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This is something I recently starting sharing. I have kept this a well hidden secret from almost everyone I know, including my family. I decided it was time to open up and tell people about my struggle with
schizophrenia and mental illness that has plagued me since I was 12
years old.

Starting at the age of 12 I have suffered from severe depression and in my late teens I started hearing voices. I never told anyone about this due to fear of being institutionalized. I saw how people suffering
from schizophrenia were treated and medicated into a zombie state and I
didn't want that. Instead I told people I was depressed, which was also
true and I was medicated for that. Which didn't help my depression or
schizophrenia for very long, but it did make me not feel or care about
my condition. I was medicated for 10 years until 4 years ago when I had
my gal bladder removed, which at that time I figured my gal bladder was
why I had also been feeling physically sick most of my life. After it
was removed I felt even sicker and through determination to survive I
found raw food. Raw food was a huge change from the fast food diet that I
had grown up eating. I did manage to switch over and I felt great, at
that time with the knowledge I had I was eating strictly fruit. Also
when I started raw food I weighed 250 lbs and I lost 120lbs in the
process. Not only did I feel great but my depression and schizophrenia
disappeared and I quit taking the medication (that was 3 months of
horrible drug with-drawls). A few months after going raw I was
introduced to other raw food people and raw gourmet . I thought that was
great. I could eat all these foods that tasted like my old foods and it
was good for me...ha...or so I thought. After 3 months of raw gourmet
the voices started to come back in full swing. It was about that time
when I met Michele and she told me about 80/10/10. I read the book and
knew that it was right on. I switched to lfrv and the voices were gone
again. I was having trouble though, in giving up the raw potlucks. I
really liked the connection with other people and sharing food together.
So I went to a raw potluck, fell for the temptation and ate a bunch of
raw gourmet food. I figured once in a while it was ok. Well, that
evening the voices in my head were screaming at me in full force and I
ended up banging my head on the wall over and over screaming back at the
voices. I gave myself two black eyes and knocked myself out. My 8 year
old daughter had been home at the time and slept through this all in her
room, while my boyfriend at that time knew about my schizophrenia checked on my daughter while I was going through this 
to make sure she was ok. The next morning my boyfriend got scared and
called the ambulance because when I was blacked out it looked as if I
was having seizures. The police and ambulance came and took me to the
hospital and institutionalized me for 24 hours. They also took my
daughter into state custody.

I wrote about that situation on here at that time, though I didn't mention that I had schizophrenia.

That was a big wake up call. I needed to keep myself healthy or I would be put away for a long time and ruin not only my life but my daughters as well.

I did get a lawyer and $8,000 dollars later got my daughter back.

That was 2 years ago. Since then I have never had the voices come back that strongly, though they have come back on occasion when I strayed. These are the foods that trigger the voices. I have not had
meat but I'm sure it is one of those as well.

Fats are the very very worst. When I over eat fats the voices literally scream at me.




There are other foods that do not trigger the voices but cause me to be sedentary and depressed


Cooked veggies


also..smoking marijuana (which I used to self medicate for years)


I am so grateful to know that I have control over my mental illness. I am able to live with my brain fully functional, with beautiful clear thoughts. They say schizophrenia can never be cured, but I am living
proof that it can and bad food is the cause...good food is the cure.
When I follow 80/10/10 perfectly then I never ever hear a whisper in my
head, my mind is all mine :)


I am interested to know other peoples stories in dealing with mental illness, because eating bad food not only causes me to have physical problems but mental problems which isn't talked about very much. I want
to address the mental problems caused by food.

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you can't convince him anymore than you can convince your loved ones. You can share my story with him, but he has to make the choice to get better. I was able to do it on my own, but I was determined to survive...that is the only reason I am alive today. It's hard to stand back and watch people destroy themselves, but it is not our job to fix them..it is their job. Sad to say, but from my experience that is how it goes.


First of all, I am happy for you that you found a natural remedy for your problems. 

Also, a big, big, big thank  you for sharing your story in such detail. 

It is sad that in our society there is no stigma for physical illnessess like heart disease, but mental illness, peeps can get stigmatized, labeled, and even loose their rights to their children, jobs, etc.

I was personally very curious about peeps who had cured mental issues with lfrv.  I have heard of many other things being cured, but not this.  If you do not mind, I am going to bookmark this page to show to some other peeps that might be having similar issues.  There are some kids in our family with things like ADHD and this might help. I am very sure a lot of these problems have to do with their diets. 

Thanks again,

In Peace, PK

Oh definitely share this!

