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This is something I recently starting sharing. I have kept this a well hidden secret from almost everyone I know, including my family. I decided it was time to open up and tell people about my struggle with
schizophrenia and mental illness that has plagued me since I was 12
years old.

Starting at the age of 12 I have suffered from severe depression and in my late teens I started hearing voices. I never told anyone about this due to fear of being institutionalized. I saw how people suffering
from schizophrenia were treated and medicated into a zombie state and I
didn't want that. Instead I told people I was depressed, which was also
true and I was medicated for that. Which didn't help my depression or
schizophrenia for very long, but it did make me not feel or care about
my condition. I was medicated for 10 years until 4 years ago when I had
my gal bladder removed, which at that time I figured my gal bladder was
why I had also been feeling physically sick most of my life. After it
was removed I felt even sicker and through determination to survive I
found raw food. Raw food was a huge change from the fast food diet that I
had grown up eating. I did manage to switch over and I felt great, at
that time with the knowledge I had I was eating strictly fruit. Also
when I started raw food I weighed 250 lbs and I lost 120lbs in the
process. Not only did I feel great but my depression and schizophrenia
disappeared and I quit taking the medication (that was 3 months of
horrible drug with-drawls). A few months after going raw I was
introduced to other raw food people and raw gourmet . I thought that was
great. I could eat all these foods that tasted like my old foods and it
was good for me...ha...or so I thought. After 3 months of raw gourmet
the voices started to come back in full swing. It was about that time
when I met Michele and she told me about 80/10/10. I read the book and
knew that it was right on. I switched to lfrv and the voices were gone
again. I was having trouble though, in giving up the raw potlucks. I
really liked the connection with other people and sharing food together.
So I went to a raw potluck, fell for the temptation and ate a bunch of
raw gourmet food. I figured once in a while it was ok. Well, that
evening the voices in my head were screaming at me in full force and I
ended up banging my head on the wall over and over screaming back at the
voices. I gave myself two black eyes and knocked myself out. My 8 year
old daughter had been home at the time and slept through this all in her
room, while my boyfriend at that time knew about my schizophrenia checked on my daughter while I was going through this 
to make sure she was ok. The next morning my boyfriend got scared and
called the ambulance because when I was blacked out it looked as if I
was having seizures. The police and ambulance came and took me to the
hospital and institutionalized me for 24 hours. They also took my
daughter into state custody.

I wrote about that situation on here at that time, though I didn't mention that I had schizophrenia.

That was a big wake up call. I needed to keep myself healthy or I would be put away for a long time and ruin not only my life but my daughters as well.

I did get a lawyer and $8,000 dollars later got my daughter back.

That was 2 years ago. Since then I have never had the voices come back that strongly, though they have come back on occasion when I strayed. These are the foods that trigger the voices. I have not had
meat but I'm sure it is one of those as well.

Fats are the very very worst. When I over eat fats the voices literally scream at me.




There are other foods that do not trigger the voices but cause me to be sedentary and depressed


Cooked veggies


also..smoking marijuana (which I used to self medicate for years)


I am so grateful to know that I have control over my mental illness. I am able to live with my brain fully functional, with beautiful clear thoughts. They say schizophrenia can never be cured, but I am living
proof that it can and bad food is the cause...good food is the cure.
When I follow 80/10/10 perfectly then I never ever hear a whisper in my
head, my mind is all mine :)


I am interested to know other peoples stories in dealing with mental illness, because eating bad food not only causes me to have physical problems but mental problems which isn't talked about very much. I want
to address the mental problems caused by food.

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Thanks for sharing, truly inspiring!  I will certainly share this with people for years to come.  


I remember when you had that very bad day, I am so sorry family services got involved, they are a kooky organization for sure, I've heard some weird stories.  So glad you're are a strong Mom, your daughter is very fortunate to have you! :)  


To think that one call for an ambulance/help resulted in some crazy goings on, that whole system is out of whack and it always is a gamble when taking a loved one to them.


It amazes me how often people I talk to believe food has only a small percentage of an effect on their health.


