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Hi all,

I have recently been buying myself big boxes of 18kgs of organic bananas and just eating as many as i like, but i have had people telling me that is is dangerous and that you should only eat two per day at the most. Also some info online suggests the same thing, suggesting it could have an effect on your heart etc................

I am really struggling to believe this and need someone to confirm that i can eat as many bananas as i like and not worry. 

Are people doing this and how are they feeling please?

Vegan 4 life

Sam :) x

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I usually eat rt4, although sometimes I'll go fully raw, or if I run into a tragedy (such as my grocery store being out of oranges, and my box of bananas just ran out) I may have something not saw raw, but yes.
I'll usually have about 12-14 now, although that's with 8-10inch bananas, so that's really more like 15-18...I'll always have them as mono-meals for breakfast or lunch, or sometimes both as well.

For me it seems like bananas have virtually 0 calories, in the sense where no matter how many I can't gain weight on them. On my first box I purchased a couple months ago they ripened all at once (because I didn't manage them at all) and I ate like 40~ in a day. That was when I was eating only about 3000-3500kcal a day and maintaining and gaining.
I ate just bananas for three days, eating about 115 in those three days, well in my normal range of calories for the time, and when I weighed myself I had lost 5-6lbs, which I'm sure some was water weight due to a lack of (processed) salt, but that all couldn't have been waste and water, as I didn't have more than 800-1000mg before that a day, and I drank 1gal of water a day, etc.
The only foods that seem to keep the weight on is oats, and generally having not so whole-foodie things, which bothers me because that's the one thing that has made me consider not eating rt4, as even eating 1200-1500kcal breakfast & lunches, as well as 3k+ kcal dinners, I can't gain weight and I can barely maintain (if even). The sad thing is it makes me feel too good to stop, and I literally dislike every form of fat outside chia seeds & oats, which means I can't even justify adding some fat into my diet "to keep the weight on," knowing it wouldn't be ideal, as I'd hate every moment of it. I tried that months ago, I'd buy a small bag of nuts, and it'd taste like I was eating dirt, I'd eat five cashews, then I'd decide I'll try them again later, and end up never having them again because I disliked them so much. My fat intake is always around 5-6% too, which is typically "ideal" from what I've heard.

I'd say unless you want to lose weight you should just ignore the fact that you even ate bananas, although that may sound a little...bananas. I'd just eat as many bananas as you can if you had a banana day. Personally, I feel great on them and don't get bored, however I feel like I can't go on a week of banana-island because I would literally turn into a banana addict and look like I put bananas into needles hourly.
I'd say I'd do it on 60bananas a day, but I seriously doubt that'd fix my issue, and I'm unsure of if I could physically do that without working up to it at the very least. Maybe in the summer when I can be more active. Then again, that'll just end up in me needing more calories!

I mean, hopefully bananas aren't calorie-less magical energy deliveries for you, as you'd grow to be pained by such a calorie requirement.
On a side note, I should probably just give up and let my body do it's thing because the trend is putting me at 10k calories in less than a month, which I don't think I can afford unless I start chugging literal sugar-water, and it must be trying to get rid of something if I have to eat this many calories to get it to stop (briefly).

Sweet Thing - That is a really good suggestion, thank you. I do feel very good eating lots of bananas. :) x

Don't worry. Unless you have chronic kidney disease ( CKD) stages 3,4,5 you never risk hyperkalimia. Bananas are a great diet staple, have as many as you like.
I never enjoyed breakfast until the mega banana smoothly came into my life!

Thank you Marie, this really does help to make me feel more at ease. I currently eat about 7 -8 bananas a day and i love them..... i may increase this amount now as I start to feel more comfortable with it. I do feel really great. :) x

funny how there's all the bad stuff about food that doesn't really affect you and not much about the food that does like meat, dairy, eggs. if you're worried about potassium a cup of milk has roughly the same potassium as a banana. I've never got a headache from bananas or any fruit but I have from animal products. 

fruit calories are different from normal calories as your body processes them differently. I think fruitarians have to rethink how the whole losing weight thing happens.

I always make sure if I'm eating more than 2 and a half bnans in one sitting that I'm wearing a good quality helmet and have a fully loaded glock within arms length, safety is important.

PMSL I get your point Oliver. Sam :) x

hey Samantha,

This comes up every once in awhile and I can assure you, there is no problem eating as many bananas as you want. I have been eating 40 plus pounds of bananas a week for close to 6 years and my physicals are perfect. since coming to this lifestyle I have not been sick once, my weight is effortlessly maintainable and my energy level are always good. I.m almost 58 years old and I can out perform most anyone I know who is 20-25 years younger.

Thank you Jim,
I have bad people trying to scare me saying it will have an effect on my heart etc...... But my common sense says it will be fine. We would be gorging on these foods naturally in the tropics, so not a problem. I do feel pretty amazing on them, so how can it be bad.
Wow that really does sound amazing how strong and fit you are.
That is really good to hear.
Sam :) x

To die from bananas, you would have to eat 400 bananas (for the average person) in 30 seconds, so it is basically impossible.

This is a very useful piece of info. Thank you :) x

There is this freak on youtube called banana girl!

Watch this!


I think a balance diet is best. A bit of everything in moderation.

Cocaine is ok if you don't do too much. Just like fruit.



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