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I run 50-60 miles a week and wear asics fairly stuck on them I've tried a couple other brands and was quickly turned off. 

I'm curious what other people are wearing who run a lot. I'd like to expand my horizons and see if theres any better choices out there. 

I'm particularly hard on shoes if i see 240 miles out of a pair i'm lucky and probably pushing my luck. I notice on shoes that are less durable i'll ruin them in 150 miles or so I get what I pay for the few times I try and save a buck I generally end up learning my lesson.

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Your math is correct.

Combination of being light, having good biomechanics and well-made shoes.

maybe you dont need shoes? haha. IE barefoot in your case might work. I cant fathom a running shoe of mine being left after that many miles. the soles look ok on mine but there is no support left they are painful to walk in and normally are overly worn on the outside that ends up causing me ankle, knee, hip pain etc...

Anyone have any recommendations for wide running shoes? I'm looking into Altras with their wide toebox but it seems likely that the midfoot is too narrow. I wear Brooks 2E (the adrenaline model) at the moment but the fit at the heel is sloppier than I 'd like. Just looking for an all-round shoe that will handle road, gravel, and grass paths and last 6+ months.

the altra torins i got are narrow towards the heal. wide toebox? heck almost everything I've run in semes to have that feature I dunno why the shoe companies make it out like its a big deal i guess some shoes dont have roomy toe boxes I dunno. 

The altras I could do with the narrow inside the shoe part for the heal but I wish the platform / sole awas a hair wider in the heal.

WIsh I had a good one to recomend I know asics makes a lot of there shoes in a wide and they do have decent shoes. I just feel latly some of the models I've run in are just not doing it for me anymore.

My favorite shoes are Newton Running's MV3 and New Balance  Minimus Zero Road and Minimus Zero Trail models. These are minimalist, zero drop shoes which are optimal for proper proprioception and leg muscle/nervous development.

I highly recommend you slowly transition to this type of shoe and do so by picking a shoe which an lower heel-to-toe drop than your Asics, which will be an intermediate step before going zero-drop. Good shoes in this sense are the New Balance Minimus 10 and Minimus 10 Trail, shoes by Zoot, Inov8 and some of the moderately cushioned models by Newton.

Allow a fair period of transition, first rotating the new shoes with your current ones and keeping runs short for a couple of weeks, then use only the lower drop ones. This will allow your muscles and tendons to adapt and strengthen. Once you've gone through these, try out one of the more minimal models with a zero drop.

Best investment you can make in performance in proper biomechanics. You will notice minimal shoes help adopt a more nature midfoot/forefoot striking as opposed to heel striking, which is closer to the way you would move barefoot and a healthier, more efficient way of running. Check out the POSE method and Evolution Running videos on YouTube to accompany your transition.

i've been eyen those new balance minimus's I might try a pair of those at some point. I hate tryen stuff some stuff is just duds for me. But once I settle into a model I stick with it as long as I can get it and hte price is right.

I run over 40+ miles weekly brah and I wear the Altra Olympus. Now realize they are trail shoes, but the max cushion they give you is well worth it. Your feet will never be sore and you as well will last even longer in these. I do trail running as well, so this is why I got these. Now my friend who runs an average of 30 miles a week just got the Altra 1² and they are a great road shoe. Not as much cushion as the Olympus, but plenty still for running. These aren't as rocker shoe either. The Olympus takes to time get used to. When you first get them you feel as if you are falling forward. The 1² won't do that. This is what currently Durianrider is running in right now. These 1² are as well very flexible which is a good thing. As well in my Olympus i am over 600+ miles in them and they are still in great shape. 

i went through a pair of torins. Got about 130 miles and they where trashed. the right shoe was not sitting on my foot right I ended up with horrible ankle pain. I did not want to give up on the brand givne they have great reviews. So I tried a pair of instincts. FORGET IT at about 50 miles they stretched out even more and my foot slides all over in them. If i tighten them up more its painful on the top of my foot. The shoe doesnt even feel that great on my foot anymore.

Both pairs felt great for simply walking. and I do love the coushion but I think I like a more minimal shoe better. 

I'm afraid to try another pair of altras now. I'm hard on shoes to begin with but so far altras been the worst brand I've tried. I dont usualy flip. But I emailed them to complain they offered me a 50% off coupon on my next pair I was like no thanks. Told them if they'd like to toss me a pair of mizunos or asics or something that might make it right otherwise i'm not interested.

I guess altras simply are not for me. 

adidas Ultra boost or the energy boost. BEST RUNNING SHOES EVER.

adidas Ultra boost or the energy boost. BEST RUNNING SHOES EVER.



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