Again thanks for sharing, great information! :)

yes, the state did a great job at making a bad situation worse. They leave me alone now after I won my case against them. It was well worth the money spent. The state had such a hard time finding anything wrong with my parenting other than that one incident that they starting making things up...like saying I couldn't get my daughter back until I got a car (since we bicycle only), or that I needed to get a real job in order to get her back (I have been self employed as a house cleaner for over 10 years and have had no trouble supporting my family on it), another thing they tried was saying that they needed to keep her a year and for me to show them during that year my power bill payment every month to prove that I could keep my power on (in court I showed over 5 years worth of records that my power had never been turned off), they also wanted me to take a course on nutrition because I was mal-nourishing my daughter (in court I showed how she had never missed a day of school due to illness and the school principal gave testimony about how healthy and well balanced my daughter was at school compared to the other children). I took that nutrition course while waiting for the court date...a very obese lady taught it...lol...it was about the food pyramid. I just wrote what they wanted to hear and passed with flying colors.The really horrible thing they did was vaccinate my daughter while she was in their care....ahhh!!

The judge saw right through their games though. It was the greatest feeling when the judge ordered the state to give my daughter back immediately.

My jaw is on the floor!  Someone needs to write a book about them.
yeah...it's crazy stuff!

WOW!! Thank you SO much for sharing! I will be sharing this link with friends etc who needs to hear this.

Thank you.

share as much as you want cecilie! :)

Hey Victoria,

 The scariest thing about your story is the power of the "State" what a awful place to be, dictated to by government bureaucrats, and a system that is designed to break people who disagree with it, all power to you for your victory.

 By way of adding to this thread there is a group here on the forum " fighting depression together" if anybody wants to join the conversation there, it is populated with folk who have the journey through depresion and are in a far better place with the 811 lifestyle choices.

 I have had my own journey with the struggle to keep the voices quite, and am well aware of the social stigma that is attached to mental illness.

I have seen it proffered as a thought and dictum that food is not the healer, to which I acquiesce in the fullness of knowledge, that the body can only be as efficient as the the fuel fed into it but is not the magic bullet.

The resultant thoughts and actions of an 811 lifestyle, to me, has the comparison of being either the rooster tail of a high performance boat or pushing the bow wave of a heavily laden tanker. I know which I prefer.



The power of "state" is very scary and it was a big shock to me how easily that a child can be taken away. Thankfully I was able to get her back, only because I had to money to fight the system. Many people who have their children taken have no way to fight back.

I will add that food is not a cure all on mental illness. Yes, the voices are gone but I have had to do the work to become more emotionally mature. I have read some books that Adam recommended.."emotional intelligence and human givens". Also as I said in a response to the post below this...I am working on understanding and practicing compassion. It is slow going but progress is being made :)

I didn't realize there was a depression group on here...thanks for the tip.


I am glad this was helpful to you Terra. It is great to hear your story of how food affects your moods as well. Hopefully as word gets out that more and more people will be able to cure their mental issues by changing their food habits. I myself am thankful every day that I now am able to live a fully functional life. I continue to try and expand my emotional responses and become more emotionally intelligent. My goal for this year is to learn compassion. It's a tough one...I don't get it, but I will learn to have compassion for myself and others.


Hi Victoria,


I also sunffer from schizophrenia. Shortly before that happened my wife was in hospital with an undiagnosed illness, and she was being sick all the time- vomitting up each second of the day. I felt great compassion for the world, and wanted her to be put out of her misery - I didn't have anybody to turn to and no other friends in america except my wife..., and wondered why there was so much hatred in the world; - hatred for those who suffer ilneses, and suffering from the lack of help in the hospital - they worship the doctors that have drugs to supply! and feel weakened that they cannot be saved etcetera, also hatred for those who hurt us, and those who are on the other side of the allied forces.... hatred pure hatred, that was a reflection of what the other side was doing to us!. It was that I fell ill, after asking government if they cared for us, because it looks like and is true that they are only caring about making profits out of illness - the pharmaceutical company has stopped many cures for illnesses being marketed -a nd they're going with the drugs that are currenlty on the market...


anyway,  I  said this and then got attacked from some people that were in my apartment when I was asleep and in my car - they did strange things to me, which started off the schizophrenia.


