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For the past few days, I've noticed that some of my back, bottom teeth (at first, it was just one tooth, but today a few more joined it) are sensitive to touch--mostly just when I'm brushing my teeth. I'm really afraid that this is a sign of tooth decay & damage. I've read about how many raw foodists have teeth issues, and also about how the constant sugar eating on this diet can cause the bacteria in the mouth to keep flaring up (or something to that effect--don't know the science exactly). 

At this point, I brush my teeth once or twice a day (I try for twice most days, but I'll admit that often I just forget or don't feel like it because I'm constantly eating in the morning), and sometimes wash my mouth out with water after eating.

So, should I be concerned? (I'm guessing that the answer is yes.) I'll probably schedule a dentist appointment if this continues, but I wanted your guys' input (this community is so supportive and informative!). And I would also love any dental care tips and advice.

Advice, as always, will be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Thanks for the link, Nate! It's a great video. And I completely forgot about Waterpiks. I used to have one, when I had braces, but it eventually broke (or something). I might invest in a new one, if I can find one for a good deal. 

Many of our members have to eat 1/2 to 2 pounds of leafy lettuce greens to ward off oral and dental problems.

Benefits of lettuce greens include:

  1. Higher Mineral Content of Greens Compared to Some Fruits
  2. Calcium Phosphorus Ratio 1:1 
  3. Chlorophyll and Magnesium
  4. Cobalt and Vitamin b12 Precurser
  5. Green Consumption in Primates
  6. Prevention and Healing with Diet 
  7. Oral Health
  8. Benefits for Bodybuilders
  9. Edible Greens: Leafy Lettuces

Read more:  Benefits of Lettuce Greens


Definitely keep brushing at least twice a day and floss twice a day.  

You probably should have  a dental checkup and or even a physical just to have  a benchmark of your health. Some people come to veg with underlying conditions and then blame the fruit n greens.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

I eat at least a pound a day, so I'm guessing that greens aren't the issue--but thank you for the advice anyway. I'll make sure to keep the greens up. (:

I'm afraid that I never floss. (I know, it's bad.) I just never remember to buy it. But I definitely will start. And yes, the dental check-up will definitely happen. (I wonder if there's anything else, besides dental decay, that causes sensitive teeth?)


I recommend a bone density scan and a medical exam for the following reasons.

One problem that causes sensitive teeth is actually not what we are eating in the moment, but more of a bone density problem. Osteopenia (bone softening) and osteoporosis, can cause softening of the jaw bone causing teeth to move and or fall out.  The same same calcium and mineral imbalances causing these problems also draw calcium and minerals from the teeth promoting small erosions.  


Causes of this problem could be from a previous SAD diet, not eating enough calories and or greens, and or not eating a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1:1 or better.  

Make sure you are eating 2500 calories a day or more.  

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio 1:1
Not only is consumption of vitamins and minerals important, so too is how they are consumed. Phosphorus is an important element in building bone, but cannot be utilized by the body without calcium, and may need equal parts calcium to be properly absorbed. Calcium absorption may be decreased by high dietary levels of phosphate, oxalate (in rhubarb, spinach, and kale), or phytate compounds in fiber. Too much protein in the diet may increase the amount of calcium excreted in the urine and decrease the amount available for building bones. 

If calcium intake and or absorption is too low, the body will release a hormone to try to increase digestive absorption of calcium, and then ironically, pull calcium from the bones to compliment the phosphorus which long term could result in osteopenia, osteoporosis, and dental problems. 

While increasing calcium content in the diet is beneficial, supplementing with phosphorus or consuming high rates of phosphorus in the diet not balanced in homeostasis with calcium, and or magnesium and vitamin D, can cause toothache, increase risk of death in cardiovascular and kidney patients, affect hormone levels, affect organ, intestine, and kidney function, as well as cause imbalances in bone health and formation causing conditions such as osteopenia an osteoporosis.
While it may not be necessary to make sure every meal has a ratio of 1:1, make sure that the daily average has a ratio of 1:1, and that about 1-2 pounds of raw leafy lettuce greens are consumed daily for overall smooth running of the body, and to prevent bone issues and dental issues.

Fruits like oranges have a great calcium to phosphorus ratio.

