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My boyfriend isn't vegan and I recently turned vegan. I have turned vegan specifically high carb low fat vegan because of the amazing energy I get. Now I feel it is disproportionate to my boyfriend. He works at night so that doesn't help. So for the most part if he isn't at work he is sleeping. How should I deal with this? We both come from a place of under eating and SAD. 

Also, I am afraid for his health. We have been together for 4 years and I feel like he has never been healthy. He suffers from acne which has gotten better with age but it still is there and pops up every now and then. He also isn't willing to eat veggies or fruit because he doesn't like the taste. Has anyone felt with this?

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I don't know what to tell you.

So many of my loved ones won't go vegan, and frankly, I'm losing a lot of friends and I'm okay with that.

Everyone shares the same philosophy on life: life is short, so make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Not everyone knows how.

idk how you could kiss a corpse cruncher after eating a pepperoni pizza lol

If my friends don't want to be vegan and my family doesn't want to either that is okay. They aren't life partners you know?

I just wish my S.O. would eat better and have more energy. I'm so tired of this. 

My ex boyfriend was like that. He drank alcohol too and only ate pizza, chips,and soda all the time. At first, I told myself that it was okay and that I didn't care but a few months after going HCRV I realized that I didn't want to share my life with someone who was severely harming the planet and animals and with no prospect of change in the future. He was pretty accepting of my lifestyle, but he would eat burgers in front of me and I tried to suppress my disgust, but then I finally realized that: "no! I don't need to be commuted to someone who doesn't care about their health and the planet!" I know it's different for you because you have been with him for 4 years, but maybe now is the perfect time to really examine your relationships. Either way, best of luck and do what is best for YOU :)

Then encourage him to eat a whole foods starch-based (McDougall-style) diet at first, including plenty of potatoes (a nutritious and healthy food, though winter squash or sweet potato would be better). I particularly like kobucha squash, which is very potato-like (try it with avocado). Try different raw food recipes, like spaghetti squash spaghetti. Also try making him a salad and encourage him to try eating plenty of fruit, with nuts and seeds as a backup plan. Fresh juice is also beneficial. God bless...

I will look into the McDougall style. Thank you.

i was in a long relationship. food was a big part of it at the beginning. we met each other working in a restaurant kitchen (both as chefs). she went to school for it and loved to entertain at the house and throw big get togethers around food that she prepared. hell, we even went on vacations based on eating (chicago for instance). once i got to my tipping point, and began my plant based journey into health, she supported me. i did some rubber banding back into poor eating habits now and again, but ultimately, eating this way led me to be sober for once in my life. so our relationship after 11 years together, ended just one month shy of the 2 year mark of my change of lifestyle habits and embarking on the plant based health journey. 2 months ago we broke up. she didn't want to change, and i don't hold it against her. i'm just happy to move forward with my life.

This makes me sad. :[ I guess for me it's hard to realize how important "food" can be to some. The strong attachment people have with it. For the most part I've always had control over food.

I talked to him about my problems with his lifestyle. He agreed he needed to change but said he didn't know how since he doesn't like anything. But he said I can make him smoothies. And he will try the carb thing. He is also worried about the money. But I told him it shouldn't be to hard since we have the wholesale terminal so close. 

I think I can work him into at least a 60 or 70% raw, High healthy carbs diet. With unfortunately the occasional fat. 

Baby steps. It sounds like he's willing to change, so bring him along slowly. Good luck :)

next, cut your losses

my BF is the same - a carnivore to the end. Nothing I do can convince him of the benefits of fruits and vegetables. It gets harder and harder to deal with as time goes by.

I love my boyfriend you guys. It's been almost a month since posting this and my boyfriend wants to go vegan. The only problem is he LOVES processed foods. Not really loves it but it is what he likes to eat. He is limited in what he likes. Is there a way to help this? Fasting? Forcing himself and accruing the taste? I'm not sure. 

He likes some fruit but it is so limited! He is letting me feed him an 811rv diet for 3 days to see how he feels. (As long as I prepare the meal. 



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