I also believe that ADHD has to do with diet. When my daughter comes back from her dad's after spending a weekend eating junk food her attitude is horrible.

I haven't read any of his works. What you said is right about though. Mental illness is not a disease and due to food choices people make now days there are many suffering mental problems that could easily be avoided. Even mental problems as simple as feeling irritable can be avoided by lifestyle and food choices.
Wow, what an amazing story! I am thinking diet has a lot to do with my mood too and thats one of the main reasons why I am on this diet. But I think the steamed veggies I started eating are putting me into a bad mental state. I think I have to go back 100%. I have lots of issues now and feeling uncomfortable posting them. I've already been rejected by my therapist since she feels she cannot help me and lost my medical assistance so I have to figure out a way out of this now myself. This gives me hope! I was told to eat some cooked because of my low weight but mentally I dont think its helping me. I hope someone posts also on paralyzing generalized anxiety. Thats really killing me still among other things. I dont think diet can help with that but hopefully the other things.

811rv definitely helps with mood. Following it a 100% for a long period of time should help you in your struggle, but you have to be honest with yourself and follow it 100%. If I even have one bite of cooked food I feel a difference in my mental state every so slightly, same thing if I eat just a tiny bit of too much fat.

Even though this diet has cured me of over a dozen physical problems, the mental problems are what matter the most to me. If my mind isn't working 100% perfectly than there is no way I can be my best.

This is how I keep my mind in a clear state.

I eat enough calories of fruit, veggies and greens.

I get enough sleep.

I exercise daily, including stretching a couple times a week and yoga.

If I feel stressed or the temptation to eat cooked food, I meditate.

I read a lot.

I make goals, short term and long term.

I worry very little about what my body looks like and focus more on what state my mind is in.

I have a wonderful support system in place and use it when needed.

Thank you so much!! You answered my question that I needed answered. I also am doing this mostly for mental reasons. I will try 100%. Do you even allow herbal teas? Its pretty cold here, I cant tolerate it this winter. I dont eat that much cooked but I dont think its working for me.
I do not do herbal teas either. I also have a hard time with the cold but I have found eating or drinking hot foods actually make me colder in the long run. I will feel warm temporarily, but it is short term and I actually feel colder after about a half hour. When I stay all raw my body has an easier time of regulating my temperature and if I feel really really cold and can't get warm I take a warm bath or exercise until I feel warm.

Good on you Victoria, very inspiring and very brave of you to come out and share this. I have had depression in my life to the point of contemplating suicide. Looking back I can't believe I was in that place...and yes all food-related for me. Sometimes I can still feel down but it's usually due to not meeting a fundamental need like not enough water, carbs or sleep.


Would be great if you could add it to the testify section (if you feel it appropriate), would be great to help others with similar issues. :)




thanks Freelee and I added it to the testify section :)

Before following 811 i had always been an anxious child, teenager, etc. My anxieties got much worse in jr.high after a terrible concussion from a car crash. In eighth grade i was terribly depressed, which later manifested into an eating disorder. I had worked through a good amount of this in the last four or five years, but still had anxious tendencies, something that always showed in my insatiable need to be a flawless student/daughter/human being.


i started 811 over this past summer, and when i went back to college in the fall, i felt like a completely different person. Though i still loved to learn and was motivated to do well, i had this complete sense of calm when tackling every assignment. i had balanced priorities, took ample time during the day to exercise, do yoga, meet new people, essentially to take care of myself. there were little things that showed me i had turned a corner: i didn't RUN to class when i had only a couple minutes to get there (i realized it was human to be late every once in a while), i didn't stay up three hours later to make sure a small home work assignment was perfect, and when i realized that my french teacher doesn't give out very many A's and that i probably won't have a 4.0 this semester for the first time in well, my life, it just DIDN'T MATTER!


This was all incredible, but the biggest thing was that i didn't have a single negative thought towards my body, this entire semester. Reading your story, i realized that those negative thoughts were very much like voices: i couldn't control them, they told me what to do and how to feel, they were not a true part of me. Before 811 they would seem to dissipate for a while only to come back to haunt me within a few weeks (if i was lucky). so where did they go??? cause i haven't heard em since maybe...may? june?


it is amazing to read another person's story who has also found a new level of peace when living this way. thank you so much for sharing :)


this diet just never ceases to astound me...

How wonderful Hannah. Isn't it amazing the difference in mental well being when eating the right foods. Those negative thoughts are like voices and when our mind is working right we are able to make logical peaceful choices in how we live day to day life.

Thank you so much for sharing. It sounds like our minds are in the same place now that we are fully nourishing them :)



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