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Ok, so as I've said previously, I've gained 25 pounds in a very short amount of time (4 months) following raw till 4. I'm starting to think about why I've gained so much weight so quickly. I realized that I might not be getting enough fruit in during the day. For breakfast, I usually have at least 5 bananas, and then I like to bring a snack to school of maybe 2-3 apples in my backpack to eat before lunch. When lunch rolls around, I'm always having to eat some sort of melon or mandarin orange slices, because it's what my cafeteria serves. Usually I get around 500 calories this way, but I'm not sure if it's enough. It's just sort of a struggle because I take a little while to eat everything I want to eat, but my friends always leave when they're done (and they finish so early), and I just can't sit in the cafeteria by myself.. So I feel like I always have to settle with whatever I've been able to eat by the time they leave. I'm always hungry by lunch, too. I've tried eating bigger breakfasts, but then my uniform skirt doesn't fit me right (and I only have one that actually fits me now because of the weight I've gained). When I get home, however, I definitely eat enough. I always eat at least 2500 calories.

Also, I've been constipated and I have no clue why. I'm definitely not pooping 2-3 times a day like I should. 

For dinner I usually have at least 1 cup dry weight white rice with 1/2 head of lettuce. Then I make popcorn usually after (it's just the plain kind and I pop it dry-so no oils or anything added to it). I pee clear, too. Plus, I have started exercising on the stationary bike in my gym for an hr a day.

I know I've posted about my weight gain before, but now it's just really starting to get to me. I think about it all the time and wonder if the people who I haven't seen in awhile automatically notice my weight gain. I only restricted for about 1/2 yr-1 yr, and now my metabolism is really taking its toll on me while it's trying to heal. I look at pictures of me from just a short time ago and wish I was at that weight again (not all the restriction though). I know I sound whiny, but I can feel the excess weight just hanging off my body.

Anyway, I just want to know your thoughts about this, because I'm baffled and I know more experienced rt4er's can help me.

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Also, I am continuing to lose hair and don't understand why. I eat more and more healthily, and it just keeps falling out. It's gotten so thin and I can't explain it!! I'm hoping it's detox?

Tell us more about what meds you have used or are using. Most girls in western countries are on sex steroids like the pill etc.

1year of starving is a LONG time and you DEFINITELY would have damaged your thyroid and metabolism with that. You are young though and on the right track now so good work. 

Also focus on cycling, mindset, being present in the moment and getting to bed early as.

I take no medications (except a B-12 chewable thing, and an iron supplement, which aren't prescription drugs). and I always find myself going to sleep super early (like 8-9 o'clock at night). Anyway, thank you so much DR for your reply. It makes me feel a lot better to know that I'm doing this right.

Definitely bring food for lunch and cycle to work. Costco has Deglet Noor dates in a big tub, so I would pack those in a backpack for lunch. I gained about 9 pounds in about 5 months, and 6 have come back off. The other three were water weight. Focus on fitness, eating, sleeping, and hydrating and everything should be good.
Don't worry about it either. Look at Powsimian and his weight gain/loss. This lifestyle works 100%

Strange about the hair loss.

Just wondering, why don't you just keep eating after you leave the cafeteria if you are still hungry? Is there any Place or any activity like Walking around that doesn't allow you to keep munching more bananas or apples?

The only cooked things you mention are rice and pop corn, is that really all the cooked things you eat that gets you the weight gain?

Do you eat dates? Nuts?

Except from maybe the popcorn I have no clue why you would not be slim on just fruit and a little rice and lettuce, that goes against any experience of me and my friends I think.  

I suppose it makes sense to take something to eat with me, like a banana or apple, so thank you for the suggestion! Also, yes, I have rice and popcorn basically every night, lol. Sometimes I do make a bunch of potatoes into oil-free fries or go out for sushi (just cucumber rolls and no soy sauce-ew), but that's it! And yes, I eat dates! Not as a meal, but definitely as snacks. And I'm just going to believe that I'm not losing weight yet because I'm still a noob, and my body is still healing. I'm just gonna ride it out and hope for the best!

Ok, you are so welcome. :)

Sushi can sure be fattening since there is always processed sugar (i never saw one without) in the rice in these sushis unfortunately. Sometimes also MSG and salt that will bind water = weight and size.

Dates can also be fattening (I have gained fat on them myself before).

I would say that you do loose weight already from day 1-3 and on if you eat a fruitarian diet, within 1 week people were asking me if I was anorectic because i suddenly had cheek bones standing out haha. And I was eating non stop, probably 40-45 fruits/day in the beginning.

My advice to see the weight loss yourself is just try for 4-10 days and  to eat only pure lowfat SWEET fruits (mango, prickly bananas, Sharon fruit, ripe peaches and so on) and smoothies with only water and fruit and no dates (but eat as much as you want, even 25-50 fruits per day if you are still hungry, which i doubt.

I think that you will find that you will have much less cravings on this diet too, after the first 3-4 days of salt abstinence symptoms. You really don't miss those things that you mention after day 4-5 as long as you eat big every 3-4 hours and don't have problems in your life that makes you want to comfort eat.  

Then if you don't like it go back to what you do now, but at least you will know what real potential to loose weight and feal great that you have.

I would also advice you to not use apples as a complete meal without banana because you are likely to get cravings since apple are often not that calorie rich (unless if you find super sweet ones). 

Good luck!!

Thank you so much! This is really helpful. I remember that I used to have long, thick hair, but when I started restricting, I lost a lot of it and it hasn't stopped. But you give me hope! I eventually want my long locks back. And yes, I can definitely talk in the gym, and after I've gotten a few comments on my post, I'm feeling a lot better already. It's nice to have a supportive group to talk to when no one else can really relate! 


Why can't you remain seated and eat more fruit on your own, where is the issue with that, you need to make time to feed properly. Eating, and eating fruit, should not be rushed, and you need to invest more time in this activity I would say and not worry about being on your own.

Maybe eat a little more fruit for breaky, if you can, and take more fruit to work, again, if you can.  

Also, what's with the rice and pop corn? Of all the things you could eat, why choose what is seemingly foods which are nutrient low. Do you add veg to your rice? check out this http://www.healthaliciousness.com/nutritionfacts/nutrition-facts-co...  why not consider mixing it up at least, so consider other grains such as quinoa, amaranth, chickpeas, lentils, and consider sweet potato, and especially make the dishes vibrant with plenty (loads) of veg and/or salad.

I wouldn't personally be eating pop corn, almost an empty calorie. I really don't see pop corn as a good food.

How about exercising more, how about circuit work, light weights, lots of exercises, but lots of reps and lots of sets, this really fires the body up, mixed in with plenty of cycling.

More fruit and salad too.

Are you clinically diagnosed with low iron? Eating a healthy diet should provide sufficient iron for most people, especially if you eat less white rice and no pop corn, and replace with foods naturally higher in iron.



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