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Four weeks in doing very well on the fruit, 80/10/10. Still working on increasing calories (1,800 now, aiming for 2,500 min) fruit sugar intake totally taking care of processed sugar cravings (ex sweet tooth comfort eater 157cm tall currently 51kg exercise a lot) but struggling to eat salad veg just don't like them and lacking nutrients and craving salty, cooked, dry food. Tried steam veg and rice this week but have gone off cooked despite the craving. Good, but what to do about veg? Soup! Yes, made veg soup with barley, no salt. Could eat this but would really like to add salt to soup and especially to salads to get me eating more uncooked veg. Spiraliser/spiraloo helped me eat small salt free cucumber, lettuce & tomato salad but I've a long way to go and lemon dressing does not do it for me, I want sea salt). Comment on this and barley in soup appreciated.

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Try to eat celery with your salad greens. I used mashed avocado and lemon juice for the dressing. I also toss in whatever herbs I am feeling like at the moment but usually basil is in there.

Hi, Kerryn, Glad to hear someone else is dealing with this salt issue. I should already be off salt because I am a month in on the plan. I guess I am looking for new flavors like lemon and a fruity sauce for my salads. Lemon is good with SALT! But since I am trying to avoid salt I am hoping to pick up some other combinations of fruit to make dressing out of. Does anyone have a few combinations they like? Thank you.

Make a variety of sauces instead by yourself that are salt free. That stuff can really bog you down and dehydrate you as well as adding a lot of unnecessary weight on your body.

Thanks Gorilla, the thought of soup came because I don't like raw celery but love celery in soup so I put a lot of celery in the soup. Plan to cut it fine, not surer how it will go in the spiraliser? And add it to the salad, my taste range is narrow I was and am a picky eater. Have found in many ways that is good for this but also somewhat limiting in regards to veg. Good luck Barbara! :) I made a sauce of salad veg with my new processor Eli, know I put too much beet in but it was awful, know I should try more combinations but I really have an aversion. I like lettuce and tomato but in small does and with salt. I am difficult! Tempted towards fruitarianism but not THATgood at fruit to make that work and do want to get the benefit of veg in my overall 80/10/10.

cold turkey.  see what happens.  : )

Salt is not a food and addictive. It has 40% sodium. Joel Fuhrman M.D. compares sea salt to heroin with something healthy added to it. It is still heroin. Salt is very addictive.

You're doing great, Kerryn, accomplishing a bunch in just a month.

One thing that helps is to be fully informed about salt.  It tends to be that much less appealing then:




Also, while this might be hard to believe right now, cravings do diminish greatly when a zero overt salt diet is maintained.  It takes 2-3 weeks for strong got-have-it feelings to diminish, and it just gets easier from there.  The key is to stay the course fully; any hint of extra salt will re-ignite desire something fierce.  Give it your best shot, and I think you'll be surprised.

Additionally, as your taste buds re-acclimate to what real foods are supposed to taste like unadulterated, you'll find yourself becoming aware of flavors you might never have noted before.  Greens and veggies that previously seemed ho-hum might start tasting positively salty.  Surprising but true :) 

Refrigeration has only been around for about a century. Before that salt was depended on to keep very perishible foods from going bad. No human skeletons that are over 10,000 years old have salt in them. Of course salt is biblical. They rubbed it into the wounds of Jesus to cause more pain. It causes people to eat more food which is more profitable for the food industry.

add what you want. Write down how your performance was the next day. Then the next time you 'crave' something you have a template to follow.

I eat salt now and then but stay away from it before running races so I DONT cramp. Salt makes me cramp. The body stores more water so your heavier. Good if your a wrestler.

Thank you all so much, I needed the information, resources, encouragement and sensible advice.  Feel like I have received a really balanced field of helpful advice and I will keep it all in mind.   Very much appreciated :)

hey.  i read once that if you actually CRAVE salt, it means you are low in minerals.  so maybe make your salads a little bigger or something, then see what happens.  : )

Well, I had no idea of the depth of my ignorance about exactly what salt (table or sea even) is! Thank you! Yes I recognised that my craving is due to lack of sodium (and probably the couple of others notably low) through not eating veg and further exasperated by my total calories still not being enough. I acknowledge suggestion to increase fruit/calories, I am working on the calories, but I do believe we need what we can get from veg and I dont think I can do fruitarian for a couple of reasons. I have decided not to use salt but I will continue with the soup. I have had it two days now, I put lots of celery in it, and spinach and it does take care of my cravings so I believe I am getting important nutrients from it at the same time as maybe weaning myself from this obvious addiction. I can do the soup much more easily than the salad veg, I will give it a few weeks, until I don't miss the salt in my soup, i will likely be having eniugh total calories by then too and then I will try the salad veg again. I might keep up the small salad and try to build it, without stressing, until I get used to it and don't need the soup any more. I am so glad I asked this question here :) Thank you all so much :)



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