For further reading:

Lecture Notes: Calcium

High levels of phosphorus and toothache



Now, I believe you have already read this article I wrote on oxalates, but foods high in oxalate can cause digestive disorders starting with consumption, and eventual bone disorders from causing calcium imbalances.  Oxalate Health Impact

I still recommend a visit to the dentist to find out what is wrong exactly.  

Brush with a soft tooth brush and floss.  

Get a physical and bone density scan.

Try to follow your calcium to phosphorus ratio for a few days or weeks eating more calcium than phosphorus and see if that helps.  

The good news is given the right conditions, we are able to remineralize small erosions in our teeth. 


Peace, PK

Hmm, now that I think about it, this problem could have something to do with my history of anorexia. I was going through it over a year ago, so I would be surprised if this was just showing up now because of it. I had osteopenia when they had a Dexa scan done, when I was in treatment. It's probably a combination of that and my oxalate intake.

I'm not sure how to go about measuring my calcium to phosphorus ratio. For nutrition, I use an iPhone app called "My Fitness Pal," and it tracks my percentage of calcium, but not phosphorus (it's pretty limited in tracking vitamins and minerals).

Thank you so much for all of the information! I love to learn the actual science behind everything; that way I can fully understand it and can be more sure that it's truthful.


I would , as others suggest, brushing twice a day and flossing each day also.

I have been using Dr. Bronner's Almond Liquid soap (about a year) and recently (about a month) the Baby Liquid soap as my toothpaste/toothsoap...and love it better than any toothpaste in the past.

I think the oils in there (especially the hemp), is a Godsend.

I do a little trick after I eat anything....I swish my mouth with water thoroughly a couple times to remove anything --any sugar, any sediment, any stuff...it helps.



I've never seen Dr. Bronner's, but I'll definitely keep an eye open for it. I've heard it mentioned more than once on this website. 

And I have to do the swishing thing more often.

Thank you for the advice!

Oh, also, does anyone know anything about baking soda? Now that I think about it, I just got this new "All-Natural" toothpaste, with no fluoride or preservatives or anything--and it has baking soda for "gentle cleaning." Is there any possibility that this might have irritated my teeth?

I had the same problem! I was premature wearing away of the enamel of my teeth in small areas throughout my mouth. This was caused by eating a lot of acid forming foods prior to my eating 80 10 10. This condition got progessivly worse as my exposed tubules in the undurling layer of my teeth became exposed. Very hot and cold sensitive. Got so bad I could no eat anything without pain. Thought I had cavities everywhere but had none, just exposed nerve recepticals through these little mini tubule type things that are exposed when your enamel is worn away. These tubules go directly to the nerves in your teeth thus causing the sensitive spots. The solution if this situation persists or worsens is to use a sensitive toothpaste which has a chemical compound that fills in these tubules so the underlying nerves are not exposed. Another option in really bad cases is to have an enamel bonding applied from your dentist. It lasts a few years and then has to be reapplied. I am against chemicals and artificial compounds but the pain got so bad I litturally could not eat. Now after the bonding I have no problem. It is important to note that enamel erosion is not caused by eating fruit which is extremely gentle on your teeth providing you rinse your teeth by drinking a little water afterward. Eating sad however tends to make your saliva acidy and could cause this condition. Over brushing, hard bristle toothbrushes, eating ice and eating hard foods such as crackers are also harmful to teeth. Fruit and greens are the best choice soft and easy to chew. As for maintainance there are many good comments here. I tried just water but now use a fluoride free toothpaste with no chemicals or artificial sweeteners. Hope this information helps. Peace be with you.

Huh. Your story is both frightening and highly informative. I hope that my teeth don't become a big issue, but it seems as though I do have this exact problem. What kind of toothpaste did you use? Did you get it from a dentist, or can you buy it in a general store? Thank you so much for your reply, by the way. 

I am having a similar condition starting, been three weeks in HCRV and I guess I'm more vigilant of my body now.
I am noticing increased sensitivity in my teeth, and they appear to be more yellowish around the centers (which I've read can be caused by enamel erosion causing the inner layers to "show" through making them appear stained when they are not) Did you encounter this as well?

I'm not brushing with baking soda but I am swishing a small amount of dissolved baking soda after eating and then rinsing.

I didn't know Dr. Bronner's was safe to put into the mouth.  Interesting.



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