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I have no interest on being negative, but I am starting to wonder if I can keep up LFRV much longer.

First of all, I am only 9 days in, so I know that I don't have any real time accumulated, yet.

Secondly, I give huge props to anyone who has maintained LFRV for an extended length of time.

I have two issues, that has brought be down on LFRV in the last day.

Number one, I am ALMOST always thinking about how much I would enjoy cooked food. And, I eat a lot throughout the day. I don't deprive my self of fruits and veggies.

Number two, I am discouraged that I have not dropped any weight for about three to four days. I know that is vain, but it is frustrating making the sacrifice of eating LFRV and not dropping weight. I guess I'm about 15-20 pounds overweight. I went from 157 to 149 since going LFRV, (probably just salt fat, that Durianrider talks about) but now that I've plateaued for a couple of days, I'm getting frustrated.

Someone, please help me get reinvigorated! I believe LFRV is the most beneficial diet, but it's been really tough recently.


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Good things take time, if your not willing to wait you don't deserve the good things. It's been 9 days chill out! You've lost weight you should be stoked

Sounds like you are under eating.  Initial weight loss is water weight from giving up salt.  Many gain weight in the beginning, focus on health first and foremost, weight will naturally balance out over time.  Check out Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! for more details.

And a lovely post on the forum today on the topic of weight: http://www.30bananasaday.com/group/Pks?commentId=2684079%3AComment%...


I am not far into it myself and trust me, I have my cravings. I have caved in a couple of times, but I always go back the very next minute. It will take time. 

I have gained a bit of weight, but I am dropping again. But I do not care if I gain weight right now because my old clothe fit great and my self confidence is high. 

I have been eating meat/junk/etc. for over 21 years. It isn't fair for me to think that in a month I won't crave any of the food. Or drop all the weight I have gained during that time in a couple of months. It just isn't realistic. 

Stick with it and I know the benefits will come in due time. 

Right when I started I dropped about 8 pounds. Then a couple of weeks later I began to gain. I am going on my third week now and just now starting see some of it go down. It isn't much though. I haven't been in this for a month yet. I don't expect much of weight loss. 

Even if you are being consistent, you may have one week where you lose a few pounds and another week where you don't lose anything. It's about long term results.


And no one shoot me for saying it, but if you really feel like you are going to cave and eat something cooked, maybe cook/steam some rice or vegetables. I'm just saying that because when I crash, I crash hard. And I always regret it afterwards.

I feel i'm 10-20lbs over and been doing this since march I lost 10lbs then gained 15 then lost 7lbs etc.. I think if weight loss is your ultimate goal you wont want to stick on this plan very long. it doesnt seem to offer everyone fast results in that department. Weight loss is just a side affect of good health it seems. Gotta be happy about all the other stuff. Thats the only thing that keeps me going honestly. I wont lie I'm pretty discouraged about the weight issue a lot of folks are this diet loses a lot of followers for this very reason. I keep pressing forward for the other benefits however. 

Don't be discouraged! I've been in your boat! except with other side effects, bloating, acne and weightgain. My weight since i gained it - havent changed and its been 5 weeks. 


I don't even care about the weight.

Think about how long your body was poisoned for. 4 days? Gotta reassess your priorities. long term health or short term number on the scale?

Keep going. in the end - it will happen. And if it hasn't happened yet - its not the end! Cheers :) 

it takes time to lose the weight. your body is more concerned about healing itself than losing weight.

remember to TRUST THE PROCESS :D

Ive been on this lifestyle for 8 months and have gained around 20 pounds or 10kgs and still havent lost any weight. Im 31 and have a past of calorie cutting and water fasting. Yes im uncomfortable and my clothes dont fit but id rather deal with that for a year or 2 than go back to the way i was living before. Accept that it may take quite a long time but in the grand scheme of life its a blink of an eye!!!! Keep watching Durienrider and Freelees Youtube page for inspiration.



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