30 Bananas a Day!

Hi all,

I have recently been buying myself big boxes of 18kgs of organic bananas and just eating as many as i like, but i have had people telling me that is is dangerous and that you should only eat two per day at the most. Also some info online suggests the same thing, suggesting it could have an effect on your heart etc................

I am really struggling to believe this and need someone to confirm that i can eat as many bananas as i like and not worry. 

Are people doing this and how are they feeling please?

Vegan 4 life

Sam :) x

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Seems to be a fairly redundant question seeing as the website is called 30 bananas a day ;) I been eating 25-30 for breakfast and lunch for the past two years. I feel great, I'm performing better and can honestly say without a doubt I enjoy them more every day. Look around everyone on here eats this quanity and no one has died yet, as a bunch we seem fit hard hitters tbh. No unfit people here!

Obviously the question is not redundant for me....... when you look at reports from so called health authorities/organisations who say that it could be dangerous, it is quite unnerving. As someone who wants to stay healthy i need to be sure and have as many opinions from people who are actually following this lifestyle as i can. I have been having around 7 bananas per day and i don't seem to have any issues and i love them too. :) Thank you very much for taking the time to respond, this really does help settle my nerves. Much love. Sam :) x


I get your point DURIANRIDER. :) 

i am not strictly rawtill4/high fruit etc, but i still do eat alot of fruit (usually atleast 8-10 servings per day)

bananas sit best with me for large fruit meals... if i eat stuff that is like... dates, oranges, or really sugary stuff , get some tension in the head, and an unpleasant buzz (i still eat them though lol)... only eat 2 per day... thats a bit ridiculous lol, i cant imagine any possible reason to limit banana intake unless i'ts some misinformed weight loss site or something..... would be interested to see what sites you are referring to and if they are credible...

if people ever told me i should eat less fruit or vegetables, well, frankly, almost everyone i know has some sort of health issue related to diet (mainly being overweight), i would just say "you're telling me this, but how well is your own diet working?"

Brilliant thank you. 

I do not believe as you do that any fruit and veg is bad for you. But i can believe excessive amounts of one thing can be a bit dodgy, i kind of have a feeling that variety is best??? But i hope to be wrong and be happy eating tons of bananas?

Here is just one example of a web site suggesting that to many isn't good: http://www.med-health.net/Too-Many-Bananas.html 

Thank you for your response. Sam :) x

P.S I also eat lots of dates and I actually quite like the buzz, i eat about 4 medjools per day/two dried figs and dried mango. Nom Nom. :) 

LOl, just had a look at it, the arguments are so weak... headaches... anyone here ever got a headache from eating a banana or 10?... hyperkalemia.. it's literally impossible to OD on potassium from bananas, i think your stomache would explode before you OD'ed on potassium... tooth decay... seriously? every food causes tooth decay, every fruit does too... it's not really even a health issue in the conventional sense, it's a dental issue... it's why we brush our teeth.... lack of fat/protein... WTF, it basically says it can't be a meal if it has no fat or protein in it... seriously... so anything without fat or protein in it isnt suitable... not to mention protein requirements are extremely low, and if you eat enough bananas exclusively to get enough calories, you would probably be fine... but even so, this article doesnt even assume you are eating exclusively bananas... so why is it even mentioned, you would just get that stuff in another meal...

this site isn't really reputable either way, i am looking through it trying to find any of their articles with any sources at all, or any names of the "medical doctors' that wrote the articles... this one has no sources at all, the whole thing just sounds like a bunch of useless dogma someone was taught or made up

Ok Brilliant. This is all a complete load of twoddle then. Someone i work with told me that someone they know was told they had to much potassium in their body and that they had to reduce this in order for their life insurance to be continued. They only ate two bananas per day?

I guess I am just easily led and easily confused.com.

thank you for your help :) x

i would guess that have some other medical issue that is causing it.. maybe a kidney or liver problem that leaves them less able to deal with potassium, or some sort of medication maybe?... if you know them, you probably can tell if they eat alot of fruit or not(and really, who with a western diet actually does outside of vegans lol) , and i mean, how long does it take to just not eat fruit, and get the blood test cleared up

yeah, that site looked pretty rubbish, try having a look through nutritionfacts.org... they might have something on it, and even if they dont, it's good to spend some time just browsing

That is exactly the question I asked them. Do they have any other health issues and she said i do not know. So that was the end of that. 

Thank you for the site recommendation, i will surely have a look at that. 

Sam :) x

I've went through 5 cases of bananas in the last two months and I'm feeling great.
People will always say stuff like that because they think it's "extreme" to eat plants, or "unhealthy" to eat too much of something natural for you and good, just ignore them, or tell them how good you feel before you do that, or simply tell them about how many bananas monkeys eat and can eat and remind them how related we apparently are to them.

The only down-side to bananas in my opinion is eating them I seemingly have to (I miscalculated before) eat at least 5-6k calories even when I'm not moving really at all to not lose weight.
They're magical.

Sweet Thing - How many bananas do you eat a day? Do you eat rawtil4 or all raw? Just wondering because when I eat a lot of bananas, 15-20+ a day (usually on days where I make them mono-meals for breakfast and lunch), I notice I lose weight. If I only have a few, say 8 or so (just for breakfast), I maintain weight much easier. I'm not trying to lose any weight so just want to figure out if I do have a large banana day if I need to eat way more of them. Not something I expected to happen really.



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