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Salt — The King of Tastes and Diseases

The word ‘Taste’ at once takes you to salt. It has become an established fact that you must add salt to every item cooked to make it tasty. Getting used to a particular taste is indeed a habit since the more you eat something, the more you get used to it. Your body and your cells long for that taste and you reach a stage where you cannot relish something if that taste is missing or if it is slightly changed. The fault lies in your slavery to salt. It means the cells in your mouth, the body and mind-all these have been addicted to this bad habit of eating salt.

The constant use of medicines makes your body immune to them and so they don't work properly. The same way, if you are used to strong coffee, you can't relish an ordinary coffee elsewhere. Since it is not strong the cells don't get the required happiness and so feel dull. This applies to salt too. If you eat in somebody else’s house where they don't use as much salt as you eat, you feel the food isn’t tasty. Just as the body is acclimatized to medicines, so it is to salt.

You have taste buds in the front part of the tongue. New taste buds are formed for every 10 days. So if you eat a snack with less of salt, the first ten days it may be difficult to appreciate it, but the new taste buds that are formed after that period get used to this new taste of less salt. Hence if you don’t eat salt for a few days, the cells will get used to the saltlessness in no time though initially the salt less food is not very tasty.

Taste — for the body or mind?

Your taste buds and cells in the mouth have been accustomed to a particular quantity of salt in your food. If that quantity is falling short or missing, the taste buds force the mind to make it good. A man who eats stomach full everyday feels very hungry if he doesn't get his usual quota! Where does the trouble arise- in the stomach? or in the mind? If you feel it is in the stomach then how do you account for this? If you don't eat stomach full breakfast it doesn’t grumble! So it goes without saying, the mind and not the stomach that is feeling restless. The mind decides how much is required to fill the stomach. The same way the mind and the tongue are used to the taste of salt. These two long for the missing taste. So the trouble is with the mind!

Is taste needed for the mind or for the body? Everybody accepts it is for the mind.

You can eat a little less of salt, but not a little more of salt. Your body is used to a certain amount of salt. Lesser quantity makes it feel light, but a greater quantity makes you spit it at once. Why should you do so? Is it not food? Is it not the same salt you eat everyday? What’s wrong if you eat a little more one day? Why should your mind order you to spit it out? The body is always alert safeguarding itself from the entry of harmful things into the body.

Anything bad makes you suffer initially. The first time you smoke a cigarette you cough terribly. Your throat and nose burn due to the smoke. But if you persist for some days the cough disappears and smoking continues. The same way, when you drink liquor for the first time, you may even vomit due to its bitter taste. But once you become alcoholic, you love its taste. Just ten days’ friendship turned bad into good for the body. So also salt becomes good to the body. If the salt is more, for the first time the body advises you to spit it out, but if you continue eating the same quantity, the body and the tongue mutely accept it.

How body reacts to salt

Let’s see how the body reacts if salt is taken directly:
1. Action in the mouth: When we take a mouthful of salt water the cells at the lips and the delicate layers in the mouth suffer severely. Some cells die whereas some cells weaken. Seeing the death of some cells, the resistance power in the mouth orders the tongue to spit it out at once as a first precaution before greater damage is done. That is possible only in the case of healthy people. While weak, sickly people and slaves to salt and tastes, can’t obey the orders. They don’t mind swallowing it and allow the salt water into the stomach.

2. Action in the stomach: So the enemy, salt water, has crossed the first and reached the second gate, stomach. The resistance power of healthy people in the stomach, tries to drive out the enemy. It creates a vomiting sensation and churns the stomach so much that the salt water comes out of it in the form of vomit. But this doesn’t work with unhealthy people and with those who are used to salt greatly. The salt water doesn’t cause much harm and uneasiness in the stomach. A part of it goes off into the blood. The remaining part of salt water goes into the small intestines.

3. Action in the Intestines: As soon as the salt water reaches the small intestines, the narrow path between the stomach and the small intestines closes down. So there is no way out for the salt water from there. The resistance power in the intestines has to make a final attempt to fight it out to avoid harm to the intestines. It causes heavy movements in the intestines to drive out the harmful salt water through anus. The muscles of the intestines send water into the intestines through mucous layer to dilute the salt water. As a result, the salt water comes out through anus in the form of loose motions. But if the body has no resistance power it digests the salt and sends it to blood through small intestines. The salt thus sent into the blood reaches the cells through blood vessels and poisons the cells.

