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Ive been eating 80-95% fruit since 2,5 years back and never felt a need to eat salt, but the statement this "doctor" made got me a little curious.




He says those things ive heard someny times before that cancer doesnt grow if your blood is alkaline and eating raw will turn our blood alkaline. This kind of give me a bit belief in him.

Then he says that lots of table salt is 30% salt, 30 % glass and 30% sand and therefore is bad for you, wears out your vains and so on. Is this true and if so that sand and glass must be very fine pulverized not to be seen when you dissole the salt in water? Sounds very strange to me.


Then he says that sea salt is good and that salt is necessary for the electricity within our body.


Last time i checked on salt was right when i started and then i got to the conclusion that sodium within celery or tomatoes or fruit would be enough. Just curious now if anyone can verify or debunk those things about sea salt and table salt glass/sand? :)


Answers with scources would be interesting but either way is fine.

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Haha, thanks, good video!


Are you "sunshine" that was in Kenya spring 2011?

Thanks, I agree, wondering specifically about teh 30% glass 30% sand thing though. :)

Very relevant links though, thanks. :) "Salt also throws off the blood’s electrolyte balance (e.g.,         the sodium to potassium ratio) and acidifies the body"

Something i thought of while in kenya hearing about this place. How about sodium sulphate, is that one of those "non compound" mineral salts that our bodies can use or are these animals salt junkies eating bad minerals? Wild elephants are usually smart about what they eat, having their own medicinal trees and things like that. :)


"The caves, of which Kitum and Makingeny are the best known, have long been known
to attract elephants and other animals. The herbivores enter the dark
cave interiors to consume salts, mainly mirabalite and sodium sulphate
(Glauber’s salt) that effloresce from the cave walls.
The crystals are
gouged out by elephant trunks and bushbuck teeth and licked off wall by


Dont get me wrong, not looking to lick rocks all day long myself, I just think its interesting since these animals licking "salt" might be used as an argument for bad salt from some people.


Horse salt blocks from the little i could find are sodium chloride? That would be bad then right?



Animals eat pizza too if available..

My grandpa used to give sugar cubes and plum brandy (60% alcohol!) to his horse..

So yeah.. animals eat addictive junk too, but that doesn't mean we also should..

All salt is bad for us and all we need is the organic sodium from plants.

I agree about horses and lots of "animals" but you cant just put them all together while vervet monkeys accepted it and cleaned our car of all remains of jack fruit. And wild baboons can still be eating a lot of candy and other garbage and restaurant leftovers so that baffled me a bit, it was quite ripe and nice jack fruit.


So you consider that sodium sulphate stuff being purely bad for them then with no benefit? I havent googled  it and checked it up yet but you might be right. Elephants are smart though so it would surprise me a bit though.   

sth. else u might find interesting about research regarding salt, is that wilhelm reich measured the bioelectric energy in the skin in regards to emotions and other reactions. a reduciton in the voltage equals the feeling of surpresion, fear, hate, while an orgastic reaction like love, happiness joy creates an increase of the voltage on the skin. he testes contrated sugar and salt solution on the tongue. sugar created an imense increase in the voltage, while salt create a decrease.
so the eating of salt equals the feelings of fear, surpression and hate, while sugar equals life and joy.
as it appears to me, salt is just one of the ways we keep us down and surpressed, not to face ourselves.
chose sugar and life.
it's totaly worth it ;)



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