eat junk..

Move to a new place, get a new job, get a divorce, whatever it takes to get rid of the stuff  that brings you down!

Also I wouldn't worry about enzymes or calcium.. if you eat plenty of calories/variety of fruits and veg, you'll be fine.. remember that the body does the healing not the food, but only if the right conditions are given!

Eat enough, sleep enough, drink enough water, get enough sun, eliminate stress and you'll be fine!



Stress is a killer for sure. I know people that eat super clean but they have so much stress in their life, its aging em SUPER rapidly.



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