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Can anyone explain to me why fermented food is a no no for 811? Thanks

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One possible reason to avoid mushroms, yeast, fermented foods, etc. is the risk of Candida Albicans.

I am not sure why it is not recommended here.
sauerkraut has tons of salt, for one, which i hope you know by now is poison

it can only be made by applying heaps of salt and minimizing oxygen exposure because mold would overwhelm the rotting food otherwise

fermented = spoiled.. the extreme sour (vinegar) taste does not appeal to clean taste buds; quite the opposite.. look foul, smell foul, taste foul, digest and treat the body foul

whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits & vegetables
Raw sauerkraut w/o salt = shreaded cabbage ?
Sauerkraut can be made without salt.
I can not understand why eating rotting food would make sense to anyone. Surely common sense would say that it is not the best thing.
lol... I think you summed it up there!
I used to make saurkraut in my first year of raw. I still keep a recipe of it somewhere on my page. It was fun. It's a traditional recipe in my country of origin. I think saurkraut can be great for cooked foodists who do not eat too much fruit, especially in winter. I think it does help a little. But for a person living on fruit this food brings no benefit at all. It's basically wasted space that could be used for eating something far more nutritious.



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