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This is something I recently starting sharing. I have kept this a well hidden secret from almost everyone I know, including my family. I decided it was time to open up and tell people about my struggle with
schizophrenia and mental illness that has plagued me since I was 12
years old.

Starting at the age of 12 I have suffered from severe depression and in my late teens I started hearing voices. I never told anyone about this due to fear of being institutionalized. I saw how people suffering
from schizophrenia were treated and medicated into a zombie state and I
didn't want that. Instead I told people I was depressed, which was also
true and I was medicated for that. Which didn't help my depression or
schizophrenia for very long, but it did make me not feel or care about
my condition. I was medicated for 10 years until 4 years ago when I had
my gal bladder removed, which at that time I figured my gal bladder was
why I had also been feeling physically sick most of my life. After it
was removed I felt even sicker and through determination to survive I
found raw food. Raw food was a huge change from the fast food diet that I
had grown up eating. I did manage to switch over and I felt great, at
that time with the knowledge I had I was eating strictly fruit. Also
when I started raw food I weighed 250 lbs and I lost 120lbs in the
process. Not only did I feel great but my depression and schizophrenia
disappeared and I quit taking the medication (that was 3 months of
horrible drug with-drawls). A few months after going raw I was
introduced to other raw food people and raw gourmet . I thought that was
great. I could eat all these foods that tasted like my old foods and it
was good for me...ha...or so I thought. After 3 months of raw gourmet
the voices started to come back in full swing. It was about that time
when I met Michele and she told me about 80/10/10. I read the book and
knew that it was right on. I switched to lfrv and the voices were gone
again. I was having trouble though, in giving up the raw potlucks. I
really liked the connection with other people and sharing food together.
So I went to a raw potluck, fell for the temptation and ate a bunch of
raw gourmet food. I figured once in a while it was ok. Well, that
evening the voices in my head were screaming at me in full force and I
ended up banging my head on the wall over and over screaming back at the
voices. I gave myself two black eyes and knocked myself out. My 8 year
old daughter had been home at the time and slept through this all in her
room, while my boyfriend at that time knew about my schizophrenia checked on my daughter while I was going through this 
to make sure she was ok. The next morning my boyfriend got scared and
called the ambulance because when I was blacked out it looked as if I
was having seizures. The police and ambulance came and took me to the
hospital and institutionalized me for 24 hours. They also took my
daughter into state custody.

I wrote about that situation on here at that time, though I didn't mention that I had schizophrenia.

That was a big wake up call. I needed to keep myself healthy or I would be put away for a long time and ruin not only my life but my daughters as well.

I did get a lawyer and $8,000 dollars later got my daughter back.

That was 2 years ago. Since then I have never had the voices come back that strongly, though they have come back on occasion when I strayed. These are the foods that trigger the voices. I have not had
meat but I'm sure it is one of those as well.

Fats are the very very worst. When I over eat fats the voices literally scream at me.




There are other foods that do not trigger the voices but cause me to be sedentary and depressed


Cooked veggies


also..smoking marijuana (which I used to self medicate for years)


I am so grateful to know that I have control over my mental illness. I am able to live with my brain fully functional, with beautiful clear thoughts. They say schizophrenia can never be cured, but I am living
proof that it can and bad food is the cause...good food is the cure.
When I follow 80/10/10 perfectly then I never ever hear a whisper in my
head, my mind is all mine :)


I am interested to know other peoples stories in dealing with mental illness, because eating bad food not only causes me to have physical problems but mental problems which isn't talked about very much. I want
to address the mental problems caused by food.

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ya I had similar issues which going 811 ultimately resolved. I coached my friend who is diagnosed type 1 bipolar polar to go lfrv.. she still strays from the program, but she says whenever she is compliant she feels completely normal. changing her diet did help her quit almost all her meds and shake a few addictions as well. there's a number of people who've been able to overcome the bipolar spectrum of mood disorders on lfrv, hopefully they'll chime in too.


then there is ric on doug's forum who overcame diagnosed schizophrenia with the help of 811. he wrote an excellent testimonial which I can't find on the website anymore, but fortunately I printed out a copy & scanned it (see attached). it includes an article on how those with celiac disease/gluten sensitivity may be at 3x the risk for schizophrenia.


interestingly this guy (Craig Olson) uses a low protein (10% calories) vegan diet to treat schizophrenia and other mood disorders. he had similar issues which changing his diet helped considerably. he does a lot of informal research into the area of nutrition and mental illness. one of his theories is that people susceptible to major mood disorders have wonky protein metabolism.. they're essentially allergic to certain proteins (tryptophan is a major culprit apparently) when fed in excess cause the brain to go haywire. avoiding high protein foods is part of the key to eliminating symptoms. I dunno if that explains everything but I def think there's something to the theory.



