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Good day guys,

I moved to Brazil from Canada about 3 months ago , and I am really loving it here.  Perfect weather, lots of fruits and freshly grown veggies. The only problem that I found here is to find like minded people and organic produce.

I moved here because I was pretty excited with the idea to create a self sufficient living and  eventually if things work out and if I meet like minded people, I'd like to create a self suficient  society . Currently I am living in a 6 acres farm, growing lots of organic fruits and veggies :) will post some pics soon, please let me know if you guys share the same dream ..


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Wow, I would like to come visit you one day, I definitely have this dream as well. Since starting to eat so many fruits and veggies I feel like it's so important to grow fruit trees! I feel like it could be the center of a sustainable community where people gather, harvest, and share their bounties with one another and trade for other valuables that are not available to their region. I want to see sustainable societies become interactive with the rest of the world instead of isolating themselves.

Me and my sister and many of our friends have a dream of co creating a sustainable society and I cannot imagine it being anything other than a raw vegan society because that is the most sustainable of all! I'm excited to see your pictures and how things turn out for you :) 

Hi Jenna , Thanks for the reply . Its awesome to see that there are young people like myself outthere who don`t want to be part of our failing  system and make the world a better place trough parmaculture, raw  and vegan diet,self sutaining living etc . Unfortunately here in Brazil its really hard to find people whos got the same lifestyle and passion.

I am saving up right now , hopefully i can gather some people and start a great raw vegan and vegan sustainable society here in Brazil .  Still , have a lot to learn and to do but i will keep in touch and post pics as soon as possible .

@ Meredith . The tropics is where every raw vegan needs to be :) Fruits in abundance ,beach , no snow !! Well I am still working on my project , but it would be a pleasure to have you here . keep in touch

This absolutely is my dream.  My goal is somehow to find a way out of the rat race and concrete jungle and live in a fruit paradise where I grow my own food and go out and live my passions whatever I find them to be.  I want to make a difference in the world and do my part to have a positive impact on this planet while also living the life I dream of.  I hope I get to the point where I can do it.  First things first I want to learn how to grow things because I want to plant fruit trees in my dad's backyard (I currently live in an apartment, boo) and also start a small garden for him where he can grow lettuce and vegetables and some melons maybe.  But I know nothing about gardening or farming or anything.  I wouldn't know how to care for plants organically nor how to create nutrient dense soils but I will learn.  Right now I work 7 days a week so I have no free time to learn anything like that.  But hopefully I will cut my work schedule down to 5 days a week in about two months then I will have time to learn thing.

At any rate I absolutely share  your dream it sounds amazing.  Wish I could go there, however I wouldn't be in a position to do so probably for several years if ever.

I was in the same situation 5 months ago. I saved some money for the past 2 years and came to Brazil and im now living the dream. My grandfather is from here and he is got an organic farm , he taught me how to grow organicaly and a lot of other things ,you wont learn at college :P

Hope thigns work out for you !!

Oh I am not currently in college.  I just want to try and look into and teach myself how to grow things organically.  I wish I was in a position where I can save money however right now I can't even keep up with the expenses I have.  I work two jobs and I still can't make ends meet.  How much money would I have to try and save in order to be able to go out there?  I don't even have the slightest idea what kind of funds it would require.

I would live to live in Brazil on a fruit and veggie farm where the only animals are pets sustainably and ethically.  i've heard of the sustainable villages that use 90% water than average american.  I know nothing about growing food organically and pesticide free and keep pests from eating all the food.  It sucks that you kind of need money to get these type of places set up or an individual one.  I definitely share the same dream.  I work 5 days a week in an office, not very fun and exciting and neither is the cold weather that comes with fall and winter in New England.  Brrrrr.........

Great Idea Dennis. I am currently looking for vegans and raw vegans who shares the same dream and who wants to start a raw vegan self sustainable village/society here in Brazil. I have visited great places and villages ,just need people to join me . I am still living in the farm that my grandpa owns, i am learning a lot about permaculture , and organic growing here. If you ever come to Brazil let me know, it would be great to have you here ..

This is exactly what I want to do. Been looking into relocating allot lately as my savings are running down and would really like to use the rest to get my self somewhere where I'm going to be helping for the better of humanity. I cant stand working at a dead end job with no purpose in sight.  How much did it cost you to get yourself set up where your at now? Would love to see some pic's.

Hey Brandon !! Glad to see you share the same interests as myself and others in this page. It's been my dream since I Became raw vegan 2 years ago.. I saved up some money , not a lot though. It was easier for me of course, as my family is from Brazil and my grandpa owns a farm..I will post some pictures soon and i will pm you with the details of project and plans..all the best

Heck yeah!

I'm currently a senior in high school (in Florida) and plan to major in Sustainable Design (or Horticulture or Environmental Design...depends on which uni I end up attending). I also have a dream of creating my own homestead someday, which could possibly include living in a sustainable society if such a thing was available to me to join, or if I founded one with a group of others. Let me know if you're ever looking for a summer intern/volunteer over there in Brazil. (;


Hi Shannon :) I was taking Holistic Nutrition in Canada and trasnferred it to Distance Education and I am finishing my college here in Brazil. I was too excited to start my permaculture/self sustainable living project , I couldnt wait for 2 more years :P Hope everything works out for you there , and good luck with your studies . It will take a while till everything is the way I want it to be , i will def need some help and more people to join me even if its just a short while. It will be great to have you here , feel free to add me and keep in touch :)



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