A healthy person can fight out the salt at one of these three stages. Spit it immediately, vomit it or at least send it out as motions. An unhealthy person makes not only the cells in the stomach and the intestines suffer, but also makes all other cells in the body suffer since enemy travels through blood.

The body is so careful about its safety that it drives out any foreign matter. It takes up the duty of excreting the harmful ones first. The body doesn’t suffer even if food is not provided for one day, but it can't bear the nuisance of an alien. That is a healthy sign of the body.

For example, let’s say something falls in your eye! You can’t rest in peace till you remove it! Your hands will be after that all the time! It is all the doing of the body. It makes you restless just to protect the eye.

Let’s assume a thorn pricks you, but you ignore it. The body forms pus there and makes you suffer. But still you behave like care a not! The poor body does its own first aid! That pus breaks open driving out the thorn with it. All this is done to safeguard your body.

You put your finger into your nose. The poor nose doesn’t mind it! But if you want to tease it by putting your handkerchief in it, it will not bear it with a grin! It may be your kerchief in your own pocket, but for it, it is a stranger. So it makes you sneeze! You know how powerful a sneeze is! It makes you lift up your head, put a horrible look and sneeze heavily! The baby might be born out of the womb of the mother, but the very same mother has no right to keep her finger into her baby's nose! That is the strong possessive nature of the body!

Is salt useful to the body?

Now let’s analyze whether salt is poisonous or useful to the body and cells. If it is a useful food, you should feel like chewing it happily as you feel for honey. But at the very touch of salt, more of saliva is produced to spit it out! If the mouth is rejecting it thus, how can you call it a useful food? The salt that is sent in is vomited out with excess of water! Doesn’t it convey it is not needed for the body? At the third stage too, i.e. in the intestines it is sent out in the form of loose motions making it clear that it is not required for the body? The main function of the body is to retain the useful ingredients and to drive out through excretory parts all that is waste and unnecessary.

Salt is present in the body more than the required quantity. Hence it is sent out in various forms urine, sweat, phlegm and nasal discharge. No animal ever touches salt! The natural sodium in the food they eat is quite sufficient for the animals! That natural salt itself is more for them, so they send out the excess through urine. That's why cow's urine is salty. If we also take natural food, the excessive sodium in our body also will be sent out as urine.

What is Cell?

Now it is time for us to learn a little about the cell.

It is roughly estimated that our body contains 125 trillion cells. Just as our internal parts are covered and safeguarded by the skin, the cells are protected by cell membranes. This membrane is the skin for the cell. Just as our skin has small pores to let out sweat, so also do these membranes have small pores. Very minute blood vessels are arranged to the cells for blood circulation. Like our body has some internal parts, so do the cells have some internal parts (Nucleus, galgibody, protoplasm, mitochondria etc) for different natures of work. If there is water in the body, there is some sticky substance in wheatish color inside the cell. This is called protoplasm. The food we take turns into glucose and reach the cells through the minute blood vessels as shown in the figure. The food (glucose) thus reached, is burnt up in the mitochondria in the cells and promotes energy. There is a flow of current through generator. The same way there is an eternal promotion of energy in the mitochondria. Such mitochondria are plenty in the cells. The energy thus produced eternally is transferred to the phosphate atoms to carry it out. Such a continuous activity increases the activeness and health of the cells. When you burn wood, it becomes ash, the waste material. The same way the glucose that is burnt in the mitochondria produces even waste materials like carbon dioxide and water along with the useful energy. This waste material is carried forth to the excretory organs in the return journey of the blood.

The energy is thus produced all the 24 hours keeps the cells always hot. Anything that is hot cools down within no time — coffee, rice, curries anything! They cool down based on the atmosphere and the dampness of the air! But it is not the case with our human body. Why isn't our body becoming icy cold? That is the wonder of God’s creation! If our body becomes cold means we are dead! The stove at home burns only twice a day for making food in the morning and evening. But the stove of our body burns through out! So the energy that is produced in our body is our life! Our Savior! Our activity!

