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I am looking at these lunarglide from Nike. I have narrow heels and want a shoe that gives lots of forefoot cushioning. I also pronate. But I dont want a shoe that has a huge heel. I like to run more on the front of my feet. I was thinking about the pegasus. I am not sure if I am getting a present this year at Xmas but I was thinking a pair of running shoes might be nice. Nikes fit me well, thats why I am leaning towards those. But I DO need forefoot cushioning, I have boney feet!

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Bumping it up, any feedback on these shoes?
i would ask durianrider or michael for advice, they would probably know best! good luck!
michael runs way more than me. way faster too. :)
My problem is that I dont have anything on my metarsals, so even walking barefoot at home too much makes the bones sore. So I am looking for something with forefoot cushioning. Thanks!

Don't worry about pronation. Many people on this site have Vibram Five Fingers. When I went to see Doug Graham speak a few months ago I saw about five people wearing them including Doug himself.
But what about cushioning? I mean my bones get bruised just walking to much barefoot. So I cant run if I run barefoot. I dont live on a beach. I have BONEY feet,
well, i obviously don't have your feet, so i can't say for sure. have you tried the five fingers. it's true that nothing we wear (or don't wear) is going to fix the fact we walk on concrete. when i first got a pair of huarache sandals it hurt my foot bones, but i got used to it. Also check out this guy's website he reviews a lot of different type of running shoes


i mean it is probably not what you are looking for.... but good luck!!
Yes what I need most in a shoe is forefoot cushioning as my bones get bruised from walking on them too much barefoot. When I say my feet are boney, I am not kidding! Maybe later I can build muscle up there but I have NO fat on the bottom of my feet. I am not sure how those shoes fit? I have very narrow heels.
interesting vid.

i wonder if the extra strain from wearing shoes is offset by the cushioning? cos if anyone tries to run 10k fast on tarmac, they will have much more impact than if they had on cushioned shoes.

if someone asked me the quickest way to get injured as a runner, id say go run as far as you can barefoot on a hard surface like concrete, tarmac etc.
as for heavy duty pronation shoes, i was never a fan of em when i worked as a shoe seller. still not a fan today.

this is the lunar racer. super light weight but still JUST enough cushioning for efficient lightweight runners.

the lunar glide is heavier and has more cushioning.

nike air pegasus is another great shoe i highly rate.

nike recycles more shoes than any other footwear company today.



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