30 Bananas a Day!

So yesterday I posted my meal plan which included

1 liter of water

1/2 of a watermelon

Bag of green grapes

1 liter of water

'10' green/banana smoothie ( I only put 7 in, no greens)

and another '10' banana smoothie at work

1 liter water


Well I was so anxious to try the banana smoothie the first time since this was day 1 so I did not add greens, I ate that around 330 pm. Shortly before work I started to get a headache... The headache just grew very fast into a migraine. I felt so sick & pukey while my head was pounding. I didn't attempt to eat the other smoothie until 7 pm thinking it might help my stomach.. As soon as I took the first drink I felt I was going to vomit. Tried to drink water same thing.. I ended up just putting it down continued to feel sicker & sicker.. A little later I rushed to the bathroom were I almost didn't make it and threw up a lot.. Came home & went straight to bed.. Does anyone know why this happened? Its really scaring me from continuing.. 

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Hey something similar happened to me when I first went raw. I would suggest gaining the majority of your daily intake from a different fruit maybe dates? or pick up a case of peaches, you should be able to find them pretty cheap right now. I see you didn't really consume any leafy greens either, You need yo greens girl.

Did you ever feel full when you were eating? did you keep eating even after you were satiated? You don't want to force down the food when your body says its full. I remember that when I first went raw I wasn't able to eat 3000 calories worth of fruit and veg, heck my stomach could only handle about 1300-1500 calories worth of fruit daily, but my energy reached levels I never knew were even possible. Basically you can't go from a SAD lifestlye to a HCRV lifestyle without a bit of a transitional stage. Your body is still getting used to 'real' food and probably doesn't really know how to process it yet. With time you will be eating 3000+ calories of food everyday but for now listen to your body and nourish it when it is hungry, stay hydrated all day, and remain positive  about this lifestyle. Don't give up!


p.s. Your children are absolutely beautiful! 

Thank you ! :] That is really nice to hear. Thank you everyone! All your input was very helpful! I'm not sure what the reason is I still have a headache today also... Its not as bad. No I did eat a little more once I started to get full but then I stopped. I gave my body plenty of time to digest before meals.. I think transition is just what I need.. I think I might go from a SAD diet to a whole foods diet then eventually work my way to a raw vegan diet. I always had headache problems ( almost once a day I get a headache ) but I cant handle getting migraines specially when I have my kids and work. I never really ate fruits and vegetables much.. When I did it would be stuff like corn, broccoli, onions ect.. Stuff I found out now is bad for you..

Hi Cody,
The fact that you 'always had headache problems' would have been good to have put in your original post. When I read it, I thought you were attributing the bananas to the cause for the migraine.
So, did you have any problems with bananas when you ate SAD? If not, maybe somehow it's the batch of bananas, somehow that Werner the problem.

Well headaches and migraines are two different things. I got a huge migraine.. I rarely ever get them not even like once a year. I get headaches from sinus's.. That's something I can handle but migraines are not because of work and my kids. I don't know maybe it was just a bad batch. I have since then ate bananas and my stomach did not get upset.. I ate 5 for lunch.

you made a unripe banana smothie? hahahahaaaa how did you digest it?

Hmm no man I think you misunderstood.. I said they were "spotty with little to no green on them" ...

It sounds like sickness due to the headache, most likely a migraine.  When I first went raw I also had headaches and a migraine the first day and was sick just like you describe.  I hope they go away and you feel better!!

Thank you hun! I have ate bananas since and didn't get sick. :]



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