The movements in and out of the cell (food inside/waste material outside) go on peacefully due to the heat produced there. Your friendship or relationship with your friends or relatives, remain long only if both of you maintain it properly. This theory applies to your cells too. One-way traffic love doesn't materialize. The cells can’t retain their health if there is one-way traffic to them in the sense if the cells receive food but don’t send out waste material, or vice versa, they will not be in good condition. If the waste material doesn’t go out of the cells, the protoplasm in the cells becomes poisonous. On the contrary if the food do not reach the cells, they lose energy and die an untimely death. So now let’s analyze how different types of food produce energy.

You must have observed during fasting, that your body is hot if you have taken plenty of honey. Since honey doesn’t require time to be digested, it reaches blood from stomach and from there reaches the cells at once and produces energy. Since honey reaches the cells quickly, the energy is produced quickly. This is the reason why honey is treated as instant energizer. Honey is like petrol whereas sugar is like kerosene. Kerosene of course burns immediately, but it doesn’t provide sufficient energy. It releases smoke that causes pollution. If you enkindle fire with dry sticks they can provide the required heat without any smoke by burning brightly. The natural food — raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts etc. — are like those dry sticks. They produce more energy to the cells without causing any harm to the body.

The energy produced in the cells is based on the food you eat. The natural food like seeds and sprouts can provide greater energy to cells that will in turn increase your life span and health.

What’s in and out of a cell?

Now let’s analyze the relationship between the cells and salt! The salt in the natural vegetables and fruits is called ‘sodium’. Sodium and Potassium are two main elements. Sodium (salt) and Potassium can retain the 68% water in our body throughout.

You know already that the sticky, wheatish thick liquid in the cell is called protoplasm. Potassium is present in this protoplasm. It means this potassium occupies the internal part of the cell. Sodium (salt) is present outside the cell. In this way between one cell and the other sodium is present outside and potassium inside for all the 125 trillion cells. The ratio is 8:1.8% potassium inside and 1% sodium outside. This ratio decides the health of a cell. The movements of the food in and out of the cell are good, if the ratio is normal. If the ratio is disturbed, the cell’s health is disturbed. They in turn disturb the health of the body of its owner.

The ratio of potassium, sodium (8:1) is based on the food we take. The God, who created our body, also designed the food for its needs. Since God created that food, it is second to none. It is a natural food with the natural ratio (8:1 of potassium and sodium) required by the body.

The vast earth is created, like a small cell, in the same way, in the same ratio. Outside the earth (land) sodium is present in the form of ocean (salt water). Inside the earth is potassium in the form of trees and plants. Isn't it strange! How wonderful is God’s creation! The same ratio of potassium, sodium is maintained in the vast earth, in the small cells of a plant and a minute cell of a human being! The same law, the same rule to everyone and everything! No partiality! That’s God’s law!

Salt has more of density. So it is heavy. So it tends to flow downwards, whereas potassium has a tendency to flow upwards. Since the plants have more of potassium, the plants are soaring high into the sky. Potassium can increase your intelligence and help you to travel towards your goal. On the contrary sodium pulls you down without allowing you to step forward. The salt, because of this tendency, is weakening your mind and thereby spoiling your health.

Where is salt stored?

You add a pinch of salt to a glass of water. The salt dissolves in the water, turning the pure water into salt water. If you use salt in the food you eat, it changes the water in the body into salt water. So the 68% of water in the body becomes salty. The body requires pure water but you are making it salty. The poor body cannot bear it for long.

This salt water is stored in the empty place between one cell and the other. This way the salt water is stored among all the 125 trillion cells and starts decaying them. You must have noticed that your body becomes sticky after a bath in the seawater and the skin becoming hard. If just a matter of one or two hours’ bath in the salt water could bring such a change, imagine the plight of the cells which are forever sailing in the salt water! The poor cells look for pure water bath at the earliest.

In the liquid between one cell and the other there is one percent of sodium. Instead of retaining just one percent of sodium, we are eating so much of salt that the entire liquid is filled with salt. Let’s once again recollect the fact that a normal cell has within it 8% potassium and outside it 1% of sodium.

Iron gets rusted if it is exposed to salty air. The buckets used for salt water become white, being spoilt by salt. The same way, in whatever part salt is, it spoils that part quickly.

