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the university of victoria is planning to slaughter its feral rabbit population.

they acknowledge that the problem is caused by irresponsible pet owners and even though they did a test run of non-lethal means, they seem to conclude:

"The contractor did not reach our target goal of capturing, sterilizing and relocating 150 rabbits,” says Piskor. “This project demonstrated the
complexities involved in managing wildlife and that simply expanding
the pilot program is not likely to achieve our longer term objectives
for feral rabbit management."

many of you should be familiar with sinikka crosland' TRACS which showed the city of kelowna how the job should be done:
sinikka set a whole city a-hopping!

well that's just what kathleen is trying to do at uvic:

we can help her by:

1) signing the petition:
(caroline, the petition creator has informed me that it has been closed for forwarding)

2) writing to the administration:

3) spreading the word - a worldwide response is good because it shows who is watching!

in friendship,

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greetings prad!

here's the letter i sent to the administration.

in friendship,

David, Gayle, Richard, Tom:

Don't kill the rabbits. Your 'test' has already shown that there is
another way.

This statement, Richard:
"This project demonstrated the complexities involved in managing
wildlife and that simply expanding the pilot program is not likely to
achieve our longer term objectives for feral rabbit management."

is neither conclusive nor precise. In fact, it is nebulously

What is required here is the establishment of values.

If UVic wants to handle the rabbits ethically, it can be done. You
are likely aware of the TRACS record in Kelowna:

If UVic is more interested in 'convenience' then it will adopt lethal
strategies which will stain more than the green grass.

As an institution of education, one would hope the decision-makers
would demonstrate proper leadership and respect for life.
signed the petition. will write letter after nap.. brain is frazzled.
must be all the greger stuff, B :D :D
thx for doing this.
the petition count is at 257 now - it was only 75 when i looked early in the morning.

in friendship,
yes that and jet lag. but the greger stuff is mind blowing (the epidemiological stuff on meat/animal foods and diet in particular).

Sent off a quick missive, I reminded the administration of their own words in the rabbit management q&a from the UVic website:

Why doesn’t the university just do a cull?
The university will only consider lethal means of rabbit control when other reasonable options have been explored and found to be ineffective in reducing and maintaining the rabbit population at sustainable levels.


the petition is nearly 450 now, almost 1/2 there. keep it up folks!
thx ok!
i shudder to think what you might have written to those hapless administrators.

in friendship,
i just signed the petition and I also wrote to each of the UVIC administrators urging them to PLEASE not cull (kill) the bunnies, but to instead utilize the TNR (trap, neuter, release) program which has already proven successful.

thx gg!
we know we can always count on you!

in friendship,
Signed the petition, wrote to all administrators and forwarded to others. Can barely look at the precious faces of these remarkable beings, knowing that they may be murdered due to irresponsible humans. If we lived nearby we would be trapping and finding homes for as many as possible. Killing is always the quick fix.

A couple of years ago here in Milwaukee the city decided to kill hundreds of geese due to their droppings.
After killing them (even though we tried to fight them) they offered them to soup kitchens. They were refused as they were deemed filthy animals. No more beautiful sound to me on this earth is the trumpeting of geese and watching their breath-taking formations in the sky. Many other places they have border-collies who chase the geese off the golf courses- seems a little better than murder.
omg, I LOVE the UVic rabbits!! I used to feed them blueberries and I always remember victoria fondly due to them!!
i didn't realize you were on the island, bliss!
was uvic your uni then?

in friendship,
this disgusting news just in from sinikka about the uvic rabbits.

in friendship,

----- Original Message -----
From: Roslyn Cassells
To: Roslyn Cassells
Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 4:34 PM


Tom Smith of Facilities Management at the University of Victoria today confirmed that UVic has been killing the rabbits in the sports fields instead of putting up rabbit fences to protect the fields or working with community groups to rescue the animals.

Smith has admitted that 95 rabbits have been killed so far and they will be continuing to kill the rabbits till all rabbits on the sports fields are dead. After that they will decide if they are going to kill the rest of the campus rabbits.

This despite constant denials of plans for a cull by UVic and then when they announced a cull, they said it would start in June.

UVic says the rabbits are being killed by lethal injection at a Victoria area veterinary clinic and say they have sent photos of the procedure to the SPCA, who have refused to admit their complicity in this act.

Lethal injection of a feral or semi-tame rabbit is very difficult to do intravenously (in the vein) and vets often do heart stick, injecting the euthanol into the heart or heart cavity. This procedure is considered inherently cruel and has been banned in many jurisdictions.

There is no mention of the fate of the nursing baby bunnies of killed mother rabbits. They will be starving to death in their burrows, or dying from dehydration.

Smith says they will continue to lay traps in and around the sports fields to catch the rabbits.

A protest is set to go tomorrow at 1pm, starting at Victoria City Hall, followed by a march on the BC legislature.

Roslyn Cassells

link to Action for UVic Rabbits facebook for updates: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6172202642#!/group.php?gid=114989635192281&ref=ts

Media contacts for UVic Rabbits:

Roslyn Cassells
Action for UVic Rabbits

Susan Vickery, Common Ground
Feral Rabbit Pilot Project ContractoR
email: susanvickery7@gmail.com

BC Rabbit Advocacy Group
President Carmina Gooch
email: rabbitadbc@shaw.ca

Dr. Nick Shaw - Shaw Pet Hospitals
Veterinarian, proposing Vasectomy Project for UVic Rabbits
tel: 250-652-4312
email: nshawdvm@shaw.ca

Gino Shifrin, Student Representative - UVic
email: russianvulcanlovesdanascully@yahoo.com

Roxane Woldenga, Kelowna
Humane Rabbit Control Contractor
email: roxane@rabbitsolutions.com

Kathleen Terrio
UVic faculty
email: savetheuvicbunnies@yahoo.ca

Dr. Maidie Hilmo
UVic Alumnus
email: mhilmo@shaw.ca

Roslyn Cassells is a BC based social justice activist and Canada's first elected Green. She is an ardent animal and human rights activist, and writes, teaches and campaigns for positive social, economic and ecological change everywhere.
here's something you can do that is really easy - doesn't even involve writing a letter.
go here:

and click on the agree/disagree buttons on the comments - especially towards the beginning.
unfortunately, there are too many who just want to kill, kill, kill and certainly the earlier items are dominated by them.
it only take a couple of minutes to read and click to do your part to help the uvic bunnies.

in friendship,



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