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So apparently there is no poisonous type of seaweed. Seaweed is a pretty good source of B12 (which apparently this lifestyle lacks slightly...). Plus it's supposed to have quite a lot of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants etc. which is good :) 

Is dried seaweed raw? Like nori sheets? If not, could you eat seaweed raw? Or dehydrate it? Or is it really bad because similarly to fish it's been in the sea with all the oil spills and pollution and stuff? Is it too salty?

Just trying to find some vegan sources of B12 that aren't fortified/ from yeast/ in the form of a supplement or tablet!! 


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The only issues about seaweed that I have read about is that it can contain small levels of mercury like fish.  Asian women in particular Japanese women probably eat the largest consumption of seaweed in their diets and they live well beyond late 80's-90's.  I have a seaweed salad from wholefoods which is very good but I will warn you that the texture of it may be weird to some since it is very stringy and will get caught in your teeth! lol 

Thanks! Yeah, it's such a shame that the sea is so polluted... maybe the levels of mercury in seaweed are lower than in fish. Oh right! haha I'll be interested to try that, thank you! 

40% of Americans are B12 deficient, it has nothing to do with diet.  Read Could It Be B12, it's a great book!

Seaweed is on the 30BaD list of unsupported ingredients, see why here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_photos_not_suppo...

Ah okay, thank you!! I will definitely try and give that a read :) and that makes a lot more sense, thanks! 

yes, I've heard that the harvesting process can be slightly brutal.. because it's taking away habitats of fish as well, which isn't good! 

Most dried seaweed is not considered "raw" and it will depend on the brand, you will be safer to assume the Nori sheet you are buying is closer to "cooked" than "raw".  Seaweed can be dehydrated but unless you grew it yourself in a tank the dehydration process will most likely not have been kept below 115 F.  Since seaweed is grown in the ocean it is exposed to all the same environmental factors that are native to that location it was harvested in, unless you can verify that the seaweed you are buying was tank raised with filtered salt water, it's not a bad assumption to assume some of the pollutants are in the plant.  Too salty, not sure what you mean by that and you might need to quantify your expectation of what you refer to when you state something could be too salty.  Unfortunately you will not find any source of B12 in high enough concentrations naturally occurring in food that you consume.  Research will always be your best resource for verifying the information provided to you and so far no paper that I have been able to find has ever been written to support that sufficient amounts of B12 can be obtained from food alone (sans meat) and must come from a bacterial source initially.  On a vegan diet the only sufficient source of B12 will always be a supplement and there is a lot of research that analogs of B12 are bad for you.  With that said I love seaweed and consume it regularly but I do it for the iodine content not the B12 so I don't consume large quantities daily or even weekly but I do eat it regularly every month.  I treat seaweed the same way I treat raw kale, I eat it all the time, just not every day.

Thank you for taking the time to respond! :) that actually makes a lot of sense- I guess the only way to have 100% pure seaweed without pollutants/destroying habitats etc. would literally be to grow it in a tank and dehydrate it yourself, which might take a bit of effort! By salty, I just meant does seaweed have a high sodium content- a large percentage of your recommended intake of salt/sodium. I've heard that we would have gotten B12 from taking our fruit & veg from the soil and not washing them, but because everything is now sanitised, we don't get B12 directly from soil. Okay, thank you for your help!! :) 

No doubt the harvesting of the weed means many tiny creatures living in it are as well.

I once heard that somebody was eating a particularly crunchy weed, only to find upon closer inspection that the whole batch was peppered with tiny crustaceans.  

yeah, I guess if you harvested your own seaweed, that would be a way round that problem... but I guess it depends if people are willing to put in extra effort. Oh no!! that's awful!! thanks!

It might cut down on the issue, but have you ever gone down to the sea, and scooped up a slimy pile of weed in your hand?  

If you haven't, then give it a go, and tell me how appetizing you think it is ;P)

haha I actually have! and raw seaweed has the texture of biting through slimy rubber! but if you dry it on a rock in the sun it's not so bad.. just a bit.. sandy? ;) but I see your point, if you put a mango under someone's nose and some seaweed they'd definitely take the mango! 

if you do eat seaweed, make sure it's organic and not from China! so I wouldn't eat nori as it is usually from Asia, you could try Dulse.



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