So the body, to protect the cells from salt, sends forth water to the place where the salt is more to weaken its impact. Water can dilute salt. The water from the cell and from the blood vessels goes outside the cell to protect the layer of the cell. For instance when something falls in the eye, water from the eye comes out thereby driving out the stranger. The dust and dirt that enter the nose are driven out in the form of sneezing. The same way the water inside the cells and tissues goes out and as a result the cells loose their elasticity and they come closer. For instance if you have many loose motions, through which plenty of water goes out, don’t you look weak and pulled down? It leads to dehydration. Just as the required minerals and salts go out of the body, leaving it in trouble, so also the potassium comes out of the cells and goes through urine, leaving them in trouble. The fall in the potassium leads to the fall in the blood sugar count that makes you feel tired. This only aggravates the loss of potassium. The process continues as long as you continue to take salt. There is no end to it.

As the potassium content flows out increasingly, starts a reverse flow of salt (sodium) into the cells crossing the thin layer. This is more harmful to the potassium. When the ratio (8:1) of potassium and sodium gets reversed, the sodium content becomes great in the cells. It leads to the decay of the cells giving birth to diseases.

The salt outside the cell rises up to 50%. More water comes out of the cells when there is salt out side the cells. Wherever salt is it attracts water towards it. The water brings out with it the potassium content too. When the potassium gets weakened, its enemy becomes stronger and enters the prohibited along with diseases too. Our food with salt changes 8:1 ratio into 1:50 ratio. If we don’t provide the required amount of potassium (2500 mg) to the body through our food daily, its opponent becomes strong and damages the cells. Eating more fruits and some raw vegetables may control the damage to a large extent. of potassium there will be a fall in the sugar and you feel very weak.

How much Sodium (salt) is required?

On an average, man needs 200-300 mg sodium to maintain good health. The salt that we add in food for taste is known as sodium chloride. The natural salt in vegetables, fruits, milk etc is called sodium. The sodium outlet is based on the atmospheric condition outside. The natural Sodium can be sent out easily without any harm to the body.

The salt that we add to taste is roughly from 4000 mg to 25000 mg. Means we are consuming salt many times than required to satisfy the tongue. We do get the natural sodium more than enough through our natural food like fruits, vegetables, milk etc every day, causing no deficiency.

Bad results from salt

Swelling: Normally man has five liters of water in his body. A person who eats plenty of salt has 6–7 liters of water in his body with more salt outside the cells. This excess of water hinders free flow of oxygen to the cells causing them death. When you dip yourself into the water you feel breathless for few moments. The poor cells face the same breathlessness all the 24 hours!

Arthritis: The excess of salt in the body affects the joints. Cobwebs are more in corners, so also salt is more in joints. If you ask a beggar for his life ambition, he will promptly say, ‘one day I should beg in America’. It means even if he is given a chance, he can’t come out of his begging instinct. The same way, the salt that is harmful can’t keep quiet without decaying or spoiling the part in which it is! The salt stagnated between the joints eats away the gummy substance and joints. So the only remedy for arthritis is to give up salt. Instead of assuming that you are becoming old as a reason, it is better to bid goodbye to salt.

Harm to certain parts: At times you come across people with swollen face, hands, ankle, feet. The excess salt in the body is stored mostly in these parts. The body sends more of water to act as a shield to these parts, saving the cells and bones from salt. This symptom is a warning signal from the body indicating the suffering of cells. If you ignore it you will be the sufferer and nobody, not even God can save you.

Blood Pressure: We all wrongly assume that High B.P. is a silent killer. But we don't realize that the real fault lies with us. You had already seen that the more we eat salt, the more it is stored in and around 125 trillion cells attracting more water. Because of this excess of water the cells and the empty place outside the cells will always keep swollen. In result the blood vessels there will be exposed to pressure. The usual energy of the heart is not sufficient to circulate blood to the cells when blood vessels are under pressure. In a normal condition the heart pumps at 120pressure (energy). But now unless the heart beats with more pressure than 120, it cannot reach blood to the cells. The pressure above 120 is called B.P.

