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This is something I recently starting sharing. I have kept this a well hidden secret from almost everyone I know, including my family. I decided it was time to open up and tell people about my struggle with
schizophrenia and mental illness that has plagued me since I was 12
years old.

Starting at the age of 12 I have suffered from severe depression and in my late teens I started hearing voices. I never told anyone about this due to fear of being institutionalized. I saw how people suffering
from schizophrenia were treated and medicated into a zombie state and I
didn't want that. Instead I told people I was depressed, which was also
true and I was medicated for that. Which didn't help my depression or
schizophrenia for very long, but it did make me not feel or care about
my condition. I was medicated for 10 years until 4 years ago when I had
my gal bladder removed, which at that time I figured my gal bladder was
why I had also been feeling physically sick most of my life. After it
was removed I felt even sicker and through determination to survive I
found raw food. Raw food was a huge change from the fast food diet that I
had grown up eating. I did manage to switch over and I felt great, at
that time with the knowledge I had I was eating strictly fruit. Also
when I started raw food I weighed 250 lbs and I lost 120lbs in the
process. Not only did I feel great but my depression and schizophrenia
disappeared and I quit taking the medication (that was 3 months of
horrible drug with-drawls). A few months after going raw I was
introduced to other raw food people and raw gourmet . I thought that was
great. I could eat all these foods that tasted like my old foods and it
was good for me...ha...or so I thought. After 3 months of raw gourmet
the voices started to come back in full swing. It was about that time
when I met Michele and she told me about 80/10/10. I read the book and
knew that it was right on. I switched to lfrv and the voices were gone
again. I was having trouble though, in giving up the raw potlucks. I
really liked the connection with other people and sharing food together.
So I went to a raw potluck, fell for the temptation and ate a bunch of
raw gourmet food. I figured once in a while it was ok. Well, that
evening the voices in my head were screaming at me in full force and I
ended up banging my head on the wall over and over screaming back at the
voices. I gave myself two black eyes and knocked myself out. My 8 year
old daughter had been home at the time and slept through this all in her
room, while my boyfriend at that time knew about my schizophrenia checked on my daughter while I was going through this 
to make sure she was ok. The next morning my boyfriend got scared and
called the ambulance because when I was blacked out it looked as if I
was having seizures. The police and ambulance came and took me to the
hospital and institutionalized me for 24 hours. They also took my
daughter into state custody.

I wrote about that situation on here at that time, though I didn't mention that I had schizophrenia.

That was a big wake up call. I needed to keep myself healthy or I would be put away for a long time and ruin not only my life but my daughters as well.

I did get a lawyer and $8,000 dollars later got my daughter back.

That was 2 years ago. Since then I have never had the voices come back that strongly, though they have come back on occasion when I strayed. These are the foods that trigger the voices. I have not had
meat but I'm sure it is one of those as well.

Fats are the very very worst. When I over eat fats the voices literally scream at me.




There are other foods that do not trigger the voices but cause me to be sedentary and depressed


Cooked veggies


also..smoking marijuana (which I used to self medicate for years)


I am so grateful to know that I have control over my mental illness. I am able to live with my brain fully functional, with beautiful clear thoughts. They say schizophrenia can never be cured, but I am living
proof that it can and bad food is the cause...good food is the cure.
When I follow 80/10/10 perfectly then I never ever hear a whisper in my
head, my mind is all mine :)


I am interested to know other peoples stories in dealing with mental illness, because eating bad food not only causes me to have physical problems but mental problems which isn't talked about very much. I want
to address the mental problems caused by food.

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I am glad you shared your story Marisa. When our brain is not working right it is so hard to have hope that things will get better.

I also live in the NW. In Boise, Idaho, but as long as I stick with 811rv through the winter my mood stays very stable. Plus since I have such a wonderful life now I am able to save an incredible amount of my income and I use some of it to go south every winter. This winter I will be going to Hawaii and staying with Janie...who I met at Doug's health and fitness week. I will be there from January 11th, through February 10th. Woo hoo!!!!

You and your boyfriend are right! That kind of mental clinic would be very much a huge success. Sunfoods bring sunny thoughts :)

I actually lived in Boise the winter I tried first tried raw, I wish I had met you then! It's so much sunnier in the winter in Boise than in Seattle, and I do credit taking long walks in the sun (after I started feeling like I even wanted to, which was a major breakthrough!) with some of the improvements I felt too. My sister still lives in Boise, she is open to 811 but not convinced she can do it on her budget, I should try to get her to meet you.... (and I know she lurks on this forum....)

I would love to take a tropical vacation in the winter sometime! I hope you enjoy your trip!

I would love to meet your sister Marisa! There are 3 811's here in Boise that I know of and we all talk and get together on a regular basis. We didn't for a couple of years but we knew about each other. In October of this year after going to health and fitness week and being surrounded by other 811'ers I realized that I needed that support in my life at home. So I called the other two people up and encouraged them to join me in supporting each other. Ever since then we have really bonded. It is so great. So if you sister is willing I think it would be wonderful to add her to the mix.

I do agree that Boise gets an incredible amount of sun and I am very grateful for that. We usually get "pretend winters" as well...with very little snow. This year though is a little bit snowier and I actually had to buy studded snow tires for my bicycle since I got rid of my truck and am on my third year of bicycle only.

Going car-free is one of my goals too, kudos to you!

I spend a year practicing with my truck sitting in the driveway. After I made it through the year and I had gone through every "what if " scenario in my head, I knew i would be ok without a car. Even living in a city that has the worst bus system per capita out of the entire nation.

I was literally shaking when I handed to keys over but once my truck was gone I felt incredibly light. It felt so good that I went on the get rid of my stove, my washer and dryer, my refrigerator and my television, as well as keep the breaker for my hot water heater flipped off in the summer. In the summer my power bill is $2.66 cents. In the winter it's a lot more but I refuse to be cold.

I have so much more money now without a car, it is incredible how much money was going into it every month. My bills not including food are under $450.00 a month..including my housing. The rest of my income I spend on food and save. It is so nice to make way more money than I need:)

Thanks for sharing Victoria.





it took one day of being 811. The next morning woke up clear as ever.


It is hard to convince people that diet is the cause of their mental illness. As we well know the medical society says differently. According to them it is incurable and needs to be medicated. Very sad.


I believe that getting him off gluten and dairy will definitely improve his condition.

hi Mikey,

I got off the meds when I first went raw on all fruit. The meds never really got rid of the voices since they were for depression...effexor... so I knew the voices were gone while still taking the meds. Plus I had read about how toxic and horrible medications were. It was recommended to slowly wean off of them. I of course did it cold turkey because i tend to jump right into things. I would not recommend cold turkey! Lowering the dose little by little a week at a time would be what I would recommend.

I hope your brother gets better before he ends his life. It is so very sad to watch loved ones suffering from preventable "diseases", but as I've learned with my family. I can't convince them to change I can only just love them the way they are.

good news about your success is curing your depression! I hope your brother is able to get better. The main thing is that he has to want to take to steps himself to get better. Keep me updated and if your brother wants to talk to me I would be happy to help him in any way I can.

How do you go about it when you try to change his diet? 

My best friend's brother is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and how do one convince him changing diet is his best option, when all he thinks is that everyone is against him and that noone understands that he's right in everything he says? :(

you can't convince him anymore than you can convince your loved ones. You can share my story with him, but he has to make the choice to get better. I was able to do it on my own, but I was determined to survive...that is the only reason I am alive today. It's hard to stand back and watch people destroy themselves, but it is not our job to fix them..it is their job. Sad to say, but from my experience that is how it goes.



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