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OK, now please don't get me wrong - this post is definitely not about restricting calories!

Everyone here always keeps on telling how much they eat and that they need more and more calories, but at the same time every one here leads a pretty active lifestyle. I know that moving your body is important for being healthy and I have no plans in restricting my exercises, but lately I have been thinking about this whole "calories in vs. calories out - theory" and I started thinking about people who do not do any sports (either because they don't want to, or because they can't like people sitting in a wheel chair).

What about those people? Does anybody here have any experience with a sedentary lifestyle? Do those have to pay attention, not to eat too much?

I am still at the beginning of my raw journey and I am curious and I want to learn and understand as much as possible. And I want to educate myself, also to be able to explain my way of living to others.

Thanks for helping me educating myself!


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More essential than essential fatty acids???? Does that even exist???? :-D
I spend most of the day sitting on my butt, working, studying. I still manage to get an hour of exercise in on avg, some days more some days less. It's really not the case that everyone here is training for triathalons, levels of activity of 30badders range across the whole spectrum.

In my experience people who are extremely sedentary have more difficulty consuming enough calories from fruit to get them through the day as is then they do with over eating. Not to say it's impossible to gain weight eating tons of fruit and never exercising, but that's not healthy.

If you want health being totally sedentary is never an option. Even if you were in a wheelchair you could still lift weights, or play competitive wheelchair rugby. If you have an able body there's almost no where you can't do squats or pushups or jumping jacks, neither does stretching require any special equipment. Tell Jack LeLane that he's too old to be exercising, y'know? I think the older you get the more important keeping yourself in shape is, not that you want to overdo things. It all comes down to choice and priorities, but if we've gotten so unhealthy that we can't help but being totally sedentary then we've obviously been doing something wrong.
...I experience natural gravitation towards a more meditative way of being - living and sustaining. I do still exercise my body, but only if, when and because I truly want it. Because I experience that it's great to feel vibrant and strong, well balanced and naturally perfect in body shape and form as Nature indends. However, I experience that my body requires actually very little "maintenance" by "exercising" it. Some daily pullups, pushups, situps, streching, walking and biking here and there naturally without specific planning and enforcement is more than enough. I never count or measure calories or weight or amount or any other similar fractionate thing. I just allow my natural inner intelligent intuition, true instincts and senses unfold and come to their full expression at any given instant. Furthermore, a deep enough meditative state actually nourishes and energizes a lot, - anyone who have experience from practicing now presence awareness meditation can witness similar energizing effects. People who seem "disabled" and classified as "not being able" to "exercise" their bodies in a conventional way, have actually new and far greater opportunities and possibilities to grow and evolve to deeper and higher states. Practicing the now-presence-awareness-, energy-, deep breathing- and sungazing/solar-healing- meditation and yoga techniques is very much possible even easier while in a seemingly complete "crippled" physical body state. For instance, Kundalini (Chakra/Prana/Energy/Qi) yoga-meditation is done "internally" involving concentration and focusing upon the whole body-mind-spirit-constitution, where the movement of "body" is done on deeper and higher energy vibration level. Simply..., you don't need to swing, jump or run around with your body in a conventional way in order to efficiently and productively "exercise" it, neither you need to do these conventional body moving and exercising things to energize it to keep a perfect vibrant balanced state. In regards to feeding..., I experience and observe that the aformentioned yoga and meditation can have similar feeding/energizing effects upon the body as conventional feeding on foods have.
Sounds like you need some more glycogen Justin so you comeback down to earth bro. :)

Justin Carbupnow. :)
I could see you saying that, then you did lol
Maybe everyone's so active BECAUSE they are eating so many calories??? Rather than the other way around...
Thats right Nadia, people who eat a high calorie, high carb, low fat diet have boundless energy longterm.

Just ask any athlete or sedentary person. Go to a pasta party the day before a marathon or ironman. Nobody is fasting the days before a big event!

Sedentary people say 'Oh I cant eat carbs cos I dont exercise..and they wonder why they stay fat and or unfit?
Yes, Nadia that's exactly what I am thinking as well. My question was just what would happen with all the energy you put into your body (=fruits) if you don't release it (=moving your body). So more of a mathematical question (I guess I'm surrounded by to many formulas and numbers in my life - hahahahaha!)
What will happen if you dont use the excess fruit energy to live with passion?

Gosia is the mathematician, perhaps thats an equation she can answer.

What happens if we eat great amounts of fruit calories and then live a boring lifestyle? Personally, I dont think thats humanly possible!
I walked about 400 yards today and then went for a 10min bike ride. Ive eaten over 4000cals today. Im 6ft and 65kg.

Somedays Im more active, somedays I force myself to have a recovery day. Regardless, I ensure I eat over 3500cals per day SO I CAN MAINTAIN AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. :)

If we dont put the full in the tank, how on earth can we expect to stop being sedentary?

Its a good question Kathrin, thanks for bring'n it up again.
This video is about raw vegan diet for high energy and weightloss.

Watch the whole thing.

This is great advice. Thanks.



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