The theory of relativity works here. The more the pressure, greater is the harm to the heart. The poor heart will not have sufficient rest, as B.P. increases. The pressure will be 80 when heart takes rest. The days you have hectic work, you can't relax sufficiently. So also the heart doesn’t get even that minimum rest (0.4 seconds) once BP sets in. The salt hardens the blood vessels carrying blood to the heart. The contraction and expansion of the blood vessels are not normal and so blood doesn’t flow forward. This is yet another reason for BP. Shall I suggest you a very simple medicine? It has no side effects; it requires no money, no visit to doctor's office and above all it is in front of you, in your home! Number one medicine for BP. in the whole world is simply giving up salt in your food. You may say that you don’t use much salt. But I say give up salt totally and become a stranger to BP.

Heart Trouble: The heart can work more with less energy and can relax for a longer time if you give up salt totally. You long for more salt due to shortage of potassium. The heart muscles contract due to excess salt. The valves and the blood vessels to the heart become hard and can’t function properly. Slowly when each part is thus affected, it will reach a stage where the heart stops working. Not only that, the blood becomes thickened due to the excessive salt. So the heart cannot pump blood easily. The movements of the heart muscles get affected due to the accumulated salt and the heart has to work more than its normal routine. Thus salt is making the poor heart suffer greatly.

Paralysis:M There is a possibility of BP. shooting up when the blood vessels narrow down or become hard. As a result the head, the brain and the blood vessels are likely to be affected which will lead to paralysis.

Bad Odor: The water in the whole body becomes salty when salt gets stored in and outside the cell. We don’t sweat, we don’t urinate much if excess of salt remains in the body. Since the cells have more than the required bad water, they can’t receive the air properly and so the waste material in them is not burnt quickly. Just as a wet cloth that doesn’t get fresh air gives a stinking smell, so also the water in the body that doesn’t get fresh air, gives a stinking smell. That’s why only man’s mouth gives bad odor. The air he exhales, his sweat, his urine, and his motion give a stinking smell. For that matter, even his mind! The real culprit for all this is the salt, which attracts towards it all that is bad and retains it in your self.

So, if you don’t eat salt, you don’t have to brush your teeth, you don’t have to bathe, you don't have to pour water when you urinate. Your motion won’t give a bad smell. To top it all, your mind gets purified! Does it sound like cock and bull story? Of course not! Only if you experience it, you will realize it! How long can you hide the dirt inside by bathing twice or by applying perfumes?

Kidney Problem: There is no point in crying over spoilt milk! But generally people realize the impact of anything when it is too late. Only when the kidneys are totally damaged, do they try to give up salt since it is then that they do realize its harm! Till then they continue to consume salt. What is harmful is harmful forever not only when you are sick, but also when you are hale and healthy. The association of a bad friend turns you too to evil. The water, the friend of salt, remains more in the body to give company to salt and both together work upon the kidneys. So the pressure of water is borne not only by heart but also by kidneys. The excessive salt leads to stones in the kidneys.

God has created kidneys to filter the normal water that we drink, efficiently for 100 years. But how long can they work effectively if you supply them salt water? Salt brings with it only a sad story! It seems to be knee bent on causing harm to the kidneys! Salt is going to destroy all the internal parts of the body one after the other, in a systematic way! Kidneys too cannot escape the onslaught of salt.

Chronic Diseases: Small ailments, if neglected, lead to major diseases or chronic diseases. As has already been explained to you, the storage of salt water weakens the cells. We have already seen that if the flow of fresh air, water and food is affected it lays foundation to diseases. Unless we correct this, the disease cannot be cured. If we continue to eat without rectifying the already existing anomaly, the waste material in side will get accumulated damaging the cells, thereby the body. It leads to serious diseases like cancer too. Thus the infected cells will spoil the healthy cells too and it leads to the death of the person. Unless silt is given up, cells cannot restore their lost health! There are cases of chronic skin disease patients being cured of their diseases by giving up salt totally and by eating natural food. The skin diseases ‘Psoriasis’ will be cured completely by giving up salt. The medicines can only subside your pain, but cannot provide you a cure. Better strike at the root cause (by going on fasts), to cure the chronic diseases forever!

Diabetes: If you give up salt, besides BP. kidney problem or the stones in the kidneys, diabetes also can be cured. When there is a scarcity of potassium in the cells, you have to supplement it with insulin for the free flow of food. The insulin hormone doesn’t function properly in sugar patients. Medicines are useful only to rectify that, ignoring the damage done to the cells.

The general impression is that diabetes can be controlled with the help of regular intake of medicines. If one misses the medicine for a day it will shoot up.

