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My girlfriend wants to switch from Yasmine to another contraceptive pill. Yasmine has had bad side effects on her, namely unwanted weight gain and emotional moods.


She is not open to other methods of contraception unfortunately, i tried to talk to her about only having sex on days on which your not fertile etc....


Obviously no pill is good for you, but are there ones which are less harmful that others? I know   Yasmine is among the worst. All help would be appreciated thanks

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Yeah that doesnt sound very pleasant i dont know if shed be up for that, but i will research it thanks for the suggestion. All this is so frustrating I dont want her to sacrifice her health (shes 811 too ) for this and would love to find safer forms of contraception as pills are so bad! I wonder what the girls here do?

Hey Luke


Have you talked to her about howcome she is so reluctant to try other forms of contraception? If she is 811, surely she is interested in her health enough to be open to finding out about how bad all of those pills are for her health?


I'm not really sure I could say if there are any less harmful than each other. There might be some that for certain individuals have less side effects, but that doesnt mean they arent less harmful. Just more silent. The reality is that if she is 811, she will probably get lots of feedback from her body on any drug, as her body will have more energy to detoxify and communicate with her. 


Have you looked into electronic ovulation detection devices? These are apparently very accurate at identifying where a woman is on her cycle which could reduce the chances of getting pregnant by simply avoiding penetrative sex during those high risk periods in the cycle. 


Take care


Adam x

Thanks Adam. I have looked into a device which i think you suggested on another discussion called ladycomp. I think that combined with condoms is probably the answer. Do you think its ok to stop using the pill mid cycle? I would want her off that stuff sooner rather than later.



Thanks Llia she has stopped the yasmine for now. WE have decided on condoms until we can afford a fertility moniter and are in tune with her cycle....sure beats having her sacrifice her health like that.



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