Thanks for sharing this. It takes a lot of guts to talk about this stuff because there's considerable social stigma against mental illness. Really glad you've found what works for you and what doesn't. I agree that gluten, meat, animal products, and food/household chemicals are what tend to cause the symptoms, in addition to insufficient sleep and too much stress. overts don't cause me problems in small amounts but if I overconsume certain types I feel somewhat similar to how I felt before changing my diet, but not as severe. there's often a genetic component but from what I can tell diet is the best cure/treatment for these sorts of conditions, like pretty much every other disease.


thanks for the attachement B.

There is a huge social stigma on mental illness. I do believe that they are caused by bad foods and especially since I have first hand experience.

It is so wonderful waking up each day with clear beautiful thoughts. I am now living a life I never would have thought possible. I have a wonderful social network as well as great friends. 4 years ago I never imagined that life could be a wonderful thing instead of a struggle for survival. I have an amazing life now!

that's awesome. it's pretty amazing you can virtually turn the voices on and off by what you eat. reminds me of what colin campbell discovered re: cancer. when I told him my story and that I was interested in the psychological benefits of plant-based nutrition he was super excited. There's not much research that's been done in this area. it would be fascinating to test this diet on others with your condition to see if they get the same results, i imagine in a lot of cases they would.


if you feel up to it you should make a video of yourself telling your story. that'd be pretty powerful for people to hear. if nowhere else, it could be featured on the T colin cambell foundation video testimonial channel, they've got stories of people reversing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. by going plant-based and mostly raw in some cases, you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/user/plantbasednutrition  .. let me know if you're interested.

yes B. I am very interested. I hadn't even thought of that...well mostly since I just started "coming out" about my schizophrenia a couple of weeks ago. I finally told my family and got the reaction I pretty much expected. It didn't bother me though, since I have grown very secure in myself. They didn't believe me...lol...it's interesting to me that they think I would make something like this up...but whatever...I am just thankful I am healed :)

I would love to do a video!

I am leaving for Hawaii on Jan. 11th and I will try to get it done before then. If not I will have to do it when I get back after Feb. 10th.

great, looking forward to it!


you should cross post this on doug's forum, I'm sure he'd be thrilled to hear about your story.


this discussion has got me thinking how fascinating it would be to do an lfrv intervention trial on diagnosed schizophrenics. if others experienced the same results as you and ric (which is highly likely) the implications would be earth-shattering.

I was thinking of cross posting this on vegsource. Doug is such an amazing person. I really enjoyed spending time with him at health and fitness week. He told me I was perfect just the way I was....he's such a beautiful person.


I know this would cure other people with schizophrenia! It would be amazing to see results like that.

Hi B,

I am going to do a youtube video interview tomorrow with Michele Martinez from RNH. I will be sure and get it to you when it is done :)

Wow, that testimonial is powerful, thanks for sharing it!

Hi Mikey, ric started doing another high raw program when he started to notice relief from his symptoms. he found that grains were a problem, but he couldn't give them up right away. he didn't experience voices either, he had sounds repeating in his head and delusions probably from psychosis so his case is difficult to compare to victoria's. he went 811 later and found this worked best and was sustainable, he just takes B12 on occasion. this is important because B12 deficiency can cause psychosis. it may have been his original problem from the gluten grains damaging his gut and messing up his absorption, who knows.


some say that it can take up to a year to detox from gluten grains.  I was doing an essentially paleo diet when I was sick. before going raw I was dairy and gluten free for over a year, which helped, but I was still miserable and medication dependent. I felt totally better eating a high fat raw diet initially, but went 811 because it was more sustainable. but i can understand why your brother would be feeling miserable, I think eating that way is partially why I got sick (high fat/high protein). I think 811 is worth a try, just make sure he's getting his B12 and vit. D. he may do better with some added omega 3 from flax as well.

I did high fat raw for 2 weeks before I went 811 yes.


there may be detox symptoms and as you say it may take time for his digestive tract to heal but I'd expect he'd notice major improvements right away.


I think dried figs are fine, I eat them during the winter.


best of luck, it's great that he seems motivated to change. def read ric's testimonial when you get the chance.

In my case I have done fine without any supplements. I can't speak for anyone else in that area, only myself.

I get lots of sunlight even in the winter and practice sun gazing. I also exercise a lot since I got rid of my car, I have been bicycle only for 3 years. I also think that helps my thought process as well, though if I am not eating right exercise doesn't clear my mind. As for B12 I haven't had any problems in that area either.

My body is still healing, as in my digestion and internal organs. I am sure it will take a few years before they are completely healed. I lived on fast food for 34 years. That is a lot of damage! My mind though cleared up very quickly. I still have to work on developing mature mental responses but that comes easier with a fully functional mind.

Though it is a lot of work, I have been determined to do it.

  That is amazing! 


  I've heard of people curing schizophrenia through diet, but to read a first hand story is a whole other thing.  Gluten was a chief culprit in the one case I read about.  There are lots of people who have gotten over depression / anxiety through a dietary change.


  People think that the mind/body is different.  Nothing's further from the truth!  Starve yourself of sugar and see how irritable and moody you get. 


  Wishing you all the strength n health that you can handle.



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