But now try this! Stop taking salt and start taking food that contains potassium. Such food reaches the cells easily with less insulin. In short time you will find that diabetes getting cured, without the need for medicines.

You have already seen in detail how the excess of salt drives out the potassium in the cell and changes the 8:1 ratio of the potassium, sodium elements. In such a situation the glucose in the blood takes a longer time to be converted into energy. So if the cells don't use the glucose you send in through the food, the glucose remains in the blood vessels, which leads to blood sugar. It makes you feel physically weak because the cells are not receiving the required glucose.

The sum and substance of it is, glucose is converted into energy quickly with less insulin provided the 8:1 ratio of the two elements remains normal. You will notice the coming down of sugar reading, if you eat raw vegetables for a few days. You know why? The raw vegetables have the required ratio of potassium sodium elements as needed by the cells. So they can easily restore the cells to normalcy restoring your good health.

Asthma, Allergy, Sinus Complaints: Water gets accumulated wherever salt remains stagnated. So the water you drink goes only for that purpose. In fact the entire water in the body becomes salty. Since there is no pure water available in the body it leads to dehydration. A hormone called “Histamine’ is produced in such a situation. As a result the air passages in the lungs have an obstruction. So, sticky substances will be produced in the lungs and in sinus parts. They lead to sneezing, cold, allergy, breathlessness and Asthma. Such problems crop up because of two simple factors — eating salt, and not drinking the required quantity of water. There is an endless list of diseases that crop up due to one harmful item — THE SALT.

To cut a long story short, from the biggest part of the body to the minutest cell, which could only be seen through the microscope &mdashl; all are affected by the mischief-maker. One pinch of salt a day corrupts thoroughly all the busy bees in our body! Better you also realize before it is too late! Beware! No other taste causes as much harm as this king of tastes — salt! The king’s lust for power makes his people suffer. Here, your lust for the king ‘salt’ makes you suffer.

More than the treatment of any disease, the diagnosis is the most important factor. Any problem can be driven out once for all, if you strike at the root cause of it. Diseases can be cured or even prevented if you analyze your responsibility towards your body. Is it not your prime duty to protect yourself from diseases and to avoid medicines?

All of you have been eating food with salt. All of you have been suffering in someway or other! Try eating salt less food for just four months to find its advantages, with no adverse effects.

‘Lord, where we are wrong, Make us willing to change; Where we are right, make us Easy to live with’


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I was questioning Taylor's logic to see whether he read it.

Hey I saw that sign and it said stop, I guess it was a suggestion though.  8-)

I've been 99% salt free for the last 2.5 years following 811.  The only salt I've had has been in the very rare occasions I've eaten raw gourmet meals.  Last month I had one of these occasions and my ankles and feet swelled to a size they have never been before.  I'm very skinny and they swelled to that of an obese person.  It was surreal!  Salt is evil!

Thanks for sharing your photos! Incredible.

No animal ever touches salt! The natural sodium in the food they eat is quite sufficient for the animals!




Indeed they do it. I remember when I was a kid at my grandparents farm. If you will have give the cow a hand full of salt she would have been in love with you. I'm not promoting salt though. Maybe it is only for herbivores.

Very interesting article 

So go feed a chimp some cooked potatoes/w salt and then play a game of chess with him.. Oh over time you say? Bullocks I say! 

Have you ever stopped to think that the purified/inaccurate "history" that "they" teach has nothing at all to do with reality? What is reality for that matter?

Animals are not rocket scientists who have a much better understanding of nutrition, they are just creatures of habit, like us.. They can get addicted to something(salt) just as easy as you can but most of them lack the ability to reason away addictions that are harmful to them like SOME humans can. Rats who have a choice of cocaine or food will always pick the coke and dose themselves to death. Does this mean we should all start doing lines?

The truth is a diet of fruit and vegetables will provide ALL the nutrients you will ever need. Any chemical in pure form will be harmful to you. Fruit and vegetables are complex mixtures and have balance. And there is no way in any universe that cooking or adding salt to food made our brains bigger! And I would love to argue this point for the rest of my life if necessary..

Sorry about the rant, I just can't bare to see such ignorance go unnoticed..

After a year of being on plain starch and fruit salt sets my tongue on fire something fierce, nasty!



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