 The point I'm trying to make is, that I was compassionate, and it ended up with my being schizophrenic. I have NO friends now, and I don't socialise easily - the housemates I thought were my friends, have gone to scotland, and taken money from me - without repaying it!. I am alone, and wondered whether you had trouble making friends? - I also have been told by numerous people that I have strange parents, and my sister is strange althoug that is becaues uniike my parents she is handicapped/disabled.


 I am positive now, that I will make friends with people, and that I will have friends - something which I have been having difficulty with, especially during my teen years and early adulthood, and my childhood I had what I called enemies...


 So, what's the secret to raw veganism and great mental wellness? - how long raw until you come off the medicatiions and are cured? What do you imply when you say that you've had to mature a lot? - i have an inner child,a nd that is me, and that I am emotionally a child as well - my parents never let me mature.... but that is a different story.



Hello Nick,

I am sorry to hear all that has happened to you. Some people are very cruel in this world. I have learned to read people very well and avoid those that do not have a peaceful spirit. This has helped me greatly in life. I do not promote or want to be around violent or corrupt people. Even people that eat the 80/10/10 diet can have a cruel spirit. I do not allow those people in my life either, even though they eat right, they have not healed their inner spirit. Most people though that eat all fruits and vegetables are wonderful people. Food directly from nature is very healing to the body and spirit,

I have a lot of friends now. When I was suffering from schizophrenia I did not have many friends and the friends I did have were not good friends. My mind was in such turmoil all the time it was not possible to work on emotional intelligence. Since I have healed myself from schizophrenia I have done a lot of work on emotional intelligence and mental maturity. I have come a long ways and still have a long way to go as I feel this is a lifelong lesson. I have never experienced peace and well being like I experience now. I have hard times where it is a struggle to keep a mental balance, but I always make it through and come out the other side stronger. I even have dreams now of humility and showing others true love and compassion. These dreams are encouraging to me, they show me I am learning and growing. Last night I dreamed of a person striking me in the face...in my dream I found myself bowing down to that person, taking off their shoes and washing their feet. Through this they cried out to me and told me the burdens that had been weighing on their heart. I woke up feeling so wonderful and peaceful. I never ever felt this when I suffered from schizophrenia. I hope you can embrace a diet of eating a beautiful, peaceful diet of fruits and vegetables. They will heal your body and spirit. I was raw about a month when I realized that I didn't need the medication anymore. Then I should have slowly came off of the medication but I didn't. I quit it all in one day and had horrible withdrawal effects for 3 months. I even felt crazier at time coming off the medication than I did before i even started taking them. Once they were out of my system though, I felt so great and clear minded.

Are you currently taking medication for your schizophrenia? How did you find out about the 80/10/10 diet?

Yes I'm taking medication for the schizophrenia - I don't even believe it is sz because it seems more like did with delusions/hallucinations but that's just my idea of it. I dout that they would allow me to come off the medication. I tried once a couple of years ago, went cold turkey and with that I relapsed, after being admitted back to hospital and being given the S.A.D.. diet or is that sbd diet?...


 Anyway, I felt many things when I came off the medication suddenly, and was a harrowing experience - wish I'd have stayed on them now!. But that's the past and this is the rpesent leading tot eh future.


 I found out about the 80/10/10 from my wife who asked me to eat steamed vegetables. It was this that led me onto doing fruit and juice feasting. I didn't understand that the juice was different to refined sugar,a nd felt taht I wasnot detoxing so I went back to cooked back then. - But I digress. It was either her or me or both that found out about eating well.And we had called it the ape diet back then -not knowing that there was a terminology for it.


 Anyway, I will pm you more information about the medications if you wish? - ad will talk more about it there.


 I doubt that the doctor is going to allowem to come of the emdication -but there is alwyas earth houe in america and this chy chawel bei0ng opened in england. I don't know if they're going to close down due tot eh limited suppy of vitamins in minimum dosags or whether they will continue but I will try and see if one day I can go to them.


Anyway, I have a site schizophrenic green vegan that has a guy there who went raw and ater a year he came off the medications..


good luck with the compassion and emotional intelligence it sounds like you're very spiritual now :o)




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